The Last in Line

Two eyes from the east
It’s the angel or the beast
And the answer lies between
The good and bad
We search for the truth
We could die upon the tooth
But the thrill of just the chase
Is worth the pain.

Dio, The Last in Line


Ronnie James Dio is dead.  A moment of silence, for one of metals most loved, best, strongest voices has fallen this day. We all loved ya, Ronnie. Thanks for sharing your life with us all.


I’ve been reading up on the news involving the Oil spill in the gulf.  In particular the governments response to it.  I started looking at what the Army corp of engineers are doing.  They have been working, according to at least one site I checked out, building berms and sea walls out to protect the shores of the gulf coast. 

Then I read another story about how this could well be Obama’s Katrina, which then mentioned the almost immediate response of the Coast guard to the actual explosion, and the government dispatching both the EPA and Homeland security to the site once the leak started.  That article was kind of silly, claiming the President should have been there within hours of the explosion.  Silliness, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how silly.

The efforts to work on and find solutions to this are many and varied.  On top of the EPA, Homeland security, and the Army corps of engineers, there is apparently an industry wide effort that is getting almost no press.  I had no idea until I went looking for news in that area,  that companies as varied as Conocophillips and MobilExxon are working side by side with the Coast guard and the Minerals management service in efforts that involve both drill and well control experts.

So it’s good to see that after all the time, and all the issues and problems that have been dancing across the tv and computer screens, that there has finally been some progress in finally fixing this damnable mess made by BP and trans ocean.  They have a tube that they placed in the broken pipe at the sea floor, and it is apparently having some measure of success in siphoning the oil and gas.  It isn’t a fix to the problem, it is at best a bandaid on a stab wound, but it’s a start.

Now if they can only get rid of the oil already in the water and actually fix the pipe…


Sunday’s top 5 links:

Spill fight shows Progress: BP inserts improvised siphon into shattered seabed oil-pipe; success still unclear

Exxon says it’s helping with Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Metal Icon Ronnie James Dio dead at 67


Turkey announces deal on Iran nuclear dispute: report


My pen knows what to do. I close my eyes and I see this girl who glows. A girl who radiates. When she smiles, she beams. She warms my heart. I open my eyes with a feeling of floating past all the garbage around me. I will emerge unscathed because I will not endeavor to hide myself from whatever is coming. Bring on the worst. I welcome it with open arms.

Henry Rollins


Viddy of the day, part i;  an AP report speaking of giant oil plumes just below the surface, due to the use of “dispersants”.  When it rains it pours, ya know?

Viddy of the day, part ii;  Ronnie James Dio, The Last in Line.


Quote and Pic of the day:

While on a journey, Chuang Tzu found a skull, dry and parched. With sorrow he questioned and lamented the end to all things. When he finished speaking, he dragged the skull over, and using it as a pillow, lay down to sleep. In the night, the skull came to his dreams and said, “You are a fool to rejoice in the entanglements of life.” Chuang Tzu couldn’t believe this and asked “If I could return you to your life, you would want that, wouldn’t you?”
Stunned by Chuang Tzu’s foolishness the skull replied, “How do you know that it is bad to be dead?”


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