Who Needs Money…

Countries, therefore, when lawmaking falls exclusively to the lot of the poor cannot hope for much economy in public expenditure; expenses will always be considerable, either because taxes cannot touch those who vote for them or because they are assessed in a way to prevent that.

Alexis De Tocqueville,  Democracy in America, Volume i, chapter v


I did my taxes on March 28th, and I, filing jointly with my wife for the first time, managed a decent refund, around $1700. Something like that, I could use a few extra bucks.  This is the first time I am filing with my wife, and the refund was actually larger because we filed together.  I would have been in the red for the first time ever had I not filed jointly.  So I am, at filing, fairly happy with the result.

Fast forward to today.  I was expecting the refund to be in the bank yesterday, and was kind of surprised when it wasn’t there in any way shape or form.  So I went to the IRS site to see what was the matter. I put in my information, and lo! and behold, there was a problem, a delay for some reason.  It tells me to call them, and says mention reference number 1201.  Being slightly clever, and wanting to know before I call them what is the matter, I search on google that reference number.

I get several answers.  It could be a desk audit, triggered by something they saw in the tax return, meaning an additional delay of 1 to 2 weeks.  It could be that taxes owed by my wife from previous years will be pulled from this years refund.  So what happens here is that at best I wait two more weeks and we get the refund, and at worst I get no refund and the money that would have been our refund pays off much of her owed taxes from last year.

There is, according to my wife, if it is the refund going to pay her taxes from last year, a way to get half of it back. 

Should I be upset?  Maybe, but I am not.  Why should I be? A delay in the refund because they want to make sure things are alright or paying off old debts incured in this house seems to me a non-issue on an emotional level.  If I had the money I would pay off all my debtors and be done with it, with not an angry word spoken.  Since I will not die because of this lack of funds in the next week or two, and since it will do my wife and I good to reduce the total amount of money owed, I am OK with things as they are.

No worries.  Since the only things that are certain, at least according to Ben Franklin, are death and taxes, why rush about or worry very much about either?  Both are a burden, but both are part of the world no matter where you live. I hardly worked, and and as a consequence hardly lived last year, so sweating money from that horrible year is not something I care to do all that much.  I’ll be glad to see the end of that bad year and it’s repercussions when I am finally done with them.

Going to finally finish the bankruptcy paperwork this weekend, FAR too long after starting it up a few weeks ago.  Mail stuff in and begin the process, and feel the joy that is putting all this crap behind me and starting anew. 

Life will be good, of that I am certain.


Step back in time; look closely at the child in the very arms of his mother; see the external world reflected for the first time in the yet unclear mirror of his understanding; study the first examples which strike his eyes; listen to the first words which arouse within him the slumbering power of thought; watch the first struggles which he has to undergo; only then will you comprehend the source of his prejudices, the habits, and the passions which are to rule his life. The entire man, so to speak, comes fully formed in the wrappings of his cradle.

Alexis De Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Volume i, chapter ii


I like this cartoon.  It’s a Canadian cartoon from 2008 about taxes, and how corporate taxes are pure evil!  Funny stuff!

G’night America!  Talk about hockey tomorrow methinks.


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