Guantanamo, DADT, and John Kyl, That Whiny Bastard

I try to read news stories that are perhaps somewhat out of the mainstream, as far afield as possible, while still being important and relevant.  The first one up involves a senate vote about Guantanamo Bay.  You’d be surprised that something this big from that powerful and influential a force in the body politick could fly under the radar, but it has.  I watched the news and heard nothing on it.  Watched all the news commentary shows, and heard nothing on it. 

According to the AFP story, the Senate will begin considering a bill blocking civilian trials for any of the 173 terror suspects still held in Guantanamo bay.  The bill wil also feature language halting the closure of said base.  According to Attorney General Eric Holder, there is no precedent for Congress to intrude in the prosecution of any particular individuals. 

So, if military tribunals are so much better than civilian ones,  what about the case of Binyam Mohammad?  Jabran Al Qahtani?  The resignations from Guantanamo due to ethical considerations of Maj. John Carr, Maj Robert Preston, and the 5 other prosecutors who walked away due to ethical considerations?  What about the cases of torture, enhanced interrogation techniques, and other weak-kneed vindictive bullshit that masquerades as justice?  This is a legacy we want to add to?


With the way things were run there, with the things that were allowed to occur, do you think you’ll see more of your alleged justice?  What you want has a different name in the real world.  Vengeance is it’s name.  The real deal is this.  Osama Bin Laden is still free, and still alive.  This is a poor substitute for vengeance against our real enemy, against people who are not the man you want dead.  How does this bring us closer to catching him? How does doing this bring us closer to real justice?  The courts have been successful at prosecuting the real criminals who took part in harming our nation and it’s people, more successful than military tribunals.

To ignore that reality is to ignore justice, real justice. That is something you do at your peril.


Viddy of the day:  From the fine folks at, a short clip of a long talk about Guantanamo Bay, from January of this year.  To watch the entire talk, click here.


I like to walk about amidst the beautiful things that adorn the world; but private wealth I should decline, or any sort of personal possessions, because they would take away my liberty.

George Santayana, soliloquies In England and Later soliloquies


DADT looks to be going the way of the dodo, and that’s a good thing.  It’s not like there are no gays in the military, If there weren’t, there would have been no need for the legislation to begin with.  Some numbnuts general said some crap, bout it’d harm soldiers in the field.  Bullshit.  Saying it would harm soldiers is just plain dumb.  There are Gay soldiers already there on the battlefield.  Flying missions, on the ground,  in foxholes with other soldiers, in Helicopters, in all sorts of places. 

Saying your own men, who are already there will harm your men is a patently ridiculous statement.


Apparently Republicans hate working.  John Kyl says that all this…  legislation that the Democrats are trying to pass is an assault on Christmas

Whiny Bastard

He’s bitching.  Please.

I took my cat out of the animal hospital(his butt exploded, anal gland abscess burst, poor dude) walked 2 miles to the store, bought a 30 pound bag of littler he needed, special litter that won’t get in his open wound, carried it home, in my arms (no car) all the way back (THAT was a hella workout, biceps are sore).  Came home.   Cleaned out the cats litter boxes, tossed the old litter, put in the new litter. Looked for work, sent out 7 more resumes(that actually took a few hours, dammit). Gave the cat his medicine, cleaned his wound, brought him food.  Cleaned up around the house, made dinner.  Ran 9.7 miles. Worked out.

With the exception of that 2 mile walk for the litter and the walk from the Animal hospital, much of this is a regular routine.

I think I did more than he did. 

John Kyl: Whiny little shit.


That’s it from here, America.  12 notes tomorrow.


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