Somewhat Absurd

When a war breaks out, people say: “It’s too stupid; it can’t last long.” But though the war may well be “too stupid,” that doesn’t prevent its lasting. Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves.

Albert Camus, The Plague


Monday’s big five links:

The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus

Albert Camus – Biography

Line Item Veto gets hearing Wednesday

BP oil spill: how to save wetlands? Set them on fire, maybe

In Congress, spending measures meet bipartisan resistance


Today’s viddy of the day, about Albert Camus and the myth of Sisyphus.


For those of us who have been thrown into hell, mysterious melodies and the torturing images of a vanished beauty will always bring us, in the midst of crime and folly, the echo of that harmonious insurrection which bears witness, throughout the centuries, to the greatness of humanity.

Albert Camus, The Rebel


A series of short statements about the world as I see it, and random statements.

I am a liberal, and I care about people.  I want to make sure that those who suffer in this world are provided with some way to ease that suffering, and that the lives of those who have nothing are given something.  Does it teach them to be lazy and accept gifts and expect more?  “Bread and circuses” is not a new concept, so the answer must be yes.  But helping people who will do much if given the chance is more important than the greed of those who want the poor to stay poor and the rich to get richer in my view.  Tis better to have some small dead weight and feed the populace than to starve the poor and create a greater hotbed for class warfare in the larger mass of people.  Conservatives seemingly don’t get that, and I don’t know why.

I have almost nothing of my own.  What I have was either a gift from another, or something my wife bought.  I own a computer, glasses, some clothes, food, books,and cats.   The rest is my wife’s stuff or gifts received.  The 4 walls I look at every day are not mine.  Doesn’t bother me overmuch, too many items owned would be a chain around my neck. 

That said, I have several hundred books, and I bought two more today.  One is a book titled “Thinking Points” by George Lakoff, a book on progressive “values and vision”, the other is The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus.  I wanted to treat myself to something nice after being frugal as hell for the past several months, or as frugal as possible in this world.  Still felt bad about spending the $26. 

I should have gone to a used book store.

I don’t hate conservatives, I hate economic conservatives.  The laffer curve is a bad joke, supply side economics is another bad joke. 

Rest is overrated, but dammit I need more of it.  That statement probably comes from the lack of sleep, the constant running around I’ve been doing the last few days, and the 26+ miles I’ve run the last 3 days.  Time to get back to work, so I can relax. 

Moving walls and statuary is rest for me.  Nice.

I don’t watch many things on fox.  Scratch that, I don’t watch anything on fox.  I have in past, but the effort, and the bullshit I heard made it impossible to listen for any length of time.  Maybe I should watch.  They aren’t evil,  and they aren’t stupid, they are just different from me, and if I want to call myself inclusive, maybe I should at least give them a listen, even if it is infuriating to listen to.

I listened to a guy on the radio, bashing Unions and the like. Found myself cursing out the radio after about thirty seconds.  Very republican, very right wing.  Fun to listen to, because he was so wrong. It got me off my ass and angry.  Maybe there is something to listening to the other side of the argument, if only for it’s entertainment value.

No one is trying to take away your guns.  Quit bitching, NRA guy.  You have a gun.  That’s cute.  Go kill Bambi, toss on some venison steaks, get me one, and get a clue, dumbass.

Drinking beer is not the answer, unless the question is “Whats the best way to piss every 15 minutes and fall down a lot?”

The world seems to be less a dangerous place now than ever, or perhaps better stated, I am unafraid of the dangers presented to me.  The wannabe bombers are still out there, the madmen are still mad, the evil is still part of the world.  Idiots abound.  So what?  It can touch me, kill me if it chooses, but I am not moved by it. Screw’em.


Pic and Quote of the day:  At this point of his effort man stands face to face with the irrational. He feels within him his longing for happiness and for reason. The absurd is born of this confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world. This must not be forgotten. This must be clung to because the whole consequence of a life can depend on it. The irrational, the human nostalgia, and the absurd that is born of their encounter — these are the three characters in the drama that must necessarily end with all the logic of which an existence is capable.

Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

G’night America!


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