October Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the October Running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Sat., October 9th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 43:31.97, a 7:38.24 m/m pace.  70 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Yes, you are in fact reading that date right.  My first run of the month happened 9 days into the month.  9 days.  I HATE taking days off running, and I’ve only run twice in 2 and a half weeks.  No injury involved, no illness to speak of.  I’ve been busy as hell at work, and have really had no time.  I am kinda lucky that the work I do is as physical as it is, or I would  be woefully out of shape, after running only twice since September 21st. Still had me some fun out there.  No stops, no pain, I was able to move as I wished. Not too bad.  Good return to the road.

Sun., October 10th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 55:42.58, a 7:50.78 m/m pace.  43 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Early morning run before a long busy day.  I am surprised I ran this slow today.  I wasn’t trying to run fast, but I wasn’t slacking either.  Probably a combination of not a lot of recent running and cool temperatures.  No worries though, 7+ miles nonstop, on only my third run in 2 and a half weeks is actually pretty damn good. Had fun out there, cooler temperatures keep lots of people away, make the paths much easier to negotiate.  Bonus.  Good Run. 

Mon., October 11th:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:11:58, a 7:34.52 m/m pace.  73 degrees, sunny, nice.  I pushed hard today, harder than usual, and the main reason was foot traffic on the run path today.  I didn’t think there would be that many people off AND in the park today (should have guessed it, but didn’t), but the park was packed, and it was difficult running around all the people who were there.  Not the best run because of it, hard to have a good run when people aren’t paying attention where they are going. No pain, no soreness.  Nice. 

Wed., October 13th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 45:15.83, a 7:46.63 m/m pace.  48 degrees, breezy.  Early morning, pre-dawn run.  Royal oak road to clove via rice and Martling ave hill run.  I actually ran the first 1.9 miles or so of this run kinda slow, hit the end of the hill, the apex of the run at 15:04, a 7:55 pace.  I picked it up after that, pushed hard on the uphills, and stretched my stride on the remaining downhill.  Cut 9 seconds off of my m/m pace, not too bad, I guess.  Hamstrings were feeling it on the uphills, nothing too bad though.

Thur., October 14th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:11.17, a 7:29.46 m/m pace. 58 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Had to take a day off from work because the plumber is coming over later to fix a major clog in the kitchen, so I took advantage and ran several hours before he was scheduled to arrive.  The speed here was a surprise. I wasn’t gunning for anything in particular, but was expecting around a 7:45, maybe a 7:50, so sub 7:30 is kind of a shock.  This was fun, relatively few people in the park, the fall foliage is beginning to make an appearance, and the weather is great.  Couldn’t ask for better.  Good Run.

Sat., October 16th:  Ran 8.5 miles in 1:03:58, a 7:31.52 m/m pace.  55 degrees, mostly cloudy, very windy.  New route.  Royal Oak road to Rice avenue to Slosson avenue, to Marting avenue, to Manor road, to Forest avenue, to Bement avenue, to Richmond terrace, to Pelton avenue, to Henderson avenue, to the corner of Henderson and Clinton avenues, and back again.  Fun run through the old neighborhood, and a lot faster than I thought I was, or could have been.  Zoom.  Nice.

Sun., October 17th:  Ran 7.96 miles in 59:03.08, a 7:25.11 m/m pace.  50 degrees, clear, windy.  This was meant to be either a 7.6 or 9.5 mile run, but that was cut short by tree cutting on the park run path which blocked a portion of the path large enough where I was only willing to attempt it once.  Ran 1 lap in the park, and ran the down and back on the Royal Oak road to Clove via Martling hill run 3 times.  I pushed as hard as I could today, and was surprisingly fast today, it probably has something to do with the near perfect running weather.  A little less wind and conditions are perfect for running.  Hamstrings are a might sore, nothing major though.  Good run.

Mon., October 18th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 44:40.71, a 7:40.60 m/m pace.  48 degrees, clear.  Monday pre-dawn hill run.  Busted my butt, ran as fast as I could, and a 7:40 at 5:00 am is good, I guess.  I don’t know if it’s lack of warm-up, or only having just gotten up, or the time of day or what, but I seem to not be able to run as fast in the early morning as I do when I run when the sun is up.  Curious, that.  If I remember, I’ll do a pre run workout next time, to see if it helps.  We’ll see.   

Tues., October 19th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 45:30.15, a 7:49.09 m/m pace.  47 degrees, rain.  Pushed hard in a few places today, but nothing major, not 100% today, not by any stretch of the imagination.  Went for it on the first uphill from clove on martling, and on the last few blocks on the way home, but besides that, this was a fairly even tempo run.    No hamstring or calf issues, but my lower back is a hair sore for some reason.  No worries. 

