Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Almost all men are over-anxious. No sooner do they enter the world than they lose that taste for natural and simple pleasures so remarkable in early life. Every hour do they ask themselves what progress they have made in the pursuit of wealth or honor; and on they go as their fathers went before them, till, weary and sick at heart, they look back with a sigh of regret to the golden time of their childhood.

Samuel Rogers


Viddy of the day:  From meet the Press, this bit with Andrea Mitchell, about BP and government culpability in the oil spill


Sunday’s top 5 links:

Facebook continues to be surprised by backlash to changes

US Army Muslims urged to kill comrades

US ready to take over oil response if BP fails

Byfuglien does it again, sending Hawks to finals

Atlantis undocks from space station, heads home; shuttle crew completes week-long stay at ISS


I have been reading a story on bloomberg.com that.. well, lemme tell ya, It made me laugh derisively a bit earlier.

The story is one done about a survey by Barclays Plc, and the survey asked about investor pessimism.  It said that millionaire investors from America are the third most pessimistic in the world, behind only Japan and Monaco.  It further goes on to say that the Spanish are the most optimistic, and that those who who have more than £10,00,000 (it is a British bank, after all) are much more pessimistic than “single digit” millionaires.

I giggled. They worry about money. I have no money and I worry about money all the time.  The thought that had me laughing at them is based around that thought.  I am damn near flat broke, if I lose anything, I have nothing.  There are a great many people in my predicament.  The rich people who are being spoken of here are not talking about losing everything.  Nothing close to it, they are talking about fear of losing money, and not all of it. If they lose money, it won’t be all of it, they have the means to protect that which they have to a much greater extent than those of us who are poor.  And the article focuses by and large on fear, with no talk of actual prospects of monetary loss due to the health or lack thereof, of the global economy. 

Now it is no joke losing huge sums of money, but most of the money they are talking about is where?  The stock market? Commodities? Real estate?  C’mon, the Market is like a huge casino, and we all know what happens in the casinos, you bet, you lose.  We all know that losses simply happen in the market, to be bummed about money in the market makes no sense as long as you can keep your eyes peeled for good investments.  The rich still show up in droves where I work, someone’s got money out there.  And great heaps of it from what I have seen. The other two are much the same as the market. 

What these rich are really complaining about is trying to maintain a lifestyle, and being afraid that they won’t be able to keep that mansion, that mutli-million dollar hi-rise apartment on the east side or that place in the Hamptons. 

What these people blow on one painting (and I have seen them do it with my own eyes)  for their luxurious mansions could pay my rent and all my bills  and my wife’s bills for a year and do away with any lingering credit problems we have, and still have enough left over for a nice trip to Aruba on the side.  For both of us.  For a few months.  All expenses paid.

So I apologize if these peoples pain doesn’t exactly reach me. I’m sure mine doesn’t reach them as they sip their fine wine in their mansions and laugh about the little people and ask “why don’t they just work harder?” When our lives are filled with toil. Toil that breaks our backs and pays us barely enough to survive on. 


You seem to be going in for sincerity today. It isn’t becoming to you, really — except as an obvious pose. Be as artificial as you are, I advise. There’s a sort of sincerity in that, you know. And, after all, you must confess you like that better.

Eugene O’Neill, The Hairy Ape


I am feeling a little bit nervous at this point in my evening.  Rarely if ever do I get jittery about anything much, but this interview has me a little on edge.  It has me asking questions of myself.  Am I ready to go back to working in a copy center? Am I ready to supervise again?  Have I lost a step after being out of that kind of office for over a year?  Am I ready to answer all the questions that will get thrown at me during the interview? 

What is my greatest weakness? My strongest point?  They ask stupid bullshit questions like that, and you need to have answers for their stupid bullshit questions, in order to show you can deal with people who ask you stupid bullshit questions during your workday there, implying they have people like that there, and one presumes a large number of them, enough for it to be part of the first battery of questions when you walk in the door.  🙂

I guess it is better to have the jitters now than during the interview. 

BTW, My strongest point is my ability to deal with difficult situations (and yes I can bust a few of them out, and make some up on the fly if I must) My greatest weakness? I can be a bit impatient and demanding at times, and also Kryptonite.

Because I am super, man.

Gawd, what a craptastic unfunny punny thing.  Oof!  😛


Pic and Quote of the day:  Any consideration of the life and larger social existence of the modern corporate man… begins and also largely ends with the effect of one all-embracing force. That is organization — the highly structured assemblage of men, and now some women, of which he is a part. It is to this, at the expense of family, friends, sex, recreation and sometimes health and effective control of alcoholic intake, that he is expected to devote his energies.

John Kenneth Galbraith


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