Retirement? So Young?

Money is property; it is not speech. Speech has the power to inspire volunteers to perform a multitude of tasks on a campaign trail, on a battleground, or even on a football field. Money, meanwhile, has the power to pay hired laborers to perform the same tasks. It does not follow, however, that the First Amendment provides the same measure of protection to the use of money to accomplish such goals as it provides to the use of ideas to achieve the same results.

Supreme court justice John Paul Stevens


Supposed liberal Supreme court justice John Paul Stevens announced his retirement today.  I hear him called liberal, but I don’t know that he is so much liberal as a man who believes in the power of the constitution, and the view that the constitution is a living document, and that the people deserve the best and strongest efforts on their behalf for the betterment of the nation.  The man is a Republican, even with all of his quote unquote liberal judgments and talk of his liberalism, and it shows that he was able to separate the  interpretation of the Constitution and the laws of this nation from the ugliness of political partisanship.

Still, he has shown that he will not let partisanship and politics take a seat on the bench.  Justices Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Breyer, Scalia, and Kennedy, have each shown at times that they will allow their politics flow into their decision-making process on the bench, especially Scalia and Kennedy, so with his departure we are seeing perhaps the last of the true non-partisan Justices, at least for the foreseeable future.

Good Luck in your life after the supreme court, Justice Stevens.  America will miss your strength and leadership.


The worst pain a man can suffer: to have insight into much and power over nothing.



I would argue the point Herodotus’ makes, if for no other reason than because I am, after a week of incredibly hard work, completely spent.  I am sore in ways I have not been in cannot tell you how long.  Not sore like I get from running or working out, it’s not that, it’s worse.

And better.

I like, really like, busting my ass working hard.  That is at least in part where I get my love of running, it is born of a hard-working mindset.  I want to find my physical limits, to see how much I can do, to see how much I can handle.  Because I think I can simply do more, work harder, be stronger, than anyone else.  Yes, a man who is 5’9″ and weighs 175 pounds just said that, but I don’t think that offhand matters. 

Well , maybe it is a wee bit silly, but so what?

Given all of that, I think I hit the wall this week.  I gave so much, sweated my ass off working so hard, I left after work each day feeling like I had nothing left.  And on top of that, I ran three days after work, tired though I was.  Thursday is a regular off day running so that day I was going to take off anyway.  Today I was going to run, but I didn’t. I couldn’t.  I had nothing.  Sore everything, slumped over while walking tired, which is very much not me.  Not on my worst day at any of my previous jobs did I feel this beat.  I couldn’t do it.

No worries. One good nights sleep and I will be fine.  I’m going to run long tomorrow before I go food shopping.

Today I am flesh and bone, merely a man, mortal, flesh and blood.  Tomorrow I’ll be back to normal.


This article needs some fcuking metal.  Have some. No actual “video”, just the album cover and some great fcuking music.

G’night,  America.


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