Metal I Had Never Heard Before Today

Today’s article is less an article, and more an Homage to finding music and falling in love with it.  Most everything here is stuff that I should have heard of, but for some reason never did.  Most have no real video, fine by me.  I prefer listening


This song is originally from the album “Blue Blood” by the band X Japan, released in 1989.  Song title: Kurenai.  Walked in unknowing.   I thought it was  just some sappy ballad by some Japanese glam band.  Then you get to the 1:47 second mark… and the band explodes.  Don’t let the uberglam look or the sappy early bit of the song fool you, these guys can rip. Live version of the song here, from 1997.  Cuts off a bit early. Dammit. 


This song is from the album “Blessed be this Nightmare“, by the Band Eternal Lord, released in 2008.  Song title: Wasps.  Much heaviness and evil sounding shit.  As happy as I was to find this, I was unhappy to find that these guys put out 1 major label album and went the way of the dodo.  They were excellent. Hoping I’m wrong and they are still around.  I’d pay to see them… if I had money.


This song is from the album “Face of the Conqueror“, by the band Zemial, released in 2003.  Song title:  Impending Doom.  Black Metal excellence here.  Ripping heaviness from one end to the other, great stuff here. 


This Song is from the album “In Glorious Times“, by the band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, released in 2007.  Song Title: Helpless Corpses Enactment.  Weird, fun, heavy, beautifully twisted shit. The beats are very fluid, odd, off, and just plain a ton of fun.  Maybe it’s me, but I can hear the Meshuggah influence here, can’t you?  Excellent music.


Go to sleep, America.  12 notes tomorrow.

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