Thoughts On A Hot May Night

As I sit here roasting, with the fans slight breeze on my back, the whirr of the motor propelling the blade at just the right speed to make a barely perceptible dent in the sweltering heat of the night, my thoughts look for something important to connect to, someway to make sense of the day, of the world, of everything around me. 

I think about the woman who was robbed, or punched, or whatever, on the train this morning, that brought thousands of peoples commute to a screeching halt.  I wonder why those commutes had to be halted.  I wonder why the cops couldn’t just go in there and just yank the bum out and help the woman, and just let the trains go through.   Doesn’t make sense.  Protocol or some such idiocy at work one presumes.  Why you need ten cops to take one report and arrest one person is beyond me. 

The first cop actually bellowed at some old woman in front of a subway door, one car away from the fracas, like she was impeding something, when it was the cops, and the faceless unruly bastard who brought the entire thing about with his stupidity.  The woman didn’t deserve what happened to her.  The thousands of commuters whose commutes were made a mess didn’t deserve it. That old lady didn’t deserve to get yelled at, that’s for sure.

Makes me wonder why we go through this crap at all.  I would say the commute is soul crushing, if I had a soul. 

The sweat is nearly beading on my brow.  I feel clammy, like I may break out into a full blown sweat any minute,  just not this one.  My eyes are growing weary. My brain finds it difficult to find the right word in a few spots.  Clammy tripped me up for a second or two.  Almost quoted song lyrics in the next sentence.

Thinking about talking about stuff at work today with the regulars, as opposed to the temps.  The conversations are different,vastly different.  The temp talk is about music, sports, the comings and goings of various other temps.  The regulars, they talk of more weighty issues. Health care.  9/11.  That bit had me ready to jump in, but I bit down on the urge.  I am not one of them, I added one sentence to the conversation. It was probably irrelevant.

Thinking about the small workout I did at work during lunch.  A silly thing.  One I should not have done.  Squats, no warm up, no nothing.  Not a lot of weight, but I went too deep into the movement and strained my right hamstring. Stupid, useless, doddering old fool am I.   Makes me wonder why the hell I did it, and why I do the things I do at work to begin with.  Why do I work so hard? No one else does.  It just feels natural to work as fast as I do.  Idiots at the office use that “work smarter, not harder” bullshit line that lazy people use when trying to justify their slow lazy bullshit to people who work harder than they do. 

I listen to the monotonous sound of the fan failing to cool me down as I hear the occasional car pass by the apartment.  Can’t hear their music, for once.  I’m happy about that.

Thinking about the fact that I just don’t talk about politics as much as in past.  It’s not because of me giving up on politics, I care as much now as ever.  There just isn’t the time to dedicate to the subject.  A very busy man am I. But I try.

I have heard the President is going to do a wreath laying ceremony in Elwood Illinois on Memorial day.  Glenn Beck thinks this amounts to a vacation and that he is blowing off Americas veterans.  Bullshit.  Did anyone NOT see the words “wreath laying ceremony” in there?

The BP thing is turning into a political quagmire, but that isn’t a surprise.  As much as is being tried, no matter what else is done, if the leak isn’t stopped , it isn’t enough.  Not from BP, or MobilExxon or Conocophillips, who are helping, or the coast guard or the US Army corp of engineers or anyone else, it isn’t enough.   And the president is paying a price for not moving fast enough.  Because he isn’t superman, because he can’t MAKE the problem go away.

I’m tired.  Time for sleep.  None of the usual links, or viddy, or pics or quotes.  That cuteness can wait. 

Gonna take a shower and go to sleep.

G’night America.


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