A Few Words About SOTU, Raccoon Woman, and A Rabbit

On the one hand, the Republicans are telling industrial workers that the high cost of food in the cities is due to this government’s farm policy. On the other hand, the Republicans are telling the farmers that the high cost of manufactured goods on the farm is due to this government’s labor policy.  That’s plain hokum. It’s an old political trick: “If you can’t convince ’em, confuse ’em.” But this time it won’t work.

Harry Truman


Viddy of the day,  The 2011 State of the Union Address: Enhanced Version.


A few quick words about the SOTU.

I watched the state of the union sitting in front of my computer yesterday.  I watched the enhanced version, the one you can watch above, and I tell you what I remember of it was the speech I wanted my President to give.  The reason I say “what I remember of it” is really simple.  I was kinda tired, and actually fell asleep for a few minutes.  But only a few.  Should’ve had more coffee.

Like that he pointed out that the United States is still the largest most prosperous economy in the world.  If you listened to some of the people who speak poorly about this nation, you’d think our economy was in as bad a shape as Zimbabwe’s is.  Like the fact that when he said that, in the enhanced on-line version of the speech, a little graph popped up that pointed out how much larger our GDP is in relation to the next largest economies in the world.

Lots of goodness in the Presidents speech last night. Some silliness well. The plane joke bombed the talk about the corporate tax rate being too high is a bit disingenuous.  While it is technically true, there are a great number of very large companies that pay no taxes whatsoever, so to say that the tax rate itself is too high may well be true, the actual tax money garnered from multi-billion dollar conglomerates is very far from the stated 35%, and we need that money in our coffers, and frankly we need it now.  If they want to play here, they have to pay here should be the rule of thumb. 

Missed portions of it, like I said.  I do like that he was blunt about the economic issues this country face, for instance when he spoke about the changing dynamics of getting a job in this day and age, a graphic popped up showing that median income in America has declined over the last decade.   We all knew that, but it felt more powerful to hear the words and then have that reminder of what happened to the economic strength of this nation since 2001, the year of the Republican takeover.


I didn’t watch the Republican response to the annual message, or Michelle Bachmann’s response.  I had things to do.  I saw a few seconds of viddy of Bachmann and she wasn’t look directly at the camera, apparently did that the entire time she was on TV. We all found out later that the pool camera was to the left of the camera she was looking into, the web cam she was aiming her main message at.  Looked kinda funny.

Feel bad for CNN. They broadcast that unprofessional crap as if the second Republican response was all that important.

Heard Bachmann, in the other Republican response passed off more bullshit.  Among other lines of crap, she passed off an old lie about the health care bill making it necessary for 16,000 IRS agents to work on some crap or other, taking freedom from people or some such silliness.  Utter friggin nonsense, but that is what you get from Michelle, the most Un-American representative who looks vaguely like a raccoon in our nations history.


And now for something completely different, Holy Grail; Killer Rabbit


Heard there was some true weirdness with Glenn Beck, a bunny, the five pillars of Islam and the SOTU.  I also heard some crap about a bunny and a chainsaw.  That man needs to stop doing drugs, or get out of polititainment.  That kinda stuff not even Charlie Sheen is dumb enough to do.  Seriously, Glenn, you fat drunk, go to rehab. 

Now ME, a bunny and a chainsaw, now THAT’S COMEDY. 


Me and the killer rabbit with the fangies are done for the night, America.  I’ll write to you tomorrow.


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