August Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the August Running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Mon., Aug. 2nd: Ran 5.7 miles in 42:15.43, a 7:24.81 m/m pace.  79 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Pretty much from step one I did all I could to stretch out my stride length as wide as possible, and push as fast as I could for as long as I could during this run.  Hamstrings and ankle seemed fine, not 100% but close, which made that easier.  Hit the end of lap one at around a 7:36 pace, roughly my average run pace.  Second lap I ran about 19 seconds faster than the first, a 14 minute 7 second 1.9 mile lap, and hit the third lap faster still, at 13:43 , or a 7:15 m/m pace. That is zooming for me.  Happy Mikey.  Think I’m gonna go longer and slower tomorrow.  We’ll see.                                          

Tues., Aug 3rd:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:15:33, a 7:57.15 m/m pace.  85 degrees, partly sunny, breezy.  I wasn’t sure how long I was going to go when I walked out the door today.  Decided to just run and see.  My knees were creakin’ and my ankles were sore as I started up, felt horrible early, but as I went it got easier.  The knee and ankle soreness went away and weren’t an issue after the end of lap one, may have been before that.  I felt my right hamstring tighten up a bit on me, but nothing too major.  With all that, I still had to fight the urge to run faster. I sped up a bit on the final park lap, not much but a bit.                                           

Wed., Aug 4th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:06.50, a 7:44.29 m/m pace.  92 degrees, partly sunny, humid, breezy.  Tough run today, I pushed about as hard as I could in this heat and humidity.  Not too bad, felt like I was going much faster than a 7:44 though.  Ankle is still a hair stiff, didn’t notice any issues with the  right hamstring. All else is OK, no knee pain, thankfully.    Just checked the heat index: 105.  Nice.                                         

Thur., Aug. 5th:  Ran 6.06 miles in 47:15.45, a 7:47.89 m/m pace.  92 degrees, sunny, windy.  Just as hot today as yesterday and windier, but less humid.  Hit the hills today, 3 times down and back up the Royal oak road/rice ave/slosson ave/martling ave/clove road hill path.  Took my time out there, and even with that had to stop for a short breather after finishing 2 of the three times down and back up.  No soreness to speak of, no ankle or knee or hamstring issues today, which is nice. Longer and slower tomorrow, perhaps.                                       

Fri., Aug 6th:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:15.32, a 7:57.o5 m/m pace.  88 degrees, partly cloudy.  Stopped at the half way point.  Not über tired, not majorly sore,  just…stopped.  Started up again after a minute, dunno why I stopped, still trying to figure it out.  The rest of the run was OK, no issues with the hamstring, the right ankle was a bit sore, as was the left knee for a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I wasn’t sure how long I was going to go, I thought 5 laps was gonna be a long one, and I went 5.  Excellent.                                    

Tues., Aug 10th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 46:00.05, an 8:04.22 m/m pace.  90 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Ran with new shoes today, they were not good runners, but that’s not why I ran slow.  My right hamstring was sore from the moment I started til the moment I finished, but that’s not why I ran slow.  This is my first run since Friday, and it’s a hot humid day, but that’s not why I ran slow.  I ran slow because it’s my birthday and I made a choice to go slow.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.                                    

Wed., Aug 11th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:54.24, a 7:52.67 m/m pace.  90 degrees, partly sunny, humid.  Went back to the old shoes, and pushed a little bit in the heat, and I must say I’m pretty happy with the results, cutting over 11 seconds per mile off of yesterday’s pace ain’t too shabby.  I need to start stretching those hamstrings out in post run workouts if I want to move faster.  Gonna start that after I’m done here.  Hamstrings are feeling better, so I can actually do that without running the risk of injury.                                 

Thur., Aug 12th: Ran 7.6 miles in 58:28.30, a 7:41.61 m/m pace.  74 degrees, cloudy, light rain/drizzle.  Nicest day temp wise in almost 2 months, felt great out there.  Went four laps, relatively quickly today, and I probably could have gone longer, but decided before I started that 3 or 4 laps was going to be my distance today.  My right hamstring was a bit sore before and after the run today, nothing major, just something to keep an eye on.  Good run.                               

