Other Weighty Matters

I’m sitting in front of my computer, light from the computer screen and the christmas lights that are still, inexplicably, up illuminating the keyboard that sits on my lap as I listen to Johann Sebastian Bach’s concerto for 4 harpsichords in A minor.  I’ve just finished my last cup of coffee of the day and I’m sitting feet up relaxing at the end of a busy day. 

After going to sleep normal time for unemployed me, around 3 am,  I woke up around 8:30am and looked around for work on-line for a few hours. Sent in a few resumes to an outsourcing place that I have sent stuff to before.  Never have landed anything from them, but it’s worth a shot.  Just because the previous 3 times didn’t pan out, doesn’t mean this one will crap out as well.  Scoured craigslist for jobs, found 1, sent an e-mail out to the whoever they are.  Don’t even remember who it was to, or what the job was. 

Sent a fifth resume out to some place named administrative resources, got the link from a website I do job searches from on occasion, place called printworkers.com, nice enough spot.  They haven’t landed me anything either, but that’s OK.  No one’s gotten me anything yet, so no one is doing the job.  All I can do is widen the scope of the search and keep plugging away.  It’ll happen eventually, I just need to be persistent and patient.

I’ll land something soon.  Now, onto other weighty matters…


Viddy of the day:  Who is Jared Lee Loughner? Tragedy in Tuscon; Facts


What we can legitimately infer is that Loughner is a young man attracted to strong rhetoric, and, from his incoherent YouTube ramblings, he feels that revolutionary violence is the only recourse for change. These sentiments are eerily similar to those one hears from certain media personalities.

Kimberly Krautter


Never in my on-line life, which began 15 years ago, have I seen the victim act played on the level that I am currently seeing from the right.  All of it over being outed for their intensely guncentric violent rhetoric and and actual honest to bob calls to arms, which are not rhetoric but calls to criminally anti-social behavior.  You would think the real crime here is being perpetrated against Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the entirety of the right wing main stream media.  Some have even made claims that they are victims here. 

They call the shooter a liberal, like it matters.  They call him a socialist, like names matter.  I’m not sure he’d be able to give you a straight answer as to what his politics are. But his politics matter not one iota.   Neither do the opinions of the tea party matter in this. 

He is a nut who had a gun and hates the government.  But no one is fooling no one as to where this really belongs.  A 9 year old girl died, 5 others along with her and all these inhuman jesters can do is weep in delusion and wallow in pity for the failures of the richly crafted, gun toting, elitist propaganda.  Like it is more important than the life of that 9 year old girl.

That girl, that life of love, of service to her family and the world, of strength stolen from a world that could use all those great gifts. That loss is greater, so much greater than anything you are suffering because of your propaganda. Yet, all you can do is think of yourselves.  

To the right wing/tea party of America:  You are my countrymen and woman, I will not hate you. But you are not my family, not my brothers and sisters, I will treat you with the disrespect you so richly deserve over this ugliness.  You are responsible for everything you are dealing with now, you created it, and in the end will have to lay with it in bed at night.  Fools, the lot of you.

A quick aside:

My personal favorite bullshit story of the year so far, some staffer over at Sarahpac, or some such, talking to some radio show somewhere, actually laid claim that the crosshairs on her old sarahpac poster for the 20 districts she was targeting for democratic defeat was actually not a gunsight, but a surveyor’s symbol.  I would not have believed it myself had I not heard the audio on it.


That’s it from here, America.  I’ll write to you tomorrow.


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