As Is My Want…

Lose the hammer, Chuck

Charles Rangel was censured today by the house of representatives, the 23rd representative to suffer such a fate, and the fifth in my lifetime.   He admitted to voilating house rules.  He had the charges read to him in the well of the House of representatives. 

Good.  Did it please everyone?  Of course not, he’s a democrat, there are those on the right who wanted him expelled, but expulsion was never an option.  He broke house rules, not the law.  There have only ever been 5 people expelled from the house, and all of them for acts of either treason during the Civil war, or convictions in a court of law for bribery, and he was not charged in a court of law, and his actions were not treasonous, no matter what you think.  His compatriots wanted his punishment lessened to a mere reprimand, the same fate as that of Joe Wilson last year, who was reprimanded for yelling at the President last year.

I have no problem with it.  It is done, and as far as this subject is concerned, so am I.


Every man in the world is better than someone else and not as good as someone else.

William Saroyan


News, in brief:

People who are overweight, not just obese, but merely overweight, have a 13% greater chance of death than do thinner people.  Two thoughts here.  Yay for me for being thin is the first one.  The second is, hey, does that mean I have a 13% greater chance of living forever? If so, then dammit I’m gonna start some SERIOUS  f*cking long term investing. 

Britney Spears has a new Album coming out.   So f*cking what?

South Korea will be having live fire exercises near the island of Yeonpyeong, in the first exercises of this type since the North shelled that Island.  The north shelled the Island in the first place because the south fired into that area before the north shelled.  This should be fun, folks. If there’s anyone in the area reading this, get your cameras ready, this should be a blast! (pun intended)

Marian Gaborik had 4 points in his first game with Sean Avery as a linemate of his as the New York Rangers defeated the Gorton’s fishermen 6-5.  It would have been more of a blowout, but Marty Biron let in a few soft goals early, which got him lifted from the game. Repeat after me.  POTVIN SUCKS.

Last but not least, Tax cuts, feel the love.  Barrasso V. Schumer.   Billionaires V. the common man.  Schumer and the common man wins.  End of statement.  And to Mr. Barrasso, I object. To you.  Thank you Mr. Schumer, you’re a good man, doing a good job for the all the people of America.  If only there were more like you.  If only.


I was walking along, as is my want, towards the store to get groceries today.  It was kind of chilly today, not cold, chilly.  Walking down the street, trying to listen to music on my headphones, Black Sabbath Supernaut, as I recall.  Pretty loud.  It was, after all, Black Sabbath, not the kind of music you listen to quietly.  And over the music I can hear kids talking.

Curious, I turn to see some kids on bicycles, yakking, loudly.  Loud enough to hear over my head phones.  Annoyed, I keep walking. 

Later on during the day, On my run, I hear people talking, loudly.  I can’t see them, trying to figure out where the hell the loud bastards are.  I run four blocks before I see them.  I look at them as I run by, and they all shut up.  I ran past that area a few minutes later and the same thing happened.

Sitting at home later in the evening, I, while playing my acoustic guitar, I can’t help but hear a bunch of people happily chirping at each other. I would open the window to yell at the loud fat bastards, but that would only add to the noise, that isn’t something I want to do.

Moral of this tale:  There is none.  The point:  I am a surly curmudgeon and you people need to shut the f*ck up!   There is a volume control on that damn thing, use it!  😛


Have a g’night, America!

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