A Few Good Jobs

Order picker/puller.  General laborers.  Direct care workers.  Assistant managing clerk.   General warehouse.  File clerk/ mailroom.  Import/export doc. agent.   Warehouse associate.

These are each of the job titles that I have sent resumes to tonight on careerbuilder.  They are fairly similar to the other ones that I have been putting in for over the last few weeks.  The eight resumes I have sent in make around, if not over 30 resumes I have sent in over the last week.  Most of these jobs don’t pay much, but then again it’s not like I’m sitting on my ass hauling in millions.  

Now, some of these jobs are similar to what I used to do.  I’ve worked around and with mailroom people most of my life, I used to work mailroom years ago, and remember the operations well enough to do it. 

Assistant managing clerk? That is another way of saying shift supervisor, which I’ve done between two different jobs for 5 years.  You are a boss, but you are second in command on the floor.  Been there, done that. I’m a professional, I can do it.

The warehouse work? Mover work, and I was a mover when I was working at Sotheby’s.  Nothing I can’t handle.  Moving tons of stuff every day doesn’t really bother me overmuch.  I like throwing my weight around.


Viddy of the day:  A funny clip from a swedish advertising agency, who were, with this clip, actually trying to recruit for an account exec and a graphic designer, from May of  this year (2010). 


If G-20 governments could spend billions of dollars to rescue banks in trouble, why not find money to help unemployed workers for the environment and for social causes?

Kumi Naidoo


I am looking at stuff on craiglist.  And it was there that I caught the use of a fairly simple concept.  The worse the job and/or the shittier the money, the more adjectives  and crap they toss in the ad listing.  The AMAZING, outstanding job ad that asks for only the best, that wants you to work heavy phones, heavy work in excel, word and powerpoint, social networking.  Sounds like a good job, right?  What would you think they pay?  $18 an hour?  $20 an hour?

Try a one time $2000 stipend for a 20 week assignment.  Meaning you get paid $100 for the job, not per day, per week.  $100 a week.  $20 a day. $2.50 an hour. Proof that there are ways around minimum wage laws.  I guess an intern isn’t an employee in the eyes of the law.

Kinda makes the point I was making in yesterday’s article about pay.  You’d have to hate your life and money to take this job, or not know how to count.   Now I am willing to do anything to pay the bills, but there are some job “opportunities” that are just plain out of the realm of sanity. 


But to return to the initial point, I am going all out to find something so I can get my financial life back on track. There are a great many other jobs ads I am going through, and more that I will be looking into over the next few hours, and after a few hours sleep, i’ll do the same thing all over again in the morning. 

The job market isn’t opening up.  The jobs that are out here now, are the same type that have been out there throughout the economic downturn.  The difference between now and then is that there are a few more.  At the height of the downturn I was sending in 4 or 5 resumes a day.  Now, I am sending in 7 or 8 a day.  Now I have been telling people that things are getting better, but more doesn’t mean better, more means more.  It is only better for me if I get hired, until then it’s just words on a screen that entice, but never follow through. 


G’night America.  Have a good one.


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