That Is A Crock of Sh…

Did you ever see or hear a question whose answer was so blatantly obvious that you laughed at the question?  And then a moment later realize that there were much deeper levels of thought there than initially met the eye? And then laughed again a moment after that as you realized that those deeper levels were just as obvious as the first one? 

Me too!  Go fig!


…We are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectually, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: the only check on it is that sooner or later a false belief bumps up against solid reality…

George Orwell


Viddy of the day: “GLENN BECK HAS NAZI TOURETTES!” – Lewis Black Steamrolls Glenn Beck!  Great stuff from Lew from May last year.


Ran into one of those today, roaming the internetz in search of truth, justice, a job and some light entertainment.  I was reading some news on some site or other, and came across the name Frances Fox Piven Never heard of her, so I do a bit of reading, hit wikipedia.  She’s a professor of Political science and sociology at CUNY. 

She wrote some stuff the year before I was born (when dinosaurs and neoliberals roamed the Earth) in the nation about forcing “the system”, by weight of numbers, to cause a political crisis and create something called a guaranteed annual income.  She wanted to do this because there was, she felt, a vast discrepancy between the amount of benefits people were receiving from public welfare and the amount they were supposed to receive.  Her plan obviously never worked, and couldn’t have. It sounds, for all it’s idealism, like a steaming pile of pie in the sky bullshit. 

Was it kooky? Ya.  Trying to get everyone who qualifies onto the welfare roles in order to bring about chaos so they could force a change in the way the poor were treated, and make them less poor is a noble, if not silly, idea.   Dangerous? No, no more dangerous than any other plan to cause legislation, via  masses of people and pie in the sky bullshit, to come about for any reason whatsoever.

Remember, this is 1966 this happened in.  Back then people opposed to it gave it a name, named it after the people who wrote the article, the aforementioned Mrs. Piven, and her husband Richard Cloward, hence the name the Cloward-Piven strategy.  They did that, I presume, to give it more weight, make it sound like something that had to be fought, even if it died from starvation. 

Not that it had a chance in hell of actually happening, or that either of these two had the power to so much as get a room full of people to agree to do any one thing, nevermind a national movement to help make the poor less poor by getting everyone to try to get on welfare. 

She also helped come up with the idea that became “Motor Voter”.  Look it up if you don’t know what that is. 

She has now come up, recently, as some type of evil socialist demagogue, thanks to Glenn Beck.  What has she done recently? Not much, except teach, as far as I can tell.  But Glenn Beck has decided that she is dangerous.  He says, despite a complete lack of evidence, that she is advocating violence, and that she wanted to overthrow the government, or some such drivel.  Claims that she wanted to “collapse the economy” despite a complete lack of evidence. 

Apparently, the fat drunk Beck doesn’t have enough to do. 

A 78 year old woman who teaches sociology at the City University of New York who wrote some overly idealistic crap almost no one read 4 decades ago, when she was young and idealistic, and has apparently written a book or two besides, that may well have sold 40 or 50 copies worldwide (more than I’ve sold, but not by much) is now dangerous because of what she wrote?  To the point where Glenny-poo is railing like the nutbag nazi that we all know he is over something that only has power now because he, and few conservative crackheads, are talking about it. 

And now she is receiving death threats because Glenn “the Tourette’s nazi” Beck has a hard on for her.  Death threats, for stuff that happened 4 decades ago, and which no one, except one or two obsessed wing nuts, knew much of anything about.

Seriously.  C’mon.  Cut the shit, America.  You aren’t the brightest bulbs, but dammit, you’re better than this.

Leave the old woman alone.

Blaming her for the ills in society, calling her evil, just doesn’t make sense.  Not to anyone who knows what sense actually is.


Remember you fans of Glenn Beck, anything that is wrong with America is entirely in your head, so any time you see something wrong with America, hit your head with a brick, eventually the problems, along with your ability to speak and finer motor functions, will go away, and thus will America be made a better place to live.

Have a good night!


2 thoughts on “That Is A Crock of Sh…

  1. “She wrote some stuff . . . to create something called a guaranteed annual income. . . . Her plan obviously never worked, and couldn’t have. It sounds, for all it’s idealism, like a steaming pile of pie in the sky bullshit.”

    In Canada old-age pensioners who receive only the old-age pension (OAP) can apply for (and receive) a guaranteed-income supplement (GIS). So a guaranteed annual income is not only workable, it’s also achievable.

  2. It may be achievable for a segment of the population as a supplement to income for old age pensioners. We have Social security, which acts as supplemental income for retirees and the handicapped, which we all pay into.

    What Mrs. Piven was suggesting was much larger. Not just a supplemental income for the elderly and infirm, but a guaranteed income for anyone without a job, or making a small enough income to qualify.

    Because of that, and the political climate that exists nowadays, thanks in part to the Glenn Becks of the world, make it well nigh impossible.

    And dammit, now I feel weird about using the term “Pie in the Sky”. I like that term! Dang! :\

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