Speaking Of Sports

No politics for today, today it’s all about sports.

5 years, $ 22 to 24,000,000 a year.   Derek… please, just stop, OK? You are a 36-year-old Shortstop coming off of the worst year of your career.  One of your main claims to fame is being a real class act, the humble hard working guy. 

It isn’t happening.  So stop trying.  I don’t see anyone willing to pay that kind of money.  Certainly not the New York Yankees.  They know that the amount of money your asking for is money NO ONE is willing to pay, so every time you toss out a ridiculous figure lie that they can sit back and giggle.  And let me use that term again.  NO ONE.  Not Epstein in Boston, not your old manager Torre in L.A., not Cashman, no one. 

Now, brothers and sisters, I am a life long Yankee fan.  Been one since the days of Bill Sudakis, Ron Bloomberg and Fred “The Chicken” Stanley.  I remember the bad old days when the team could not get out of it’s own way.   I remember when things started to turn around during the mid 90’s, when Gene “stick” Michael built the guts of the team, getting Tino Martinez from the Mariners, trading Roberto Kelly to the Reds for Paul O’Neill, picking up Jimmy Key, David Cone, and  getting Scott Brosius from the A’s.  I remember the team building up with farm products, great players like Derek, Bernie , Jorge, and Mariano. 

I remember and am grateful for the good times fellas, thank you, really.  But how far does that thanks go, really?  Do we pay to keep him a Yankee for the rest of his career as a way to say thanks? Absolutely!  But for that much?  C’mon, be serious.  I know it’s a negotiation, and I know yer supposed to start out asking for more than your gonna get, but this is friggin ridiculous.  $22 mill being the LOW number?

C’mon, Derek. Srsly, cut the shit.  I don’t want to find out how good an everyday shortstop A-rod is because of you get all greedy.  Be the captain, not just another businessman trying to fleece the fans. 


Viddy of the day:  Cal Ripken interviewing Derek Jeter about work ethic.


To cure us of our immoderate love of gain, we should seriously consider how many goods there are that money will not purchase, and these the best; and how many evils there are that money will not remedy, and these the worst.

Charles Caleb Colton


So the Broncos taped the 49ers practice before the game they played in London.  So what.  They suck.  They lost the game they did this crap in, haven’t they paid enough?  Well, no actually not, it IS wrong to do.  Bad Broncos.  Slap on the wrist is what they get, $50,000 fine for the coach. 

But according to Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, the guy who did the taping got fired, and they didn’t use the tape.  Now to be serious, it is indicative of just how far teams are willing to go to try to win, how desperate teams are to win that they would do this crap.

How to put this… In this day and age I find it incredibly unbelievable that if given information that could have ostensibly given them an advantage, any sports team would not use it.  They very much sound like a team covering their asses here.  I for one hope someone is doing something for the guy who got thrown under the bus here, former video director Steve Scarnecchia.

Not expecting it though.  He may have been guilty as they say he is, but I for one, really doubt it.  If McDaniel is really the innocent he claims to be, he would have reported Scarnecchia as soon as it happened.  He didn’t.  Guilty people and writers create stories. McDaniel isn’t a writer.


Every era has a currency that buys souls. In some the currency is pride, in others it is hope, in still others it is a holy cause. There are of course times when hard cash will buy souls, and the remarkable thing is that such times are marked by civility, tolerance, and the smooth working of everyday life.

Eric Hoffer


Bad news for a good guy.  Mike Modano looks like he may well be done.   He is out indefinitely after getting hurt by the errant skate of R.J. Umberger of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Two guys skating trying to make a play on the puck, got tangled up, Umberger ended up twisting with one skate in the air, and it caught Mikey Mo on the wrist. and did tendon and nerve damage last night.  He had surgery today, and it is reported that the surgery was in fact successful, but it is unknown how long Mikey Mo will be sidelined.

I for one hope Mike comes back quickly.  He really is one of the good guys in all of sports, truly one of the most talented players to ever play the game, the highest scoring American born player of all time, playing in his 21st season for a perennial contender, it would really suck if his playing days ended like this.   


 That’s it from here, America.  Have a good night.

One thought on “Speaking Of Sports

  1. giggled as I read this after the fact, for a few reasons… Joe Torre is gone for one, Derek got his money, but not too much. I got sucked into the spin on this story, and bit on it, hard. Silly Rhino!

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