WARNING: This Article Contains FACTS :P

Each of us
A cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete.
Genetic blends
With uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that’s far too fleet.

Rush, Freewill


A story that won’t get much airtime out there in the right wing media:  America likes the health care bill, at least more than has been reported. To hear it told, America hates this thing, but the McClatchy/ Marist poll proves that concept is less real than the right wing media wants you to think.  

Proving them wrong, and also proving that Americans have brains, 51 percent of Americans say they want the health care bill either kept or expanded, with only 33 percent wanting it repealed.  Further proving they have brains, the one bit that was universally disliked is the bit that forces Americans who don’t have health care to pay tax penalties if they don’t have it.  Democrats and Republicans think that bit of the law is unconstitutional.

Nice.  Go America. 


The President got 12 stitches after playing a game of pickup Basketball today, caught an elbow in the face after someone from the Hispanic caucus tried a turnaround jumper in his face.  Ya don’t mess with the Hispanic caucus, they know that strong O and hellacious D.  Hope the caucus doesn’t mind that Lil bitty IRS investigation that happens to people who bust the President’s lip with a turnaround jumper.

Get those books in order kids, the IRS don’t play.  



Seems the Chinese are leaning just a wee bit on the North Koreans, and try to get them to cut the shit.  Seems the Americans don’t give a rats ass, and despite warnings from NK that war games scheduled between the United States and South Korea will push things to the brink of war, those war games are still on. 

I got $5 that says the South is about to beat the crap out of North Korea.  Any takers?


In news meant to scare the crap out of idiots, aka, non-news, a couple of rods used in CT scans that got lost for about 24 hours were found.  I put it here merely to point out how stupid news outlets can be sometimes.


Viddy of the Day: Rush, Tom Sawyer.  Excellent song and viddy.  Check Geddy and the huge honkin 80’s shades.  Nice.


No, his mind is not for rent
To any god or government.
Always hopeful, yet discontent,
He knows changes aren’t permanent,
But change is.

Rush, Tom Sawyer


Oil is at $83.76 a barrel.  Gold is at $1364.30 an ounce.  The British pound is worth $1.57.  The dollar is worth 83.5 yen.  No comment at all, just letting you know.  Srsly.

Well, OK, an itty bitty comment.  The weakness in the dollar indicates weakness in the world economy not just in Europe. And the dollar affects everything else, being the dominant world currency.  Asia  is an economic nightmare whose time is about to come, and those who need to see news to know things are less than perfect out there need new glasses, and a headcheck.  Our economy, in comparison to those of Europe and Asia, is doing pretty well.  5 quarters of growth point that out rather convincingly, I think.


It’s black friday.  If you went shopping out there today, thank you for doing your part to help the economy, I hope you got some really nice stuff.  On the other hand I think you are out of you friggin mind.  Too many people all trying to get to the same place(s) to get the same thing(s), at the same time.  I am surprised I heard no news of craziness in the malls of America today.


That’s it from here America.  Gotta run, going to sleep early so I can travel back home to make sure the cats didn’t blow up and/or crap all over the apartment.  Wish me luck!


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