We are most likely to get angry and excited in our opposition to some idea when we ourselves are not quite certain of our own position, and are inwardly tempted to take the other side.

Thomas Mann


A very short article tonight.  Been busy most of the day, with everything from laundry to dinner to clean up before the landlord comes over

So many brain cells to kill, so little time...

Tuesday.  It is a very busy, yet mundane existence, mine.  But I tell you I don’t really mind.  I’ve had my fill of excitement in my drunken misspent youth.  It was fun then, but lasted too long and became a hassle, so I gave it up.  Haven’t looked back.  I’ve had a few beers on rare occasions since, but nothing to make me want to go back to the old life. 

I like being sharp… well… sharper at any rate.  I love the fact that I can have an intelligent conversation now.  I really wasn’t able to back then, not being in full control of all my faculties.  Any of them on some days.  Any day you end up passed out drunk somewhere, you don’t have anything even remotely resembling faculties worth a damn. 

Nope. Don’t miss’em.  Not even a little.  Surprisingly though, I do get the hankering for the occasional beer.  Dunno why, because I know where it leads.  One beer isn’t bad, can’t be, it’s only one. The problem I used to have was it was never one, it was always the first, usually of a great many, or at least too damn many for me.  One isn’t the problem.  17 with a few shots is the problem, which is why I cut it off at zero.  Can’t go to hell if you aren’t on the road to hell, now can ya?

Still, when the wife says she wants to go to Aruba and have a balashi, the local brew, it does get me to thinking it would be nice, just once, to be able to have a few and not feel that pull, that feeling that would take me from having a few, to having enough to make me blackout. But that is what happened back when I was drinking.  A lot. 

Those days are gone, and I’m glad to have seen the back of them, to use the English expression.


BP says things are getting better.  I’m not buying it.  Are you? Coast Guard says the leak won’t be plugged until fall.  That sounds more realistic, doesn’t it.  Don’t feed me rainbows and happiness when all the world has turned into a giant shit.


Futures on the DJIA are down 114 points as of 10:10 pm.  S&P futures are down 13.3 points.  Guess I get to play the game I played in 2008, the HOW LOW CAN YOU GO game!  That game ended with me losing my job the day the DJIA bottomed out in 2009.  The two events are meshed in my mind together now, and won’t come undone.  I can’t get into playing it quite like I used to, for what should be obvious reasons.


People who buy apple stuff suck.  IPAD looks like a waste of time.  IPOD has a few happy features, but isn’t anything to write home about.  I’ve seen macs.  Won’t touch’em, just because I don’t want to be part of some fucking movement where I have to own all the latest shit made by some rich idiot who is trying to get richer by making shiny crap that looks pretty and costs way too much.

The hell with Steve Jobs and Apple.  Steve Jobs Sucks.  Apple sucks.  I have very few dollars and intend to keep as many of them as possible.


This fantastic state of mind, of a humanity that has outrun its ideas, is matched by a political scene in the grotesque style, with Salvation Army methods, hallelujahs and bell-ringing and dervishlike repetition of monotonous catchwords, until everybody foams at the mouth. Fanaticism turns into a means of salvation, enthusiasm into epileptic ecstasy, politics becomes an opiate for the masses, a proletarian eschatology; and reason veils her face.

Thomas Mann


Viddy of the day to end things tonight.  A viddy from CBS about the BP disaster.

G’night America.


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