March’s Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is March’s running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Mon., March 1st: Ran 5.7 miles in 46:59.62, an 8:14.67 m/m pace.  45 degrees, windy, partly cloudy.  I was pushing hard into the wind today, and the effort felt faster than 8:14.  This was about as much as I had today, but I gotta admit, after the fact, it feels good that on a day when I didn’t have much I still left it all out there on the road.  Mud and snow and snow-melt and puddles that looked like lakes and wind made for difficult running, but it was still good.   It’s gonna be a mess for a while, so i should get used to it.  Good Run.  🙂

Tues., March 2nd: Ran 7.6 miles in 1:03:25, an 8:20.65 m/m pace.  42 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  Not too bad of a run.  First lap was  about 7 seconds per mile slower than the total pace, and I got a few seconds faster each lap after that.  Second lap in 15:57, the third in 15:53, and the last lap I ran a bit harder and closed it out with a 15:31 / 1.9 mile lap. No soreness afterwards.  Nice.

Wed., March 3rd: Ran 5.91 miles in 48:45.44, an 8:14.99, m/m pace.  38 degrees, cloudy, windy, drizzle. 1 stop Altered course.  I was going to run 4x down and back up the hill, 3/4 mile down, 3/4 mile up.  Changed my mind and ran a 2.51 mile loop twice, and then ran the .89 mile path home. Hilly.  The hill I was going to run is a 112 foot ascent over the entire distance.  This hill run is steeper and has a number of  sharp inclines.   I rarely run it because of large amounts of pedestrian traffic near Victory blvd. and Clove rd., but I had fun running it today.  No soreness today.  Nice!

Thur., March 4th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 45:06.98, a 7:54.91 m/m pace.  46 degrees, cloudy, windy.  I busted my butt something fierce out there today. Pushed fast because I could.  My clothes felt like they fit more loosely.  Hamstrings, quads and the rest felt looser.  My stride was long and wide.  It felt like spring out there.  It was in my head, I am sure, but it felt like spring.  I didn’t look at my watch, I didn’t think about m/m pace.  Just put foot to ground as rapidly as possible.  What a difference a few degrees makes.  Great day for a run!

Fri., March 5th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 45:36.59, an 8:00.10 m/m pace.  44 degrees, partly sunny, windy.  I was not as on today as I was yesterday,  but i was still motoring, for me anyway.  I slowed down in spots, and started out kind of slow, but had a stretch in the middle where I was pushing hard.  The path wasn’t as wet and mud strewn as yesterday, which helped me along I think.  Feet are a bit sore, but nothing major, no soreness or pain to speak of.  Good run.

Sat., March 6th:  Ran 3.8 miles in 30:55.04, an 8:08.16 m/m pace.  36 degrees, sunny, windy.  I’ve had better runs.  I’ve had worse runs.  Not slow, not fast, just there.  Pain in my right shin started around midway through the second lap of what was to be a 3 lap run, just like the last 2 days(the 3 lap run, not the pain), but the pain was enough to make me stop at the end of lap 2, and I decided when I couldn’t stretch or massage the pain away, to just walk home.   Ah well.  I was still pretty quick, descent pace for the day until i got sidelined.  No worries. I’ll run tomorrow.

   March week 2 mileage:    34.41 miles  Monthly total: 34.41 Longest this month:  7.6  miles (2nd)  Shortest 5.2 miles (6th)  6 runs in 6 days this month, average length of run:  5.735 miles.

Sun., Mar 7th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:28.58, a 7:48.17 m/m pace.  44 degrees, sunny, breezy.  No pain today.  Whatever it was that bothered my shin yesterday was gone today.  A little warmer and feeling better made for a faster run.  Started out moving faster and it translated to the rest of the run.  Had fun pushing hard. The stronger the wind was, the harder I pushed into it, which is just something I do.  Sub 7:50.  Nice! Either go longer tomorrow or hills, not sure which at this point.

Mon., Mar 8th:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:34:24, an 8:16.84 m/m pace.  56 degrees, sunny, windy.  I went out today thinking “just go long and slow”, and I did that, kinda.  I could have gone slower, but I was not burning up the asphalt by any stretch of the imagination, averaging a 15:44 lap.  And for me, for now, this is long.  Longest run so far this year, eclipsing the 10.9 miles I ran on January 24th.  I ran that one in 8:31.92.  Calves are tight, all else is fine at this point.  Shorter tomorrow, but how much shorter I do not know.