Fri., Aug 13th:  Ran 9.74 miles in 1:16:25, a 7:50.73 m/m pace.  74 degrees, mostly sunny, nice.  Oddest run day In a long time. On lap one, I had some guy ahead of me, who was running just the same speed as I was, Go to pass him, he speeds up.  I decide to push faster, so does he.  We end up flooring it for more than a quarter of a mile racing each other, on what I was initially thinking of as a slow day.  He ends up passing me again, as I run out of gas and the hammy starts to bother me just a hair, and then proceeds to slow down as I slow down, apparently trying to stay just ahead of me.  T’was odd and annoying.  And people wonder why I run alone.  On lap two, some woman fell down on the path and several runners who were ahead of me running in the opposite direction stopped to help.  I couldn’t help, because  those other people were closer, and surrounding her, so there I am just standing there, unable to do anything, unsure of what to do, twiddling my thumbs. Wasn’t running or helping.  Sucked.  After a minute of standing around saying “you alright, lady?” I got the hell out.   Better to help myself and exercise than just stand the hell around twiddling my thumbs, helping no one.  End of lap two and beginning of  lap 3 a number of trucks park in the run path to finally get rid of the tree trunks that have been at the side of the paths since February.  Wood chippers and Chainsaws and work crews standing in the paths.  Joy.   At that point I had enough.  3  1.9 mile laps in the park and I am done.  3 laps, 5.7 miles in 44:11.24(7:45.12).  I wanted to go longer than 5.7 miles, and I still had energy to burn, so I decided at that point to walk to the hills and run them, despite the fact that my hamstrings are toast at this point.  Ran 4.04 miles on the hills, in 32:14(7:58.71).  That run happens without incident.   Hamstrings are an issue because I overexerted them working out yesterday.  Good for running, but sore as hell otherwise.  And no I don’t think the days issues had anything to do with it being Friday the 13th.  Any of those things, or similar enough events, could have happened any other day.  The date is simply a coincidence.                             

Sat., Aug 14th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:49.02, a 7:52.23 m/m pace.  74 degrees sunny, sunny, breezy.  Nice day for a run, unlike yesterday, there were no outside distractions.  Took my time today, in large part because my hamstrings were sore as hell again today, as were my calves.  This was a day to just put in a few laps and relax a bit.  I did find I was going a little too slow for my liking, so I picked up the pace a lil bit on the last lap.  Had fun out there, and that’s the point isn’t it?                         

Mon., Aug 16th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:02.66, a 7:46.13 m/m pace.  82 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Hamstrings are feeling better today, as are the calves, thought they are still a bit tight, right ankle is not 100%, but I was feeling strong out there, so i ignored it.   I pushed some out there today as a consequence, not race pace, not on tight calves and a sore ankle, but a pretty fast run for me.  I think I could have gone longer today, but decided against, don’t want to overdo it.                       

Tues., Aug 17th: Ran 8.08 miles in 1:04.38, a 7:59.95 m/m pace.  (I’m calling it 8 flat)  88 degrees, partly cloudy, humid.  The park was filled with noise, with celebration, with the noise of happy laughing children…. so I avoided it so I could avoid having to run around 5,000 seven year olds.  Ran the hills today instead.  Pushed really hard on the very end of the run, but that’s about the only place I did.  Right hamstring was sore, as was my left knee, and I tweaked my right ankle just past mile 1.  It isn’t hurt…really, but it’s clearly not 100%.  I’ll run tomorrow but I may take the days I’m in Brockton with my wife off, run wise. Might not, we’ll see.                     

Wed., Aug 18th:  Ran 9.5 miles in 1:14:53, a 7:52. 94 m/m pace.  80 degrees, cloudy, humid.  This was a tale of 2 runs.  The first 4 of the 5 laps I ran, I took my time.  Ran the 4 laps in a combined 1:00:38, a 7:58 pace.  I saw that, and after 4 laps of saying to myself that my time doesn’t matter, it suddenly did.  Ran that last lap at a 7:30 pace.  I like the fact that I can add that kind of speed, get almost 30 seconds per faster after going for over seven and a half miles.  Nice.                   

Fri., Aug 20th:  Ran 4.74 miles in 35:02.34, a 7:23.53 pace.  82 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Short, quick run away from home.  I’m in Brockton Massachusetts, spending a few days with my in-laws with my wife, and mapped out a short run.  I slept in, and my ankle hamstrings felt the best they’ve felt in months, and both contributed to a very fast run.  Maybe the same tomorrow, maybe I’ll run the 2.37 mile out and back twice, we’ll see.  Good run.                 

Sat., Aug 21st: Ran 5.64 miles in 43:04.66, a 7:38.27 pace.  74 degrees, sunny, nice. I was slower out of the gate today, right hamstring was just a little sore, I didn’t decide on slowing down though, my body did.  It was never a conscious thought, just went a little slower today.  Nice day for a run, 70′s and low humidity really is nice running weather. Had fun out there.   Travelling tomorrow, no run til Monday.                

Mon., Aug 23rd: Ran 7.6 miles in 57:44.71, a 7:35.88 m/m pace.  69 degrees, windy, occasional rain/drizzle.  I felt fast today, and pushed as hard as possible for as much of this run as possible.  There were times I was on autopilot, not thinking about the run at all.  There were other times when I opened up as fast as possible.  No pain made this fairly easy, as aside from slight persistent soreness in my ankle, I felt really good today.  It had me thinking go as far as I can tomorrow, if I can do 10 laps(19 miles), go 10 laps.  We’ll see how I’m doing tomorrow before I go full on crazy like that though.              

