Individual records are nice to get, but before the season starts, you want to play to win the Stanley Cup!

Guy LaFleur


OK, first things first, we are already 5 or so games into the NHL season.  I would have done my NHL season picks earlier, but I’ve been busy.  I’ve watched several games already, a number of them on the NHL hockey package offered by my cable provider from all over the league, so while I am late with my prognostication as far as the season goes, I am in fact at least slightly more well informed than I have been in past years.

Probably won’t matter a damn, the picks’ll still suck, but so friggin what?


At the end of this hockey season,  The NHL final regular season standings will look something like this.


Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division:     WINS-LOSSES-OTL  –  POINTS     

New Jersey:  46-27-9  –  101

Pittsburgh:  45-29-8  –  98

Philadelphia:  41-30-11  –  93

NY Rangers:  37-33-12  –  86

NY Islanders:  37-34-11  –  85

Northeast Division:

Buffalo: 45-30-7  –  97

Boston:  43-30-9  –  95

Toronto:  41-29-12  –  94

Montreal:  40-35-8  –  88

Ottawa:  35-41-6  –  76

Southeast Division:

Washington: 49-25-8  –  106

Carolina:  41-30-11  –  93

Tampa Bay: 37-33-12  –  86

Florida:  37-38-8  –  82

Atlanta:  36-41-4  –  76



Western Conference

Central Division   WINS-LOSES-OTL  –  POINTS

Detroit:  48-26-8  –  104

Chicago: 45-27-10  –  100

St. Louis: 43-33-6  –  92

Nashville: 42-35-5  –  89

Columbus: 32-43-7  –  71

Northwest Division

Colorado:  46-27-9  –  101

Vancouver: 46-28-8  –  100

Calgary: 40-32-10  –  90

Edmonton:  41-34-7  –  89

Minnesota:  38-39-5  –  81

Pacific Division

San Jose:  45-30-7  –  97

Dallas:  41-31-10  –  92

Los Angeles:  40-30-12  –  92

Phoenix:  40-34-8  –  88

Anaheim:  33-43-6  –  72


The Christmas just before I turned four, my parents bought me a pair of little black skates and the Bay of Quinte was frozen and my two sisters took me out there and held my hands and taught me to skate. Now I don’t know if this is true—although it sounds good!—but rumour has it by the end of the day they couldn’t keep up with me.

Bobby Hull


Now, just because I call these picks WILDLY INACCURATE, doesn’t mean there isn’t a large amount of thought put into each pick and to how each team is going to finish the year.  And sometimes the stuff I see tells me things I don’t want to see, and makes me make picks I would much rather not make. 

For example, those of you who know me know that I am a die hard, Life long New York Rangers fan.  I could not, in good faith, make a pick based on what I want to happen, but on what I think will actually occur.  I would like to make them the kings of the Atlantic division, but I just do not see it.  They have some very good players, but there are also gaps there that have not been filled, and Missing Marian Gaborik for a few weeks with a separated shoulder, makes all the difference in the world, making a team with only a few real scoring threats much less of a threat, and will, I think,  put them in too much of an early hole for them to get out of and make anything resembling a realistic run at the playoffs.

Yes, I would have picked differently had I made these picks before the season started, but that’s just the way it goes I guess.

Other picks were also affected by the lateness of my making these picks.  Anaheim has been terrible, and while I would have them in last regardless, they went from last place in the Pacific to the second worst team in the entire NHL.

I also thought that some things should more or less stay the same as last year.  The Capitals beating the tar out of the division, San Jose winning the Pacific, Vancouver and Colorado finishing 1-2 in the Northwest.  Mind you those two teams have reversed positions…

And there is unfortunate case of the Senators.  They look horrible.  The Sabres do as well, but I see them coming back, and I just do not see the Senators coming back the same way.  Their goaltending is horrible now, and I just do not see it getting significantly better.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these crappy damn picks as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!


Go to sleep, America.


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