Primary Primarily

One thing which is striking in Malthus‘s theory is his insistence on contradictions and conflicts in the capitalist system. The system is shown not to be self-adjusting. Unless a large class of unproductive consumers was maintained, periodic over-production and stagnation would inevitably occur. For the first time, in English economic theory at any rate, the possibility of crises arising from causes inherent in the capitalist system was admitted.

Eric Roll, Baron Roll of Ipsden


There be some Senatorial electoral fun going on tonight.  Specter V. Sestak.  Lincoln V. Halter.  Paul V. Grayson.  Fun fun fun!

At this point Arlen Specter is up on Joe Sestak by 4.2% with about 19 percent of the vote in. Sestak has been closing the gap since the early results started pouring in.  This race has been tight for a while now, and most polls have had this race a dead heat, or damn near one. 

The Arkansas race numbers have only just started to come in, and right now Blanche Lincoln is winning by 7.4 percent with 1% of precincts reporting. 

Rand Paul is the story of the night though.  Ron Paul’s son is full on opening up a can of whoop ass on the hand picked successor Trey Grayson.  With nearly 86% of precincts reporting Rand is kicking Trey’s ass by a whopping 23.7%, an amazing 72,000 votes in a primary where 213,000 Republican votes have been cast.  THAT is a butt kicking. 

The most curious piece of news out there is one that doesn’t immediately jump to the fore.  When you think Kentucky, you tend to think Republican.  It is the heart of Republican country. What I find curious is that the Democrats are coming out in force in Kentucky.   The Democrats have come out in a 2-1 margin when compared to their Republican brethren.  Over 450,000 Democrats coming out, as opposed to around 213,000 republicans.

That ought to please any southern democrats out there, and may be the first real shot across the bow of the Tea Party.  They can crow all they like about how the guy they backed, Rand Paul, Beat out Mitch McConnell hand picked successor to Jim Bunning. It is another thing entirely to point out the simple fact that if Rand ran in the Democratic Primary, he would have finished 3rd.

Pat Toomey, who won the Republican primary in Pennsylvania, could have the same type of argument thrown at him as well, as well as the current frontrunner in Arkansas, John Boozman.

The republicans stayed home.  They stayed home in 2008 in the primaries in comparison to the Dems and got their asses handed to them. 

Just saying.


Tuesday’s top 5 links:

Politico: The 2010 results map.

Paul wins Republican Senate nod in Kentucky

Coast Guard: Despite BP efforts gulf oil spill is getting worse

Wall street reform moves forward – Here’s what’s going on

Twit Live: Netcasts you love, from people you trust


Viddy of the day:  A long question and a short answer at hearings on the Gulf oil spill.  Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse questioning Interior Secretary and former Senator Ken Salazar.  Great question, great answer.


Pic and quote of the day:  An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it.

George Bernard Shaw


One thought on “Primary Primarily

  1. Only a scant few minutes after posting, Joe Sestak has been named the winner of the Democratic Primary for Senate in Pennsylvania.

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