2011 WILDLY INACCURATE NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Playoffs? You want to talk about playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs. Are you kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game…another game.

Jim Mora


The above quote is how I started last weeks wild card picks.  I figure it like this.  My picks sucked last week, and the name of the piece was  WILDLY INACCURATE wild card playoff predictions, so i was pretty much on the mark, so why not stick with what works! 

Let’s do a quick overview of my picks, if for no other reason than to show just how WILDLY INACCURATE my picks really were.

Game 1:  Saints @ Seahawks.  My call “Take the Hawks and the Over”  And I had the final score Saints 30,  Seahawks 24.  I was right as far as the betting line was concerned.  The actual Final score was Seahawks 41, Saints 36.  If you bet the Seahawks and the over, you walked away a few bucks richer. But that score?  oooOOOOooo, it was just not close.  The Seahawks stunned the  heavily favored Saints.  The Saints scored 16 4th quarter points to make a game of it, but the Seahawks had everything under control.  The run game rolled, the pass game was on, and the Saints D couldn’t handle it.

Shocked the hell out of just about everyone.

Game 2: Jets @ Colts.  My call “Take the Colts and the under.”  I had the final on this one  Colts 24, Jets 14.  I was wrong everywhere but the under.  The Jets and the under was the right pick, and the final score was Jets 17, Colts 16.  Heartbreaker for the Colts really.  They scored what looked like the winning field goal with 53 seconds left to go in the game.  Looked good, but the jets kick returner, Antonio Cromartie, ran one back 47 yards, the Jets moved down the field 4 plays, and as time expired, Nick Folk kicked the Colts out of the playoffs.

Oof, and other such statements.

Game 3:  Ravens @ Chiefs. My call “Take the Chiefs and the under”, and my final was Chiefs 21, Ravens 17. Talk about a bad pick. Actual final score: Ravens 30, Chiefs 7.  What can I say? I thought Flacco would suck.  I underestimated his ability to hit Todd Heap and Ray Rice in the knees, and their ability to actually catch the damn ball that low.  Seemed every pass was to those two early, and the Chiefs couldn’t adjust.  That and some really crap Quarterbacking by Matt Cassell doomed the Chiefs to an early exit. That and horrible refereeing.

Game 4:  Packers @Eagles.  My call ” Take the Packers and the over” I had the final here as Packers 31, Eagles 24.  Actual score:  Packers 21, Eagles 16.  Here I finally picked a winner, but I still managed to get the O/U wrong.  The Pack and the under was the right pick.  The eagles had the ball less than the packers did, and got more yards than they did, but the Packers managed to hold them down.  Philly had a shot near the end, but got intercepted with around 30 seconds to go, and the pack ran out the clock.

Go Pack!



Game one:  Ravens @ Steelers 4:30 pm, Saturday on CBS.  Steelers favored by 3½ points, O/U is 37 points.  The games between these two are always fun.  This game is a 60 minute bloody mosh pit with a ball shoved in the middle of it.  The Ravens proved that they can throw the ball against a less than premier defense.  They won’t be able to do that against the Steelers.  But then again, the Steelers aren’t going to be able to do all that much against the staunch Ravens D. 

Take the Steelers and the under.  Final Score: Steelers 17, Ravens 13.


Game two:  Packers @ Falcons 8:00 pm, Saturday on Fox.  Falcons favored by 2½ points, O/U is 44 points. The Falcons have the second highest scoring offense in the NFC this year.  The #1 scoring offense in the NFC was the Philadelphia Eagles. The Packers D doesn’t get a break here, but the Pack showed they can handle the pressure last week.

But the Falcons are not the Eagles. They have a much more balanced offense, and have more weapons than the Eagles could bring to bear.  Between Michael Turner, who ran for 110 yards and 1 TD in the game these two played on Thanksgiving day weekend and Matt Ryan’s 28 TD’s this season, the Pack will have their hands full in this one.

Take the Falcons and the Over.  Final Score:  Falcons 27, Packers 21.


Viddy of the day: NFL hard hits. 


Game three:  Seahawks @ Bears 1:00 pm, Sunday on Fox.  Bears favored by 10 points, O/U is 33 points.  The Seahawks proved that they are for real last week, when they played up to their opponent, and beat the Reigning Super Bowl champs.  The run game came alive at home.  The pass game was on at home.  The defense did just enough to hold down a strong comeback by the Saints.

The Seahawks are not at home in this one, and are not playing the Saints.  The Bears are a good team at home, not great but good.  Matt Forte has been good this year, getting over 1500 total yards and 9 TD’s on the year.  The same amount of total TD’s as RB Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks. but the offense behind Forte is much better. 

Seahawks QB Matt  Hasselback has thrown 17 int’s in 14 games during the regular season, even with last weeks outburst of 4 TD’s by Hasselback, he still has something to prove.  Bears QB Jay Cutler played 1 more game than Hasselback, and threw less int’s and nearly twice as many TD’s as the Seahawks QB.

Take the Seahawks and the Over.  Bears still win. Final score:   Bears 31, Seahawks 27.


Game 4:  Jets @ Patriots 4:00pm, Sunday on CBS.  Patriots favored by 8½ points, O/U is 45 points.  I absolutely do not think that the Jets have a snowballs chance in hell.  I also don’t think it is going to be the laugher type of victory that the Pats had against the Jets the last time they met, when they STOMPED the Jets 45-3.  

The Jets are a better team than that.  They aren’t nearly as good a team as the Patriots are, mind you.  Mark Sanchez is still learning on the job, you can see that as he plays.  He gets flustered, he gets thrown off his game.   He doesn’t have the weapons that the Patriots have at their disposal. 

Darrelle Revis, the best player on the Jets D, can’t cover every possible option the Patriots can throw at the Jets D.  He might neutralize Wes Welker, but he can’t neutralize Welker, and Branch, and Gronkowski, and Woodhead, and Tate and Edelman. Someone’ll get open, several someones, and the Jets won’t be able stop them.

Take the Pats and the Over.  Final score: Patriots 35, Jets 17.


That’s it from here America.  Have a good night.


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