Conrad’s Candor

He was free, free in every way, free to behave like a fool or a machine, free to accept, free to refuse, free to equivocate; to marry, to give up the game, to drag this death weight about with him for years to come. He could do what he liked, no one had the right to advise him, there would be for him no Good or Evil unless he thought them into being.

Jean-Paul Sartre, L’âge de raison


Viddy of the day:  This is a radio interview apparently, with Senator Kent Conrad and Mike Stark.  The senator makes quite the  deft argument for the middle class tax cuts and unemployment given the current economic situation.  He even talks here of keeping the Bush tax cuts for 2 more years, then getting rid of them.  I prefer letting them expire myself, not being the economic conservative that Sen. Conrad is.  I also read here that there was some kind of interview that Sen. Conrad did that skewed his views out of all proportion.  Good to see him de-breitbart himself, and get the truth out.


I just finished reading an article, an interview of Sen. Kent Conrad and Ezra Klein of the Washington post.  T’was a most interesting article. Sen. Conrad really does have his head screwed on straight as far as economics is concerned, and about other stuff as well. The bit that caught my eye was at the end of the interview, where he was candid and frank in his assessment of certain members of the senate.  The claim is a simple one, the anti-deficit stand taken by some (not all, some) Republican members of the senate is not genuine, that they act the way they do because they want the President to fail.  Now, wanting the President to fail means wanting America to fail, and for what?

Political power.  And Sen. Conrad states it that clearly.

That is an impressive statement, it really is.  He isn’t trying to start a fight, he isn’t making political hay, it seems, the statement is a from the heart genuine assessment of the politics as it happens in the senate.

Nothing earth shattering as far as revelations go, but in an age of lies and sound bites, the level, honest truth sounds refreshing.  Put that together with his sensible statements about the economy, and what you get is an almost ideal Democrat, even if he leans a bit too far right for my liking on some issues.  Polished on policy points, mindful of the world around, smart enough to navigate it in a clear concise manner, strong enough to state precisely what needs to be said, without rancor .

Now it would be difficult to not be aware of that political power hunger on the part of some of the Republicans, putting power ahead of the good of the people.  He is after all around these people most days, works with them, knows them, their families as well one would guess, so a statement of this magnitude really deserves to be taken at face value.

And a good look at position changes, and outright lies told by those on the right in the senate over the last few years would probably give a good indication of which members of the Senate he is talking about.  And if he won’t out them, I will offer up a list.  I could be wrong, but I have seen these gentlemen in action for a long time, and they each have changed with the Election of a Democratic President.

DeMint, McCain, McConnell, Inhofe, Cornyn, Sessions, Kyl, Shelby. 

There is a reason each name is up there, and it is kindness to leave out the precise reasons, and also kind to leave some names off, to be honest.


We are as much as we see. Faith is sight and knowledge. The hands only serve the eyes.

Henry David Thoreau, Journals


Wednesday’s links:

Sen. Kent Conrad: ‘The immediate threat is not the debt, it’s weak aggregate demand’

Geithner blasts Bush policies for debt

Treasuries drop; Service sector data gives hope about economy

Hey! Did you see that?


A short aside before I call it a night.  I am pleased so far with my job hunt, I’ve sent out feelers everywhere.  Sometimes it seems as though I’ve been on it forever, and that I will never make any progress,  but deep down, I know I will.  I have, for all the resumes I have sent in and all the phone calls I have made since the June 22nd layoff, gotten only one phone call returned.  From NYPIRG.  I don’t know what they might want me to do (I missed the phone call, and called them back and left a message, ain’t phone tag fun!), but whatever it is I can do it, but I keep thinking about money.  What if they only pay minimum wage? I have heard as much that some jobs there do.  Is it wrong to turn down work when working means making less than not working, especially since I am already in debt?

I don’t think I would do myself or my wife justice to take a job that pays less than unemployment, a job that in fact costs me money while taking resources I cannot afford to spend out of pocket. If I make $300+ a week staying home, and not have enough to pay all the bills, or close enough to that, should I further bankrupt myself and take less $100 less per week, and put myself and my wife further in debt?

Any work is good work, but not all work is equal to the circumstances workers find themselves in.

Dammit I just need a good job.  I’ll find one… just thinking out loud.


G’night America.


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