Pertinent Words

Pertinent, if not insanely obscure words, which I will try to tie (not in vain I hope) to the recent news from Tucson.


Cacospectamania: The obsession of staring at something which is repulsive.

But enough about me looking in the mirror at my ugly mug…  🙂

There’s been a lot of ugly around the U.S.of A recently, and it seems that we’ve been doing a whole lotta staring at it.  Haven’t done much to address the reasons behind it, but we’ve been looking at it.  It’s a start.  Whether we can finish what we start, and make ourselves better as a people is still up in the air.


Sophophobia:  A fear of learning. 

Continuing with the concept I started with above, I’m not sure we, as a people are really going to learn anything from this.  I am torn on the subject of gun control.  On the one hand, I am pro gun, pro second amendment.  I want to have the capacity to protect myself with whatever I choose to protect myself with, within reasonable boundaries.  I don’t think I’ll ever need anti-aircraft weaponry, but I don’t want to be told I can’t have a simple Smith and wesson .38  to defend myself because the law says I can’t.

On the other hand gun massacres in this nation are far too common a thing.  Columbine.  Virginia tech.  Fort Hood.  The litany of stories that exist of guns falling into the hands of fools and maniacs are legion.  The insanity that hits individuals cannot be fixed with laws.  If you can’t  make crazy illegal, something has to be done to make it harder for the crazy bastards to get their hands on guns.  This happened in a state where open carry is legal, and 6 people are dead and 14 more were wounded.  So much for making everyone capable of having a gun making everyone safe (a basic tenet of the right’s thought processes on guns).  This happened because of lax gun laws mixed with insanity. 

A truly lethal mix. 

One which our society seems to be predisposed towards.

Gun violence, between crimes, suicides and accidents, kills 30,000 or so people a year. 82 people die every day. And we do nothing.  And we learn nothing.  Freedom is great, but the choices it provides sometimes paralyze us into improper inaction.


Viddy of the Day: Violent rhetoric in Politics.


If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.

And is not peace, in the last analysis, basically a matter of human rights — the right to live out our lives without fear of devastation — the right to breathe air as nature provided it — the right of future generations to a healthy existence?

Both quotes by John F. Kennedy, American University Speech, 1963


Ludibrious:  Ridiculous, sportive. 

Some of the stuff that has been spoken of about this young nut Loughner is ludibrious.  There.  I even used the damn word in a sentence! 


Srsly though, He’s a liberal?  He’s a conservative?  Have any of you idiots gotten sick of your bullshit yet? He is a PSYCHOPATH.  NUT. LOON. MANIAC.  HEARTLESS FUCKING ASSHOLE.  Any statement beyond those is BULLSHIT. 

Any questions?  No.  Good.  Now shut the fuck up about his political affiliations. 


Malversate:  Appropriate fraudulently for ones own use.

In order to make this article work, I had to malversate several words from the grandiloquent dictionary and  I use that sentence because I’m not the $5 word kinda guy, I’m sure you pretty much caught it already though. 

Well, there is another way to use this word.

The right wing lame stream media (hey, Sarah Palin uses that glib crap line, why can’t I use it just once?) seems to be trying to malversate the events in Tucson to garner some political…something from the dead there.  That’s my take, why else pound the gavel so hard in judgment against people rationally explaining that there has been an awful lot of use of violent imagery, and a constant barrage of anti-government rhetoric, especially from Limbaugh, Beck and Palin?

What they are trying to do is garner sympathy, so as to look like they are victims of the vicious left wing here, despite the left doing what is good and honest and right by the American people, and point out the negativity that the right has heaped upon the world, seeing how similar that negativity is to what the shooter felt and wrote of.

The martyr thing doesn’t really gibe well with the tough, hard, strong, proud, individualist image the right wing of America tries to portray.  They haven’t cried yet though, I’ll grant them that much. 

A VERY quick Aside:  Beck cries for the Constitution, Boehner cries for the kids.  Where are the tears for Tucson?


That’s it America, I’m done for another night.  I’ll write to you tomorrow.  Football picks or 12 notes, not sure which.


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