BMI Plus Stimulus Equals Paranoia From The Right… Again

No government is perfect. One of the chief virtues of a democracy, however, is that its defects are always visible and under democratic processes can be pointed out and corrected.

Harry S. Truman


Saw something today while running through some articles on Hubpages today that frankly had me giggling just a hair.  It is a meme that is currently running beginning a run through the right wing of this country, and I thought I would get a jump on it by telling you about it.  It really is serious, if seen from the standpoint of someone dumb enough to actually believe it, but once you know the truth, it is worth a giggle at exactly how gullible those on the right are, especially where anti-government hysteria kicks in.

This one has to do with the Stimulus and your BMI.  And no, BMI is not some stupid new Government bureaucracy acronym, I am actually talking about good old BMI, Body Mass Index, a way to measure how overweight or not you are. And the Stimulus.


There are people out there who seem to think they see in this bill, along with new criteria set out by Hippa, that your and my and everyone else’s BMI, among other things, will be on public display. 

It really is a case of these people simply not reading the entire document, and making assumptions based on incomplete data that points in a direction they want to go in, at least insofar as they want to think bad things about government.  What they failed to see in the original stimulus bill, and it is as clear as day to those who have eyes and actually paid attention to what they read, that it clearly states that the bill does not alter in any way previously existing security and privacy rules already in place.

Meaning, if they couldn’t touch or go through your public records before, and make them public, and they could not, they won’t be able to now.

Silly people, if it sounds too dumb to be true, it usually is, and BMI AS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE sounds too dumb to be true.

But, by all means right wing America, keep showing me and the rest of the world your paranoia. We find it entertaining.  And if you’re that worried about your BMI, get off of your fat ass and run a few miles, ya lazy bums.



Viddy of the day:  Cenk Uyger, making me want to go beat the crap out of some rich man. Exxon, Chevron, GE, B of A.  These guys get away with murder, pay nothing in taxes.  It’s nuts.  We need Tax revenue, and we let these bums go without paying.  Bastards.


Those who want the Government to regulate matters of the mind and spirit are like men who are so afraid of being murdered that they commit suicide to avoid assassination.

Harry Truman


Thursday’s links w/commentary:

America and Taxes A happy little ditty.  I wrote it myself.  I think it’s a nice piece with a number of facts about taxation, with a brief editorial on the end. Go over and read it, If you’ve gotten this far, you like something about my writing, and it’s more of the same happiness there.

Table 2 — Preliminary annual UCR  For those who don’t know, the UCR, or Uniform crime report is an annual report put out by the FBI that collates all data as reported by law enforcement agencies around the United States.  And contrary to the reports put out by Jon Kyl and the right, crime is down in general in the southwest, and in particular in Arizona.  One presumes in part because of some fine police work, and good hard working law abiding citizenry down there, and has nothing to do with Kyl and his criminally conservative friends in Washington.

Romer to step down as chairwoman of the Presidents council of economic advisers  There has been infighting between her and Larry Summers, says this report.  The report also says she insists she is leaving for personal reasons, and will be returning to her teaching job at Berkeley.  Peter Orszag stepped down as head of the Office of Management and Budget last week, another key economic post.  She couldn’t handle Larry, huh? No surprise, stories abound about how much of an asshole he is.   Hell, I’ll take the job.  I can Kick Larry’s fat ass and keep his bullshit in check.  🙂 And if I don’t get the job, expect Austan Goolsbee to get it.  Call it a hunch that skull and bones boy will get the gig.

Kagan win warns of battles yet to come  What? Polarization? In the Senate? NEVER!!!!  C’mon, anyone with three brain cells in their heads knew this was going to happen, that she would get in but it would be close.  Just because she’s friendly with Lindsey Graham doesn’t mean John Thune and Tom Coburn and David Vitter and that idiot McConnell are as well. 


That’s it from here America, go grab a good nights sleep, tomorrow’s a big day.


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