The Meek Shall Not Inherit The Earth

There are some men whom a staggering emotional shock, so far from making them mental invalids for life, seems, on the other hand, to awaken, to galvanize, to arouse into an almost incredible activity of soul.

William McFee


Viddies of the day, parts I and II of today’s Presidential Oval office speech on the oil spill in the gulf, from the youtube channel “Politicsnewsnews:


Tuesday’s top links:

Wonkbook: Obama to push carbon price; Waxman to investigate BP; NRA gets a special deal

Obama picks new watchdog to regulate oil industry

House approves small-business tax incentives

Kyrgyzstan needs international help

Neave Planetarium


My temp assignment, which I have been working at diligently, and well since March 15th is coming to an end on June 22nd.  I have no backup job, but I am going to talk to one of the people(a man who should be able to give me a quick answer) who I work with to see if he can talk to someone about getting me at least some kind of gig working somewhere in local 814 doing mover work for the teamsters.  Even if it just getting me on a list of people so I can be on call, is better than nothing.  I am also going to go and touch up my resume to add this temp assignment to it.  Should have done that already to be honest.  Wife is kinda unhappy that I don’t have it done yet. I’ll get it done soon Hun.


I have sent my resume, sans the current temp assignment, to a place called Larsen brown, an agency that does temp to hire, straight hire, and temp assignment work. Waiting for a response, should be coming in shortly.

I am also going to re-up my unemployment insurance starting on Wednesday, so I can hit the ground running, and not have a gap at any point in money coming in. 

If anyone out there has any work tips, or work, on or off the books, I am all ears.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Myths and legends die hard in America. We love them for the extra dimension they provide, the illusion of near-infinite possibility to erase the narrow confines of most men’s reality. Weird heroes and mould-breaking champions exist as living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of ‘the rat race’ is not yet final.

Hunter S. Thompson


Listening to right now. I’ve got my feet up, and my ears are paying attention to two separate things simultaneously.  In one ear I am listening to C.P. Bach, and with the other the President talking about BP, a repeat airing of his Oval office speech on MSNBC. 

I think, as much as I like what the president had to say, I will still keep one ear on Bach.  The President got it right, clean up the MMS, clean things up there and transition away from fossil fuels.  Works for me.   I like this guy, our President.  Many don’t, but I have my tastes, politically, economically and otherwise.  I am a liberal and I feel much the same as the President here. 

I like the fact that he’s meeting with BP’s CEO tomorrow.  The President’ll get whatever can be done here done, or as much as any Person who holds that office can.  People call this his Katrina.  Wrong. Bush fiddled while New Orleans sank.  President Obama has been hands on here since moment one, doing everything but going down in a bathysphere and fixing the damn thing himself.  People call this his Iran hostage crisis.  Wrong.  Carter took one weak attempt at getting the hostages back, as I remember it.  This president has kept his finger on the pulse of this situation, and been down to the gulf states numerous times, and been hands on about this from the get-go.




One thought on “The Meek Shall Not Inherit The Earth

  1. So sorry to hear about the job, Mike: I know you enjoyed it. Hang in there!

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