Old As Babylon And Evil As Hell

In war, truth is the first casualty.



Viddy of the day: from thinkprogress/cnn.


Shirley Sherrod got screwed.   Seriously screwed.  The Obama administration, listening to the vast right wing media conspiracy machine, bit, and bit hard, on the blurb, the snippet of sound from a 40+ minute speech.  Rather than have a think about it, rather than judge by the source of the snippet, Andrew Breitbart, Tom Vilsack, the head of the agriculture department gave the order to force her registration.

They should have known better, they really should have.  The source of white paranoia, who have gone after black officials in the administration, and spread lies and dramatized their line of bullshit to spread fear of a black planet into white people who read and watch the scree from the right.

The right wing propaganda machine works from a very Anti-American agenda, that treats African Americans, and anyone that doesn’t think like them, like an enemy of the people inside our borders.  The way they do it is to create news stories, and report them as if they are actual news.  Think of James O’Keeffe and his made up Acorn/hooker scandal.  Think Van Jones, and the reports put out that he was a felon, when he has never seen the inside of a jail.

Think of the bait and switch pulled by the right on the most recent mess with Shirley Sharrod.  First the story comes out, on fox only, because Breitbart has access to fox that he doesn’t have anywhere else, he’s got friends there.

Then they hype it til the cows come home. Play it up as racism in the Obama administration.  Scream bloody murder, without showing the full content of the video.  They would rather control the story for it’s political impact than tell the truth.

This gets attention everywhere.  In this interconnected world, no one wants to be left out of the loop, so everyone reports the story verbatim, having no other source.  They check what facts they can, but come at the story with the bias attached to it just as it came from the right wing media machine.  Now everyone is yelling about this being discrimination.

No one, except the people who heard that speech, and a few people on the right, know the full truth.

More, after a quote and a few links.


Our ‘neoconservatives’ are neither new nor conservative, but old as Babylon and evil as Hell.

Edward Abbey


Wednesday’s links:

Andrew Breitbart: I released Sherrod tape to discredit the NAACP

USDA reconsiders firing of Ga. official over speech on race

Sherrod case shows power of conservative media

The “Are you an asshole” test and don’t lie, you know you’re an asshole, just admit it  🙂


We know the trajectory these things take, I hear you say.  We know how the right wing media works, why explain it to us when we see it all the time?

The answer to that is simple.  Look at what they have made us.  Look at what we have become used to, what we subject ourselves to, day in day out.  We are getting used to being lied to by the right.  We are getting used to these wild and always erroneous reports about how bad people on the left are.  The lies about acorn.  The lies about Van Jones.  The lies they perpetrated against this woman.  The best part of that for them of course being, that now that they exposed it, and have been caught, they play like they were innocent. And the lemmings believe it.  Go fig.

They started this fire.  Poured gas on it.  Laughed as the fire lit the night, with Shirley Sharrod  burned upon the stake, hoping it would damage and injure the left, the president, anyone who disagrees with them.

But they got caught.  Won’t matter, they’ll do it again.  They don’t care about us ordinary Americans.

This story is not over, not by a  long shot.  This woman will, one hopes, get her job back.  Apologies are coming in hard and fast.  Ag. chief Vilsack has apologized.  The President has put out an apology.

Has Breitbart apologized yet?  Has Doocey from Fox?  Dana Perino?  None that I have heard.  Ailes? Murdoch?  Nope.  And that tells you more about how these people feel about America than anything else they could say.  They care more about creating noise for their own personal enrichment than the people they report on, or report to.

They don’t care about America.

They don’t care about you.

They never have.

They never will.


Catch ya later, America!


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