No Worries

Got all the crap out of the way that I had to. Food shopping is done. Spent just shy of 100 bucks on food and supplies, between people and cats. More than I wanted to spend but so what. If I’m toast spending on just what I need, why worry about what degree to which the world burns my ass? Spend and not worry, the worst they can do is sue me, and you can’t get money from someone who doesn’t have any.

No worries.

Ran for the first time since Wednesday, just short of 10 miles out on the run paths. Worked out a tad, just to top off, just to feel like I did something for my upper body, which I have been ignoring of late. No worries there either. My temp job gives me all the upper body work I need. You move 1/2 ton “walls” all damn day and tell me it isn’t a frigging workout.

Like I said no worries.

I’m going to hit the “12 notes” tonight, but first I’m gonna help the wife clean up around here a bit, taking it easy for a few minutes before we get to that, listening to the rush station on Pandora right now. Dream Theater is on right now. Worked out listening to classical Christmas music. I don’t use workout music. If I need music to pump me up working out, I’m doing it wrong, that impetus should come from inside, not outside.

I have been woefully short on politics here and in my life recently, been too flippin busy. I do watch C-Span and the like, but I’m usually too damned busy with other crap to give it my full attention. THAT sucks, this subject does require my time and full attention, because politics is such a complicated equation that if you pay half attention, you come to half assed conclusions. If you want to be half assed, that’s on you, I don’t feel like being duped like the corporation sponsored tea party clique.

BTW, I love this girl…The O’Donnell chick, the one jogging for Senate, jogging because this sure as shit isn’t an honest run for the seat. She is great. Totally evil, vapid, wrong about just about everything. Generally reminds one of… I dunno, a devil worshipper on Prozac? Sumthin like that.   She may be twice the pretender/ hypocrite/ shithead that Sarah Palin is. I’ll post some happiness about the Wannabe Senator from Penis Hate at some point in future.

Things to do, Later, America!


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