April Rhino Nuggets

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  These are the entries from the page “Rhino Nuggets” from April.  Not happy with the fact that I missed as many days writing nuggets as I did, but I was busy with my first real job in  a year.  As a consequence, I am putting the Rhino nuggets page itself on temporary hiatus, and will bring it back if I feel it is warranted.


April 1st: April fools day needs to be a national fcuking holiday, because it is a big fcuking deal!!


April 2nd:  The jobs numbers…went….UP!  WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!! The economy added 162,000 jobs this month!  YES!  The number is somewhat skewed because a fairly substantial percentage of those jobs, 48,000 of them, are temporary census workers, but still, this increase is the largest amount of job creation in 3 years.

The economy is getting stronger.  The recession, thanks to the work of everyone involved, is beginning to abate.  Let the GREAT JOB HUNT OF 2010 BEGIN!  Man it is gonna be dog eat dog out there.  I hope I land at the place I am temping at permanently, because I don’t want to have to wade into that pool of piranhas.  I’m going to keep the resume updated, just in case.


April 3rd:  Some asshole, named Sam Kennedy, from a radio station in Texas sent out letters to governors in all 50 states (the original reported number was 30) telling them they have 3 days to resign or face some sort of reprisal.  The FBI stepped in, as it seemed a threat to the governors, and interviewed the guy but didn’t arrest him.

And holy crap this guy is a wing nut. He claims to have some type of military backing for ”taking back America”, and claims to have actually consulted with the military.  Lemme just toss 3 tidbits out there, from his website. No linking with it, as that might steer someone to his evil little world, and that would be wrong.

He talks of ending the perversion of marriage, and marriage licensing(he must hate his wife, or ex-wife, or ex-wives).  He wants to end tax prosecutions, claiming the IRS is a foreign banking cartel… from Puerto Rico.(Sooooo, Washington D.C. is in Puerto Rico now, and it’s not a U.S. territory anymore? I did not know that.)  He wants to get rid of the DMV and replace it with “sovereign identification” (what the fcuk ever that is).

This guy is a fcuking crackhead, a delusional crackhead.  He gets high, talks to some private after getting high with him, comes up with this bullshit, and then does what he does. Guess the loving of his mama wasn’t enough growing up, because now we have to listen to his bullshit attempt to get attention.  Fcuking wonderful.


April 4th:  Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you enjoy the day!

Watching the funniest captioning EVER on Yes network at the moment.  They type this stuff as the show goes to my knowledge, and the person doing it apparently either can’t spell or doesn’t care.  Now I get that it’s hard to type fast and accurate when transcribing talk as it happens, but when you spell maybe 2 words right out of every ten… hell, bad as I am, I think I could do that… maybe.  Gonna watch the Joe Girardi show as often as possible now, just to see if this same person does the captioning.


April 6th:  Man, I tell you I am amazed that these people at Massey, the owners of the mine where 25 people have died, haven’t been put out of business with all the shit they pull.  Thousands of violations, 50 just last month at the mine where all these poor people died.

Someone needs to go plant a foot in  the ass of the putz that owns this company before he kills more of his employees.  I’ve heard of these people before and they never make the news because they do things right, and they make the news every 18 months or so.  If they weren’t such an important player in the coal industry they would have been dealt with properly years ago.


April 8th:  Pretty damned funny stuff.  I ended yesterday’s blog with some story that had just broken about someone who was trying to blow up a plane.  Ends up it was actually a guy trying to have a smoke, and he got arrested and pulled off the flight.  Something like that.  Nice!

Dow futures are down for the third day in a row.  But it’s not too bad, looks like a simple correction after shooting up like a rocket for a while.  No worries.


April 10th:  More funny stuff.  A few of the most unstable people who have left comments on Dailykos.  These nutjobs, barely able to type, or see the world as it is because they are so angry it makes them stupid, leave commnets that need to be read to be believed.

There be some wierdies out there on the right. I’m usre there are just as many on the left, but I haven’t seen them… yet. lulz.


April 11th:  The New York Rangers missed the playoffs.  I kinda thought they would, but they made a run at the end of the year and teased the Rangers fans into thinking they could make it.  I was watching the final game.  It looked good for most of the game, regulation and overtime.  Two questions arise.  One, Why did Jokinen try to go 5 hole on Boucher, and Two, why didn’t Coach Tortorella use Marian Gaborik in the shootout? Why Christensen? Why Jokinen?


April 14th:  Busy day at work.  Didn’t get out until 8:00pm. Moving furniture and crap for hours.  Tired.  Starving.  No dinner, wife ordered pizza, and it is running late, and it’s near my bedtime.  Dammit, this sucks.


April 15th: Happy Tax Day! Don’t forget to pay your taxes…unless you don’t want to.  And if you don’t want to pay your taxes, remember to call as many members of the IRS as you can and tell them to GO FCUK THEMSELVES. Maybe walk in naked and chase them around with an anal probe or sumthin.  They like that.  Especially their enforcement division.  They’ll tell stories about you for years.

Just fcukin around.  lulz. Pay your taxes, you lazy bastards!


April 17th:  The cats are snoring.  The wife is asleep.  It’s 7:15 am, and after only a few hours of sleep I am back up and getting ready to go out and get things done.  I need to put the check in the bank, the food shopping needs to be done, clothes need to be washed before I go to work on Sunday,  the house is a wee bit of a mess, I want a haircut, my head looks like an untrimmed hedge at this point, and I would like to get a run in today, haven’t run in 10 days.

Let them rest, I don’t need as much as they do, at least not right now.

Bad news: The unemployment has run dry.  If this job doesn’t hire me and soon, I may be in an impossible financial situation, possibly needing to move out of here and move in with my parents.  I don’t want to do that.  I’ll press the people at my temp job to see what they can do to make me permanent when it seems the time is right for that, which would be as soon as possible.


April 20th:  Work has been busy as hell the last few weeks and looks to stay that way.  After a year riding the pine, more or less, I am finally busy.  So what happens now?  NOW I start getting calls from places that need people to work.  The best part about it is that I am listening, in large part because of the question marks surrounding the work I am doing at Sotheby’s, and how temporary the work really is.  It looks like they aren’t in the mood to hire anyone, so If I come across a better looking job, money wise, I will take a long and serious look at it.


April 24th:  There is an important vote on the Senate floor Monday at 5:00pm, which if it goes as expected, will lead to actual on the floor discussion of wall street regulation, and prepares to begin to try and add some regulation to wall street to help the little guy and girl who ended up the victim of bailouts like the ones our current President, and his immediate predecessor were forced to foist on the people to keep the ship of state and the world economy afloat.  It would have been nice if they could just have gotten on with the discussion, but Mitch McConnell is still an asshole, so now we have to watch the senate vote just so they can talk.  I get that the senate is supposed to be a more “deliberative body” than the house of representatives, but do they have to be this fcuking slow?

Mitch, like most humans, thinks that because he has an opinion on a subject, any subject, it is automatically right.  Unfortunately, when in a position of power, such deluded people tend to make a mess of a great many things before things get straitened out.

And in a related story, the people at Goldman Sachs are still a bunch of blazing assholes.


April 25th: Stephen Hawking says aliens exist.  It sounds odd coming from someone most people respect.  One usually gets that kinda thing from people who see aliens in corn fields and claim they were anal probed by them…meaning they are covering for a few days of gay drunken love or some such bullshit.  Go Fig.


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