Three Percent

We need jobs. We Need Jobs. WE NEED JOBS.  Millions of them.   But they aren’t on the horizon, so until those jobs show up, we need money to help us until such time as they do show up.

I was just listening to some uneducated twerp by the name Shadegg, a congressman, say that the unemployed do not spend money, they hold onto it as much as possible … don’t spend the money they get.  Let me debunk this one real quick.  Bullshit.  I am unemployed, and I tell you that the amount of money you get from unemployment isn’t enough to save any money.  It’s not like they pay you a lot.  $350 a week, and I am on the high end of the financial spectrum for the unemployed, doesn’t exactly leave a lot of wiggle room for putting it away for a rainy day. 

So when I hear these dim wits act like unemployment is some kind of visceral evil, I am moved, angered, that these people would treat there fellow countrymen with such callous reckless stupidity.  They say this must first be paid for.  And you know what? As far as that thought goes, I agree, but that simply doesn’t go far enough.  If that was the only part of the argument, I would be on their side, but there is more.  The same people who make these arguments say we must keep tax cuts that cost us hundred$ of Billion$ of dollar$ that is keeping the Bush tax cuts for the rich.  Tax cuts that, if we let them expire, would increase taxes on a few thousand very wealthy people by 3%.

3%.  Seriously. 

If 3% more tax being paid by a few thousand people is more important than getting unemployment benefits to upwards of 2,000,000 people, then we have lost our priorities as a nation.  We are protecting Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, and other millionaires like them, and a few CEOS and top executives of companies like Citigroup and Goldman Sachs from paying an extra 3%.  Protecting them ahead of millions of hard working people, many of which want to work, are trying to find work, who can’t because these billionaires simply aren’t hiring.  Leaving the average man and woman out in the cold, and in the same breath protecting those who are not creating jobs for “We The People”

When push comes to shove this argument is about whose side you are on, the protectors of the wealthy(Scott Brown, Mitch McConnell and the GOP), or the protectors of the working men and women of America (President Obama and the Democratic party). 

Whose side are you on?  Alex Rodriguez’, or the guy who sewed his gloves together for $14 an hour, who lost his job because the company cut his job?


To be a man is to be responsible: to be ashamed of miseries you did not cause; to be proud of your comrades’ victories; to be aware, when setting one stone, that you are building a world.

Antoine de Saint Exupery, Terres De Hommes


Viddy of the day, part I: A news report from a few hours ago from an Oklahoma City television station on the end of unemployment benefits. 

Viddy of the day, part II.    This one from  It is about language, and why (among other things) the name freedom fries never actually stuck.  The end is pretty damn funny.  Good stuff!


Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing against the rich, they are after all, just people.  Nothing wrong with being rich.  Most of us want to be rich.  Most of us work hard, and all of us want to become rich.  I work hard, when I work, and I try every day, when I’m not writing, running, or getting things done in “Das Rhino Hacienda” I am looking for work.  When I was working, it was my sole focus.  Some of us are just not good enough, or smart enough, or in the right place at the right time, and it doesn’t happen. 

I try.  I fail.  It happens, no worries.  I keep trying, keep working, keep plugging away, like the rest of my brothers and sisters throughout this great nation, to better myself and my lot.

But when the rich, and their representatives who live so well, so much better than we, decide that WE are lazy, that WE should suffer accountability and should pay, when those who run things, the entitled ones, those who own our country, cannot pay an additional 3%… No.  There, a line has been crossed, and they have crossed it, and they are wrong.  These unchristian people make their homes warmer and prettier, and darken the entire world to do so.

These people who do this, minds like theirs crucified Christ.  They claim they do good for the economy, that they help America.  Tactics, not heart, not goodness, tactics.  And their claim is false.  They claim to do good for all while harming the very fabric of the nation, and by extension the world. 

And anyone claiming that making 2,000,000 people quake in fear for their futures for the sake of a few thousand people and a false sense of financial accountability, for themselves and those who would not miss that 3%, needs to explain themselves.


That’s it from here, America.  I’ll write to you tomorrow.

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