No, his mind is not for rent
To any god or government.
Always hopeful, yet discontent,
He knows changes aren’t permanent,
But change is.

Rush, Tom Sawyer


Wednesday’s links:

White house says it could contain 90% of spilling oil

BP aims to stop 90% of oil spill flow with cap

Update: Fannie, Freddie delisting signals firms have no value

Gene therapy shows promise for blocking HIV, controlling AIDS

Irish literature, mythology, folklore, and drama


Today’s viddy of the day:  BP LOVES MIDGETS! It’s true!  It’s true, and they apparently live on the gulf coast!  Who knew?   Now if we could only get them to give a shit about people who are more than 36 inches in height…

Now I shouldn’t be really mean.  After all, the man could be 7’4″.  EVERYONE is small to someone that tall…


Each of us
A cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete.
Genetic blends
With uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that’s far too fleet.

Rush, Freewill


Minor legislative problems today in the senate.  A bill that would have brought back lapsed unemployment benefits, assisted states that are short of cash, and renew some tax breaks got caught up in a procedural vote, and could not even muster enough votes to garner a simple majority.  Ooof and other such statements.

Apparently this bill also would have cut by some percentage a tax on investment managers.  Damn!  Ya know things are a mess on the hill when a vote to give people free money, tax the rich, and help out states that need help can’t muster enough votes to pass with 51 votes.

I would say I don’t get it, but I do. That kind of stuff costs money, and spending hurts sometimes.  Sometimes you do have to cut back some.  Now I don’t know that unemployment is the right place to cut when there are still millions out of work who are looking for work (me included), but there is a need to do a little costs trimming.

But not even a simple majority? C’mon fellas.  Pretend you give a shit about the people, even if it’s only a little, k?

Anyone care a bout the little people out there besides BP? 


All we need is a little sunlight.  Just a little bit to survive.  Just the hope that tomorrow can be a little better, that things’ll be OK.  All we want is to work in peace. Live in peace.  Be at peace.  It’s a simple thing to want, but difficult in the attainment.


BP stock dropping has been dropping like a stone. Fannie and Freddie forced to de-list from the NYSE.  The European debt crisis is still in full swing.  It’s really something of a surprise to me that the market in the face of the amount of issues that it has, and has had in recent months has shown the resiliency to even simply stay where it is, above 10,000.  Yes it dropped below that, but it is back and seems strong.

That said the Asian markets are down for the first time in six days, and the DJIA and S&P futures are both down right now, and treasuries are up.  The pessimist in me sees dark clouds ahead, things are too fucked up to be too happy about the long term future of anything market related,but that’s just me, and I’m no economist.


G’night America.


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