Tues., Aug 24th:  Ran 15.2 miles in 2:04:52, an 8:12.89 m/m pace.  68 degrees, windy, occasional rain/drizzle. Longest run of the year so far, and second longest ever for me.   I did want to go faster than I did today, and though I was slow most of the run, I did actually run my fastest pace of any lap on my last lap, an 8:02.10 m/m pace.  Nice.  Hard effort out there, just going this distance was difficult, but pushing at the end, having the extra energy to have some speed for a final push after all that distance at the end, really felt great.  Good run.             

Wed., Aug 25th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 57:16.28, a 7:32.14 m/m pace.  66 degrees, cloudy, breezy, occasional drizzle.  Some surprising speed after yesterday’s long run, honestly didn’t think I had it in me.  I wasn’t sure yesterday I was going to run, and wasn’t sure today I was going to even go 4 laps in the park.  It really felt good to be able to put in this kind of effort after the killer run I ran yesterday. Right ankle feels better, and the hamstrings seem OK.  Nice.           

Thur., Aug 26th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 41:44.30, a 7:19.35 m/m pace.  80 degrees, sunny, warm.  Fast, surprisingly fast.  I haven’t been this fast out on the paths in a few years, methinks.  I know it’s the fastest I’ve run I’ve done all year that isn’t a race.  I was chugging along fairly quick, early, and I thought I was moving along too quick, so I slowed down, or so I thought. I actually sped up.  1st lap in 14:16 (7:30 pace), second lap done in 28:04, making the second lap a 13:48(7:15.78).  Last lap I just tried to keep myself moving as fast as possible, and ran a 13:40(7:11.57) Good run.           

Fri., Aug 27th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:02.25, a 7:46.08 m/m pace.  74 degrees, sunny, nice.  Took the foot off of the gas on this one, just wanted to go without busting it, after zooming the last two days.  There were a lot of people out on the paths today, not surprising, it being a sunny august Friday afternoon.  Had to dodge a bunch of little kids on bikes with training wheels.  No big deal, they had fun learning to ride their bikes, I had fun running, all is well out on the paths.   Toes are sore.         

Sat., Aug 28th:  Ran 6.06 miles in 45:47.86, a 7:33.44 m/m pace.  70 degrees, sunny, breezy.  This was faster than expected, and easier than I thought It would be.  3 up and downs on the Royal Oak/ Rice/ Slosson/ Martling hill run.  It was effortless today, I don’t know that I’ve ever run an easier feeling run than today’s run.  No knee pain, no ankle soreness, toes seem better, not 100% but better than yesterday.  Good run.       

Sun., Aug 29th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 43:03.95, a 7:33.32 m/m pace.  90 degrees, sunny.  I opened up my stride from moment one and tried to keep myself moving fast for as long as I could.  Not 100% mind you, but a difficult pace to keep up for the distance.  Today’s run was more difficult than yesterday’s run, mainly due to temperature difference.  Right ankle is close to 100%, but it’s still a bit sore, Right hamstring was a little sore, but nothing I couldn’t manage.      

Mon., Aug 30th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:33.52, a 7:50.20 m/m pace.  91 degrees, sunny.  I took it easy early, and never really opened it up out there.  I did push as hard as I was able for the parts of the last lap, but between a sore right ankle and right hamstring and hot weather, I was just not as fast as I have been the last 2 runs.  Calves are like rocks, sore all over, think I need to soak in some ice cold water later, that usually does the trick.     

Tues., Aug 31st:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:18.49, a 7:48.22 m/m pace.  96 degrees, sunny.  I was gonna go 9.5 miles today, but the weather and soreness shortened things up a bit.  Hotter than I was expecting it to be out there, started out thinking I could make it easy, before the end of lap one I was telling myself to “just go as long as you can, if you can only go 3.8 (2 laps) that’s fine”.  Managed four laps in this, and I was faster than yesterday to boot.  Nice!   

  This month:   179.02 miles.  Longest run: 15.2 miles (August 24th), shortest run 4.74 miles (August 20th) 24 runs in 31 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 7.459 miles

   Year to date:  960.72 miles  Longest so far 15.2 miles (August 24th), Shortest 2.6 miles (March 12th). 153 runs in 243 days so far this year.  Average run distance:  6.279 miles 

   I ran a great many miles this month, 179 has to be up there with the most miles I put up for any month since I began running 8 years ago.  I seriously busted my ass on the longest run so far this year, and one of the longest runs I’ve ever done at 15.2 miles, during the late August cool down.  I pushed hard during 7 of the 24 days this month when it was 90 degrees or over.  I pushed for distance this month, proved by the fact that I only once ran less than 5 miles, and ran more than 7 miles 14 times.  This was a spectacular running month.


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