I kid the Republicans, with love. I feel bad for them. They got nobody for next time. Who are they gonna run? Sarah Palin, reading off her hand. Did you see that? You saw this? She wrote “tax cuts” on her hand. A Republican so stupid she has to be reminded of the one thing–tax cuts! This is like if you saw the coyote’s paw and it said “Road Runner”.

Bill Maher, But I’m Not Wrong


Gotta tell you, I for one am rooting like hell for the democrats to dither like crazy for the next month plus, and let all the Bush tax cuts expire.  Fcuk’em.  A couple of weeks of waiting around and some simple hand wringing on their part (something the Dems do quite well)  and all is well.

A few extra percent in taxes, the same that everyone paid a few years ago, isn’t killing anyone, and if it is, fcuk’em.  Seriously, people bitch over a few percent, when we are talking about the lack of money coming in costing us billions and billions every year, trillions of dollars over the life of them, in debt.  Do we like debt so much that we want to saddle ourselves with more of it?

It sounds counter intuitive for any American to argue FOR taxes.  But here’s the simple deal.  The alternative is saddling our children with more debt.  Government, neither in size nor in power shrinks. Never has, never will, get over it.  To think these tea party toddlers can get anything seriously done with their ass backwards “we’ll make government smaller” horse crap, self deluding stupidity, when better men and women than them came before and could not do it, is entirely laughable.

It won’t work, and you’ll see that come about starting in January.  My promise, just watch and see.  And they’ll complain and bitch that Washington is the problem, when in truth the problem is them.  That’s the one thing the Republicans and conservatives, and the right wing of American politics can never admit.  THEY are the problem.  They say they can do something and then not pull it off, that has always been their M.O., always will be.

Reagan tried.  And failed, because he was weak, and because he could not back up his talk with action. Same with Bush Sr.  I read his lips, and taxes still went up, and government grew.  It actually grew less under Clinton than under Reagan, grew less under Carter than Bush (I use the two like that to put one term and two term presidents together, The argument works no matter which arrangement you make).

I can’t wait for the excuses from Reps. Boehner and Cantor, and Sens. McConnell and Paul and the rest of the right wing. You can hear the main stream right wing propaganda noise machine gearing up already, can’t ya?


Viddy of the day:  James Carville talking about Mitt Romney and his 2012 election campaign chances.  “Designated old white guy” Carville gives me lulz with that line, true though it is.   Romney V Obama in 2012?  I like Obama’s chances.  I really do. Romney is a putz, always has been.


Republicans want smaller government for the same reason crooks want fewer cops: it’s easier to get away with murder.

James Carville


I’m sitting here, at twenty after 10 at night, drinking coffee that is beginning to get cold in a semi-darkened room, looking at a green wool knit Notre Dame hat, half on, half off of the computer table that I have my feet on, threatening to fall off underneath me.  I was wearing the hat a few minutes ago, but decided that a wool knit hat with shorts and no shirt on would be… kinda odd.  🙂 

The light, with the exception of the light from the computer screen to my right, is provided by a few strings of Christmas lights.  I hung the lights with what could only be called meticulous care, on walls that could be called desperately in need of a paint job, or at the very least in need of a good washing, with what could clearly only be called cheap white duct tape.  Which in several places has decided to show me just how cheap it is by being completely unable to hold up several ounces of cheap plastic Christmas lights. 

I believe that means that it is time for me to use more of the cheap white duct tape, perhaps in a more aggressive manner, or perhaps in a more judicious manner, or at least in a way that will make it less necessary for me to have to get off of my ass and put the lights back in place every hour or so. 

But I digress…

The diffuse light coming from the aforementioned Christmas lights lends a very relaxed quality to things around here, but then again that more relaxed quality could also be from the Christmas music coming from my computer speakers.  Listening to Chanticleer sing “Ding Dong Merrily on high” has that effect on me.  Add to that Bing Crosby singing “Mele Kalilikimaka” immediately afterwards, and you have heaven on earth.

Guess I’m just an old fashioned old fart.  Fine by me, makes me happy, and my wonderful wife doesn’t seem to mind.  Works for me.


That’s it from here America.  Go to sleep.


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