I Heart Hockey

Hockey is an art. It requires speed, precision, and strength like other sports, but it also demands an extraordinary intelligence to develop a logical sequence of movements, a technique which is smooth, graceful and in rhythm with the rest of the game.

Jacques Plante


Hockey season is around the corner… hmmm, lemme put this another way.  HOCKEY SEASON IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!!! That is about the best news a sweating suffering hockey addict could possibly have on a far too warm September night.  The promise of ice, pucks, and sticks.  The promise of hip checks, furious offense and hellacious defense.  The promise of speed, skill and determination unlike that seen in any other sport (I’m not putting all the other sports down, relax)

I have high hopes for my New York Rangers this year.  How high?  I think, unlike last year, that they will make the playoffs, and do well there.  Yes they need to do something about Wade Redden, and for some reason no one likes Chris Drury, but there are a lot of pluses on this team.  We have Gabby back, and King Henrik is our stopper, and I tell you this, you should watch the kid we picked up from L.A., Alex Frolov, he is going to do some damage against opposing teams this year, he will be the catalyst for a very strong second line this year, mark my words there, The kid is going to have a career year.

Do I think they are going to win the Stanley cup? You are going to have to wait until I get to writing this years HIGHLY INACCURATE NHL SEASON PREDICTIONS which I will have out (hopefully) sometime before the start of the regular season.

Count on one thing this year, my highly inaccurate picks will be HIGHLY INACCURATE. 🙂


Viddy of the day:  Blackhawks win Stanley Cup in OT, beat Flyers in Game 6.  Flyers lose, THEEEEEEE FLYERS LOSE! 


I don’t think pressure, that word, is on his mind. He loves to play hockey and enjoys the way he’s playing. He’s kind of made me re-establish my thinking.

Sergei Federov, speaking of Alex Ovechkin


I drafted my second NHL fantasy team today on auto-draft while I was working today.  And I did a thorough job of setting up my pre-rankings.  I did well in some respects, but there were a few question marks. 

I drafted 7th, meaning all the big guns, Ovechkin, Crosby and the like were gone, but I think I did fairly well getting Henrik Sedin with the 7th overall pick, and I was pleased with my second and third round picks, I don’t think I could have planned it better had I been there live.  Got Ryan Miller 18th and Jason Spezza 31st.  I think Miller will be as good as he was last year, and Spez is geared up to have a big year this year, after a disappointing campaign last year, he’s gonna be out to prove the naysayers wrong and the league better watch him, he’s gonna tear it up this year.

Pretty happy with picks 4, 5, and 6 as well.  Tomas Vokoun at the 42nd pick, Phil Kessel at the 55th, and Nicklas Lidstrom at the 66th pick are all strong solid players on the ice, and should provide both solid on ice leadership for their teams and top tier fantasy hockey stats for mine. Works for me.

Patrik Hornqvist in the 7th round pick(79th overall), and Tomas Kaberle in the 8th (90th overall) should provide more than adequately in their positions.  Hornqvist could be a real gem if the Preds team him up with the right group of guys, he’s good, and sticking him with Matt Lombardi could really benefit both players and the Preds tremendously. 

And maybe that’s just me trying to pump myself up about a guy on my team who has been a decent scorer, but not ever an out of this world one.

Now I do have some issues with my team.  I am uncertain about Nikita Filatov, the Blue Jackets left wing who I got in the 11th round .  The kid has seen some limited experience in the NHL, and he wasn’t exactly a world beater.  I’m sure he’ll be better than the 2 points in 13 games in limited playing time that he was last year, but how much better only time will tell.

I’m not exactly enamored of my backup goalie Pascal LeClaire, the starter in Ottawa.  I mean he’s not bad, but there are better goalies out there.  I may try to get my hands on Sea Bass (J.S. Giguere for those who don’t know his Nickname) in Toronto, or maybe the drunk up in Edmonton. And I have Devin Setoguchi on the team as well.  Kinda Unhappy that I got him with all the better player out there.  Gonna dump him and get Matt Moulson from the Islanders off waivers.  HATE the zarking Islanders, but he’s a damn good player.

And I have a flyer on my team.   Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.  Anybody in the market for a slightly used Scott Hartnell?  I’ll give him to you for a twelve pack and a ham sammich.  Serious.

More hockey when I get to my Season picks, sometime in the next week or so.


Have a g’night America.  LET’S GO RANGERS!


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