Thur., October 21st:  Ran 5.82 miles in 44:00.25, a 7:33.65 m/m pace.  46 degrees, windy, fog.  Gave it everything I had this morning, and I am happily surprised with the results.  I wasn’t expecting to go this fast, pushed no harder than I did Monday, and still cut nearly 7 seconds per mile off of my time.  Nice.  No knee pain, no hamstring issues, no soreness at all. Very nice.  Had fun out there today.

Fri., October 22nd:  Ran 5.82 miles in 43:52.18, a 7:32.26 m/m pace.  45 degrees, windy.  I did not feel like I was pushing as hard as I did yesterday, so it kinda surprised me when I looked at my watch after the run and found I was actually faster today.  Twas nice.  Guess all those modified squat thrusts and all this early morning hill running is having an effect.  Excellent.  No real issues with calves or hammies, though I did feel a twinge in my left hamstring, which went away as fast as it showed up.  No worries. 

Sun., October 24th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 50:27.14, a 7:06:35 m/m pace.  65 degrees, partly cloudy.  Holy crap this was fast.  I knew I was motoring, but I had no Idea I was running sub 7:10.  I actually had pockets of this 3 lap run in the park (plus the run there and back) that I actually took my foot off of the gas, which is amazing, considering the time I ran.  Fastest non race run time of the year.  I knew all those modified squat thrusts (and hill running) I’ve been doing day in day out would have an effect, I just didn’t think it’d be this big a difference.  Good run on a great day.

Mon., October 25th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 43:31.19, a 7:28.65 m/m pace.  56 degrees, nice.  Another fast on, this time an early morning hill run.  Sub 7:30 at 5 am on hills is, for me, impressive.  Pretty much gave it all I had out there, this is at this point about as fast as I can run on this course at this point.  No pain, no issues.  Hamstrings, calves, quads, ankle, all fine.  Nice. 

Wed., October 27th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 44:15.20, a 7:36.22 m/m pace.  68 degrees, rain, breezy.  I didn’t push nearly as hard today as I have the last few days, and my time was still pretty damn good.  I did push towards the end of the run, but there were large sections of this run that I ran on autopilot.  No pain, no injuries, no issues, no worries.  Rain tapered off to nearly nothing at the end of the run, but it rained most of the way.  Rain or no, 68 degrees made it a hair easier to just take it easy out there.  Good run.

Thur., October 28th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 44:57.97, a 7:43.56 m/m pace.  64 degrees, cloudy, humid.  I didn’t look at the watch today, just ran and pushed with what energy and speed I had at my disposal.  Slowest day in awhile, but that isn’t bad.  I have been pushing hard, and not just with my running, for a while now and frankly, I’m beat.  I don’t really have a problem with not running super fast today, this is what I had and that’s alright. 

Fri., October 29th:  Ran 5.82 miles in 44:26.11, a 7:38.09 m/m pace.  48 degrees, breezy.  Ran the same as yesterday, without checking my time and pace while running.  I had more energy today, and felt better out there when I was running.  Pushed hard in spots but not everywhere.  I felt faster out there, and that always feels good.  My right anterior compartment is kinda sore, and has been for a few days, but it didn’t affect my run.  No other issues.

Sat., October 30th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 51:40.20, a 7:16.64 m/m pace.  54 degrees, windy, partly sunny.  First run in the sun in a week, as well as my first non hill run in a week.  It felt good to be out and about in the sun again, after running all week before sunrise, and it felt good to run on (more or less) flat ground.  I felt a twinge in both of my hamstrings during the run, but the pain went away as soon as I stopped. 

This month:   112.44miles.  Longest run: 9.5 miles (October 11th), shortest run 5.7 miles (October 9th) 17 runs in 30 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 6.61 miles

Year to date:  1188.36 miles  Longest so far 15.2 miles (August 24th), Shortest 2.6 miles (March 12th). 186 runs in 304 days so far this year.  Average run distance:  6.389 miles 

This was actually a pretty damn good running month, considering the fact that I didn’t run for the first 8 days of the month.  I don’t like taking as many days off running as I did, I could have run some of those days, no doubt about that, but I was a little worn down and busy as hell with work at that point, and I really did need a rest, though I hate admitting that I do need rest on occasion. 

I am hoping to, in the final two months of the year, get my mileage up to 1500 miles for the year.  That will be an effort of herculean proportion, seeing how I would need to run 312 miles over that time, and I’ll be out looking for work,which will take up much of my time, and the weather in late autumn and early winter do make it difficult to get really long runs in, and sometimes make running impossible.  I’ll do everything I can to do it though.  Should be fun getting there!


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