Don’t Walk, Run

The day started too early.  After going to sleep late again last night, I woke up early. Not an amazingly short amount of sleep, 5 hours is sometimes good enough, but there are days when it isn’t and this felt like one of them.  I walked to feed the cats in a daze, bumping into the walls as I walked, not able to keep myself from it.  I stepped in some gooey wet cat food, which the two cats had, thoughtfully, left on the floor for me, as they are prone to do. I thanked them in the usual manner, by picking it up and lazily throwing it back in their bowls.  I figure it like this, if they leave food for me to walk on, they must want foot flavored food, so why not give it to them.  Toe jam, flavor of the week.  🙂

Of course I didn’t let them eat it.  Silly I may be, but vindictive and silly I am not.  I took that food and threw it all out, it having been there for them for a number of hours.  Time to get them fresh pouches of food for breakfast.  Go to the cabinet, get them two pouches of mixed grill.  Could be made from toe jam for all I know.   Give them food.  Almost make a mistake and put coffee in the cat food.  That’d be fun.  Turbo cats isn’t exactly my cup of coffee, and since it was my cup of coffee in danger I decided to make a pot of coffee and actually wake up before I did something stupid with it, instead of merely threatening to do something stupid with it by a lack of caffeine.

Give them food, get my coffee.  Get the order on that right, which is pleasing.  Nice.  Feeling confident that I have things straightened out, I walk to my computer with my coffee and a small piece of cake, aka breakfast, and go do things on the computer that are entirely unnecessary.  Stupidville, Bejeweled Shitz, read stuff from Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow, and a very few people who post anything that anyone actually wants to read there.

Go to google news, read a bit about Keith Olbermann.  The New York post called him a gasbag of some type.  Some other place said he had been in negotiations to get out of MSNBC for a while, citing some crap about how much both parties could not stand each other, or some such.  He’s rich, he’ll be fine, and he’ll be back, I ain’t worried about him personally. I look at the clock, and continue to putter around on the computer, Do stuff on my fantasy sports teams, check e-mail, curse my slow old computer.

Go do things.  Head over to my parents and do my laundry…  yeah, I know.  I’m 43, what the hell am I leaning on mummy and daddy for with this shit?  It saves me a few bucks a week that I don’t have to spend, and I help them with stuff around the house when I’m there, we talk small talk, stay close, like family should be.  I don’t bump into any walls, or step in any cat food.  I was fully caffeinated at that point, and they don’t have cats, it would be weird if I did step in cat food.

It only takes a few hours, gets done quickly. My father and I watch college basketball.  Get annoyed as we are want to do, with commercials and crap, both from players playing offense weakly and refs making shitty calls, but only for one game, pretty much. And all commercials are stupid.  All of them.  Even the entertaining ones are stupid, and people who like them are idiots…  But I digress…  As much as I like hanging with my parents, they have lives, so I get out there and back out as fast as I can so they can live them.

I get home, put clothes away, grab my running clothes, and go walk to the spot where I’ll start my run.  I was surprised to find that 22 degrees didn’t feel that cold, I’m only wearing three layers, and none too thick either.  The day before was 8 degrees warmer and felt colder. Walk to the start of my run with a relaxed saunter, deciding to alter my course a hair.  Start maybe 4/10ths of a mile before I normally do, and add more hill to my run, and take off 1 lap of my park run. 

No wind, felt light and fast, so I pushed harder than I normally do on the uphill.  Fly down the hill to the park, and speed through the park, feet are fast, stride is long, feels good, the cold doesn’t exist, I’m sweating my ass off and I like it.  Ice and snow are an issue, but I get around it, slows me down a bit, but not much. Slide once hard, almost tweak my ankle once.  Almost do damage, but I don’t, and keep going.  It can be a bitch some days, but it’s no problem today.

Tweak my right calf near the top of the hill.  Leg wants me to limp, pain pulls on my stride.  I tell the pain to go away, shut up, leave me alone.  It doesn’t listen, so I eat it instead, grit teeth and smile while I chew it up and spit it out. 

Three steps after the run is over, I’m limping, but I don’t care.

Get home after walking off the pain a bit. I bump into the walls on the way up the stairs, as I am want to.  Pain in the calves makes navigating the stairs tough.  I don’t bruise my shoulders slamming into them, but I’m not easy on them though. 

Smile a big smile.  It’s a been a good day. Still much to do, but that is another story…


That’s it from here, America.  Catch ya later.


One thought on “Don’t Walk, Run

  1. Good post, Mike! All runners are completely bonkers, of course, but I suspect you already knew that.

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