I’ve been looking for work the last few hours.  There were a few things out there, and of course I have sent resumes in.  I also have these places phone numbers, may well call them just to make sure they got the damn things, and also to let them know that there is a voice and a person that goes along with that resume. 

I do not now and have never worked in a human resources department, but the thought that goes through my head when I think about the people who work in this department is… well isn’t a real picture that immediately springs to mind, in large part because I‘ve never worked there.  But having met a few in my travails through the business world, I have to say that one word does spring to mind.


That’s one of those $5 words, means estimated as worthless.  Now that is almost definitely because I haven’t been hired permanently by anyone  of them at any point in the past two years.  Load of serene bastards. 

Back to the job search.  Put in a three mover/maintenance jobs, sent in for one Copy center job, and one general labor job on top of that.  Then I ran into what could only be described as one of those “WTF, why not” spots.  Put in to work in a film crew.  Why not?  Didn’t say anything about needing job experience, so I jumped in.  Then after doing that, I look around the site, and they have other work, so I put in for that.  Basically non union (which I dislike, but I’ll take, being poor) periphery jobs in the acting industry. 

Like I’ve said what seems like a thousand times before, Why not?  What’s the worst that happens, I don’t get a job? No worries.  The other five jobs I put in for are the ones I am seriously going after, but… how that old saying go… any port in a storm?  Sumthin like that…


I just have one of those faces. People come up to me and say, “What’s wrong?” Nothing. “Well, it takes more energy to frown than it does to smile.” Yeah, you know it takes more energy to point that out than it does to leave me alone?

Bill Hicks, Relentless


Viddy of the day:  Moment of silence for a great actor who died today, Leslie Nielsen.  Here’s a clip of his work from the movie forbidden planet, which is despite it’s B movie look , is actually a pretty good flick.  Good stuff.


Ya know, I really enjoy having time to myself.  Much as I dislike not being employed, and bringing in any money, I do like the time it gives me to do things I want to do.  Things that, were I working full time, I would not be able to do.  Like play guitar a bit more extensively and running longer that I normally would. 

It sucks, not being a productive member of society.  Not that I’m going to get all crazy over it.  I’ve stayed calm and collected throughout this long ordeal of not having health insurance, dental insurance, gainful employment.  But dammit, I could really use a hand getting some full time work.  No one seems to want to give me full time work though. At least not yet.  It’ll happen, the dry spell will end soon enough. The one thing I won’t run out of is confidence in myself.

Confidence in the rest of the world, though…


There’s a new party being born: The People Who Hate People Party. People who hate people, come together! “No!” We’re kind of having trouble getting off the boards, you know. Come to our meeting! “Are you gonna be there?” Yeah. “Then I ain’t fucking coming.” But you’re our strongest member! “Fuck you!” That’s what I’m talking about. “You asshole! Fuck off!” Damn, we almost had a meeting going. It’s so hard to get my people together.

Bill Hicks, Rant in E-minor


I’ll end tonight’s little soiree with a few thoughts about some selected news stories.

D’ya catch Sen. Maverick comparing Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan?  Two things Maverick: 1)  Not everybody liked President Alzheimer, especially people who like real American Ideals, and not that fake conservative bullshit and 2) Sarah Palin is a friggin idiot with no brains in her head and none backing her.  At least Ronnie had his wife and her astrologer.

The President’s fiscal commission has to agree to a plan to work with by the end of the week.  This should be good.  Democrats won’t agree to massive cuts.  Republicans won’t agree to tax increases.  There are plans from all over to help balance the budget.  Good luck with that.  I have no faith in this commission, or any of the peripheral ones. 

Iran might have missiles from North Korea!  That’s great news… if you like the thought of Iran nuking Israel and Israel in turn nuking Iran, starting WWIII.  Should be fun!  OK, I exaggerate with the whole nuking thing, and seriously, this isn’t really news. We’ve been aware of a relationship between these two nations for years and years now, should we now be shocked that it invovled military equipment? Srsly? Please.


That’s it from here America.  For the first time in what seems like forever, I think tomorrow I’ll be putting out a new 12 notes.  G’night America.


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