There Are People Who Read This? Seriously?

We obtain our concept of the unconscious, therefore, from the theory of repression … We see, however that we have two kinds of unconscious — that which is latent but capable of becoming conscious, and that which is repressed and not capable of becoming conscious in the ordinary way.

Sigmund Freud, The Ego and the Id


The reason for the name of the blog is below… keep reading.  And drop a comment and say hello!


Monday’s top five links:

Obama seeking ‘ Ass to Kick’ over spill

Factbox: Developments in the gulf of Mexico oil spill

GOP feud bodes well for Reid

Why Sen. Harry Reid is pulling for a conservative republican

Bhopal tragedy accused sentenced to 2 years in prison


Viddy of the day:  There is great injustice here.  For those who want to see what happens when accountability falls through the cracks, look no further than Union Carbide, and the Bhopal tragedy.  Thousands dead, and 26 years later, 8 people do a year or two in prison, while the man who ran the company that killed all those people walks free.  One presumes a similar type of verdict from US courts when the BP finally gets its sorry ass dragged to court in a decade or two.


And to continue the point I started with the viddy above, It is absolutely absurd that this much harm can be done, again and again, by mega-corporations, from Union Carbide, to Exxon, to BP, to AIG and all the rest, and no one is truly held accountable. 

There is now in America the concept of corporate person-hood, made evident in the supreme court case Citizens United vs. FEC.  Now if corporations can give money as if they are citizens, and (presumably)pay taxes (with loopholes a plenty, but that is a subject for another time) like they are citizens, then does it not stand to reason that they be held accountable for their public actions, just like citizens?

Oh, somehow I highly doubt it.  It would be nice, but nice and realistic here are two lines that will simply never intersect.  Look at Bhopal.  A minimum of 3,800 dead, with some estimates reaching 15,000+.  What is the sentence of the court for those who were finally judged guilty?  2 years in prison and a fine of $2,124 each. 

By comparison, a woman in Lansing Michigan got the same amount of prison time today as these people for….making false claims for emergency aid for hurricane Katrina.  Ya, the woman was an asshole, and deserves some prison time.  But to put people who are guilty of essentially gassing the countryside to get only two years… and to immediately make bond, post sentencing, seems ridiculous.

Justice does not exist, except when we make it.  But we rarely do.  Crying damn shame.  Those people deserve better, everyone does.


It is impossible to escape the impression that people commonly use false standards of measurement — that they seek power, success and wealth for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what is of true value in life.

Sigmund Freud, Civilization and its discontents


I like the fact that I can go to flag-counter and find out how many people from how many places visit my happy intarwebs home.  I like the fact that I can go to quantcast and do much the same.  And it really does surprise me that I get as many visitors as I do, and it also surprises me where they come from.

I get a fair number of hits from a fair number of learning institutions, which frankly just shocks the hell out of me.  Am I the example used by some teacher or professor on “How not to write”?  Am I just some stupid happy distraction for someone at some boring class somewhere, where my light brand of crap entertainment provides a few short moments of respite from unenjoyable lessons?

I hope not!

There are some funny things quantcast throws at me like….  My average reader is, and I shit you not, dear reader, an affluent yet uneducated Hispanic teen of indeterminate sex. 

Seriously… kinda.  Many Hispanics read this apparently, with slightly smaller Asian and African American communities.  The bulk of my readers are ostensibly teens, by a wide margin, with a fair amount of 35-49 year olds mixed in.  People with no college degree are the largest segment of my readers, education wise, despite what I said before about a fair number of hits from learning institutions.  Odd yet true.  The breakdown regarding sex is very even, about the only place that is true.

About.  The affluent reader thing is a little silly.  The numbers only slightly bear that out.  The group that reads me most, as far as money made per year, is the $60 -$100,000 per year group, but only by a very small margin.  The poor(those people most like me)  read me almost as much as the $60 – 100k per year group.

Go fig. 

My flag reader is fun, too. I get an average of about 6 new readers a day from India, 7 from Germany, and about 5 per day from France!  Of course I get an average of around 250 per day from the here in the good ole U.S. of A.  I’ve had people from 150 countries around the globe visit!  A hale and hearty welcome to my latest new visitor from Ethiopia, and hello from my weekly single visitor from China!

Happy to have everybody here.  Stick around, enjoy my crappy excuse for writing, drop me a comment, and, by all means, tell your friends about me!  I want all the readers I can get!

G’night everyone!


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