That’s What I Think

Reader!—You have been bred in a land abounding with men, able in arts, learning, and knowledges manifold, this man in one, this in another, few in many, none in all. But there is one art, of which every man should be’master, the art of reflection. If you are not a thinking man, to what purpose are you a man at all? In like manner, there is one knowledge, which it is every man’s interest and duty to acquire, namely, self-knowledge: or to what end was man alone, of all animals, endued by the Creator with the faculty of self-consciousness ?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


I think the state of Arizona has every right to create whatever laws it feels it needs to protect its citizens from the predations of a foreboding world.  It is their land after all to do with as they please, and any law, like the new immigration law passed today, is entirely their business. I also think that they have a right to enforce any law they create.  That said I also think they have a responsibility to make sure that they do not abuse the rights of those who are in the state of Arizona legally.  If they do not, or if there are any major breaches which imply major breaches of civil rights, you can then say that the immigration law passed their is nothing more than a law meant to legalize racial profiling and legitimize discrimination against Hispanics.

I don’t like Arizona’s new Immigration law, but I am also certain that I do not know everything, and I could be wrong in disliking this bill.


I think Sue Lowden is about the funniest person in America.  I too would like to go to the doctor and pay with chickens and other livestock, or paint the doctors house if I need to get some serious affliction looked at.  Seriously, this woman is a ditz, a real crap for brains politician wannabe.  Bartering for services in this day and age.  What about those of us with little time, or little in the way of worldly possessions? The poor would STILL not be able to pay, and having to work all the time at low paying jobs just to make ends meet would make doing services for medical services a ludicrous idea.

Sue Lowden is out of her friggin mind, and those who would defend her loony vision of what could work need some help.


Thought is all light, and publishes itself to the universe. It will speak, though you were dumb, by its own miraculous organ. It will flow out of your actions, your manners, and your face. It will bring you friendships. It will impledge you to truth by the love and expectation of generous minds. By virtue of the laws of that Nature, which is one and perfect, it shall yield every sincere good that is in the soul, to the scholar beloved of earth and heaven.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Literary Ethics


I think I am quite happy with the New Jersey Devils being out of the playoffs.  Any day when Marty Brodeur has a bad day in goal is a good one for me.  Sucks that the Flyers had to win though, but that’s OK for this New York Rangers fan, to be honest.  The Flyers are done, Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne were hurt, and the Flyers needed someone to step up, and Claude Giroux stepped up and scored two for his team in fine fashion, happily ending that fat bastard Brodeur’s season!

And it looks like the Flyers will end up with the Caps in Round 2.  Caps will smoke’em. 


I place this viddy here, having not yet watched it.  I trust Leo and the gang to keep it entertaining. Watch and enjoy!

G’night America!


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