Do not think of knocking out another person’s brains because he differs in opinion from you. It would be as rational to knock yourself on the head because you differ from yourself ten years ago.

Horace Mann


I missed writing about the last round of the NHL playoffs, and I’ll be damned if I let that happen twice.   It’s time for this years…


To begin, let me say that I made an unholy mess of the first rounds picks, and would have made an unholy mess of the second round picks, so I’m kinda happy I missed making them. Put it to you like this, 3 of the 4 teams in the con. finals I had losing in the first round

Mind you I don’t have a real problem with that, by and large because the teams they beat, at least in the case of the east, are teams I dislike.  And double bonus points to the Canadiens for knocking off both the Capitals AND the Penguins! Go Canadiens!   Let’s get started with the Eastern Conference.


(7) Philadelphia Flyers V (8) Montreal Canadiens:  Canadiens fans have to be happy with their front office this year, if for no other reason than they made the move to get this years top playoff goal scorer, Michael Cammalleri from the L.A. Kings.  12 goals in 14 games for a team that was not exactly an offensive juggernaut is remarkable, especially seeing how the man scored all of 26 goals in this year with the goals or less during these playoffs.  Outstanding.

The Flyers have also had great goaltending, but they did get a bad break when their starter Brian Boucher got his knee all sorts of twisted in a goalmouth pileup during game five, and Boucher is done for the playoffs.  Luckily they have Michael Leighton to step in, and he’s played brilliantly, just as he did during the regular season.  They have some offensive punch, but they are about the equal of the Habs, scoring wise, despite not having a Cammalleri to give them some much needed scoring punch.

Both of these teams have had excellent runs and seemingly Cinderella runs at that, but there cannot be two Cinderellas.  You can call this the “Cinderella Death Match”.  I can’t pick against the Canadiens, they are a lunch pail bunch(like most hockey players)…aaaaaand I hate the fcuking flyers.

Habs in 6.


Next up, the Western Conference.

(1) San Jose Sharks V (2) Chicago Blackhawks:  Evgeni Nabokov has not exactly had great success in the playoffs…until now.  The man has been playing some great hockey (with one notably bad game against Detroit in game 4) And he has playing with him one some pretty damned talented players that are together playing some great hockey.  Despite being held pointless in the last two games Vs. the Wings, Joe Pavelski has been playing some mighty fine hockey, Joe Thornton hasn’t been too bad either, and don’t forget they have this guy Heatley who is one helluva hockey player out there.

But then again, the Blackhawks are anything but slouches.  Johnathan Toews has been playing well of late, getting points in each of his last 8 games, scoring on the best the NHL has to offer in crunch time, with 19 points (6 goals 13 assists) in those games.   The kid looks unstoppable, and he’s got a great bunch of players on that Hawks team, Sharp and Kane and Hossa all scoring early and often for the Hawks.  Can’t forget the hella play of Antii Niemi.

In the end though, this is where the Sharks get bitten.  Nabakov has had bad numbers against the Hawks (1-1-2, 3.78 GAA) this year, and I can see the high powered Hawks O grinding the Sharks into playoff extinction.

Hawks in 5


The only thing I ever learned was that some people are lucky and other people aren’t and not even a graduate of the Harvard Business School can say why.

Kurt Vonnegut


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