When I was praised I lost my time, for instantly I turned around to look at the work I had thought slightly of, and that day I made nothing new.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Slightly annoyed that the senate can’t pass this unemployment bill. Because if I don’t get some kind of job quick, and that has shown no signs of happening, then I may well need to either start selling off my stuff quick, just so I can pay the bills and whatnot, or it’s time to start thinking about packing.

Slightly pleased that there is at least talk of when the bill will pass. That will happen after West Virginia Governor Mankin picks Robert Byrd’s successor for that senate seat. Then the dems will have enough votes to pass this flippin thing.

Slightly irked at my legs. Yes, ’tis an odd thing to be irked at, but irked I be. The right one is sore at the top of my hamstring, and the left one is sore near the top of the outside of my ankle. Both are muscular injuries, one in the hamstring, the other in the calf. I’m a runner, and the biggest problem with being a runner is when your legs are sore but not sore enough to actually keep you from running.

Slightly irked at myself for admitting I am irked at my legs for reacting naturally to being overstressed.


Thursday’s slightly amazing links:

Blocking unemployment benefits hurts job seekers

RBS tells clients to prepare for ‘monster’ money printing by the Federal Reserve

Much work remains on economy, say Obama, Bernanke

NRA opposes Kagan

I want this book collection


Slightly overjoyed, if that is even possible, at the fact that I have begun writing on an old blog that I forgot I had, and re-discovered a few days ago. I’ve written there twice since I found it. And like I said in the “Random thoughts” section of this website, I won’t post links from there to here until I am satisfied that what I am writing there isn’t absolute crap.

Slightly peeved at missing “The Ed Show” today. It doesn’t repeat until 2 am, and I am generally in bed by then. Maybe I should DVR the thing. Hell, my wife DVR’s “Morning Joe” Despite the fact that 99 times out of 100, Joe Scarborough is a complete douche bag, why can’t I DVR Ed, who is 100% free of douchebaggery?


Viddy of the day: ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS


The most dangerous truths are truths slightly distorted.

G.C. Lichtenberg


Slightly pleased that the New York Rangers signed a capable backup for Henrik Lundqvist in Martin Biron, and picked up a decent enforcer to protect those two fine net-minders in Patrick Boogaard. Boogaard is a big guy and is about a million times more talented than that dip shit Brashear, who they thankfully won’t have to deal with on the roster this year. And Boogaard has had Marian Gaborik’s back before, when the two were in Minnesota together, so Gaborik knows he can crash the net now, when he couldn’t last year, because someone will be there to protect him.

Slightly happier than I thought I would be with the performance of the stock market today. It only fell 41 points, when all signs early on pointed to a major sell-off, and the market was down early over 150 points, but recovered most of that as the day wore on. Nice.

Slightly bemused that anyone actually thinks that the NRA opposing a potential liberal Supreme court justice’s nomination to the bench is actually newsworthy.  Talk to me when they start bad mouthing conservatives, not before.

Slightly hungry right now.  I think it’s about time for some dinner.  I think I’m gonna be making Hamburger Helper tonight. 

More than slightly happy that today is CANADA DAY!  Hockey, beer, and Rush are to celebrated planet-wide tonight!  OK, you can keep the beer, I’ll do the whole Hockey and Rush thing.  And yes, I know Canada is a great deal more than that, but dammit, I love Hockey, and Rush, and Canada!

This bit is more than slightly finished.


Work update: I didn’t call any of the 814 numbers today, dammit.  I did send out 3 resumes again today, making a grand total of ….9 for the week? along with 5 phone calls? Something like that.

Music update: I have not played a single note yet.  I’ll get to it.  No worries.


G’night America


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