Not Perfect

It is easy to go down to hell; Night and Day the Gates of Dark Death stand wide; But to climb back up again, to retrace ones steps to the open air, there lies the problem, the difficult task.

Virgil, The Aeneid, Book VI


I am having a relaxing few minutes before bed.  Listening to some relaxed classical music, Alessandro Marcello is the composers name, quite nice mix of Oboe and harpsichord.  I am doing my best to unwind from a long day of moving lots of crap, which is difficult while watching the news.

The news is filled with death in mines, threats of death to senators, the lies told by fox and some punk named O’Keefe in the name of destroying an actual grassroots organization that just happens to be left wing in nature.  It really is annoying as hell to see the abuse ACORN has suffered, illegitimately, at the hands of fox and this punk O’Keefe.

I can let it all roll off of me like water off of a ducks back.  I had my nightly run, which eats into my writing time, which sucks, but I like running enough for it that be fine by me.  It helps me relax.  I have my classical music, Tomaso Albinoni right now, and it helps.  I have my feet up typing, and I can really get into doing that, even if I only have a few minutes to do it.

But all the relaxation in the world doesn’t change the fact that there are 4 miners in West Virginia who are still trapped.  It doesn’t change the fact that this mine disaster may well not have happened if the mine company involved, Massey, had simply been more safety conscious and looked after it’s people before it’s bottom line.

It is corporate ignorance like this that sets my teeth on edge sometimes.  Money before people makes people pawns in a big financial game, and pawns are expendable.

But I can relax.  I am far away from it all.  For the moment, I am not thinking about bills. Or about the looming bankruptcy.  Or about the fact that my job, hopeful about it though I am, is still just a temp job.  Or about the fact that bill collectors call me upwards of 50 times a day.

Or about a world gone mad.

I can relax.  I have work.  I have a loving wife.  I have two fat, happy relaxed cats, from whom I am learning the fine art of relaxation.  I have my blog and my running.  I have my Vivaldi and my guitar, when I get a chance to play. 

Life really is good, if you look for things that are good.



As I grow older I grow calm. If I feel what are perhaps an old man’s apprehensions, that competition from new races will cut deeper than working men’s disputes and will test whether we can hang together or can fight.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.


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