Tues., Mar 9th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:35.49, a 7:49.38 m/m pace.  56 degrees, sunny, breezy.  I hit the trail today thinking less about how long to go as what pace I would run.  I just wanted a good even effort. I’m still sore from yesterday.  Surprised myself when I hit the end of the first 1.9 mile lap at 15:12.  I decided at that point to see what I had and pushed harder from there, and didn’t look at my watch until the end of the run.   The second lap felt faster than the first, and on the third lap I hit the afterburners. It felt good to just burn.  I think I’m gonna need a cold soak tonight, after 22.8 miles in the last 3 days.  Good run.

Wed., Mar 10th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 41:19.20, a 7:56.77 m/m pace.  45 degrees, cloudy, windy.  It was warmer earlier, when I was food shopping.  Cooler than I was expecting, went out dressed for weather a hair warmer than this.  Made up my mind to just start from in front of the Apt., rather than starting at the park, like I have done.  I was actually kinda chilled for the first mile or so, until I warmed up enough to disregard the biting wind.  I didn’t think I was moving sub 8 today.  I’m pretty happy with the speed. 

Thur., Mar 11th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:40.48, a 7:50.26 m/m pace.  47 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy.  Slower start, faster finish today.  I didn’t push all that hard until about the last mile of today’s run, before that I opened up my stride but kept the pace relaxed.  I could have been faster today.  I could have been slower as well.  I have neglected the hill running recently though.  Gonna have to do something about that, and soon.  Good run.

Fri., Mar 12th:  Ran 2.6 miles in 21:14.53, an 8:10.20 m/m pace.  41 degrees, rain, breezy.  Stopped this run short.  I did something to my left knee.  Nothing major, just a minor tweak.  Had me gimping and limping and stopped me twice before I called it quits today, though.  Out of the blue this comes. I didn’t step on anything, didn’t do anything to myself, it just suddenly got VERY very sore.  I should, hopefully,  be fine for tomorrow.  I dislike having to stop any run prematurely, so I might, just to test the knee, try to run tomorrow.  We’ll see.

Sat., Mar 20th: Ran 3.8 miles in 31:12:66, an 8:12:80 m/m pace.  55 degrees, sunny, no wind.  It was about 55 degrees when I headed out, 63 as I returned.   First run in days because of knee issues for the first few days, and then acclimatizing myself to work made making room for running difficult.  Will attempt an early morning run regimen beginning Monday.  That’ll have me up at 4:45 in the morning, running by 5:15am.  Oof and other such statements!  I would have run longer today but my hamstrings got sore quick.  Felt good to be out running again!

Sun., Mar 21st:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:20.76, a 7:46.80 m/m pace.  53 degrees, sunny, breezy.  This was a fun run.  I didn’t look at my watch, I didn’t think about pace or stride rate or length or anything, and nothing being sore, I pushed pretty hard today.  Fastest run of the year, 15 seconds faster than my previous best on Mar. 9th.  Nice.  My knee was OK, no pain, soreness or issues, and my hamstrings were alright out there.  Maybe early morning hills tomorrow, we’ll see. Good run.

Mon., Mar 22nd:  Ran 4.78 miles in 40:58.73, an 8:34.38 m/m pace.  50 degrees, breezy.  Slow as hell and I don’t care.  This was a first for me on a few levels, the very first run of my life where I didn’t drink coffee before hand, and my first pre-dawn run ever.  The two, along with it being my first hill run in  I couldn’t tell you how long, conspired to make this a slow run.  It was also a relaxed happy run so I’m not complaining. Might do this again tomorrow, might not.  I’ll definitely try to get some coffee in my system first the next time.  Good run.

Tues., Mar 23rd:  Ran 5.2 miles in 41:22.61, a 7:57.42 m/m pace.  51 degrees, breezy.  I felt really fast today, in fact I felt faster than I actually was.  But I’ll take a sub 8 after a day at work.  I was as strong and fast as I was able to be, and I felt pretty damn good out there.  Dusk running became night running in the park, and both were fun.  Moonlight through clouds lit part of the road in the park.  Excellent.  Good run.

Wed., Mar 24th: Ran 4.78 miles in 38:19.60, an 8:01.08 m/m pace.  56 degrees, breezy.  I felt faster today than I did when I ran this course at 5 am on Monday, but I did have that extra cup of coffee in me, along with a full day of work.  The hill was easy on the first go around, less so the second time around.  Pushed hard in spots when I ran the uphill today, the downhill too.  Nothing uber fast, but after a day of moving furniture and crap, that isn’t surprising. 

Fri., Mar 26th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 41:15.69, a 7:56.09 m/m pace.  38 degrees, breezy.  Pretty damn quick, seeing how I was fresh out of work and it is pretty damn cool out there.  Not cold, cool.  Maybe the day off from running yesterday helped, I’m sure the cup of coffee before I went running helped as well.  Not sore at all as a consequence. Nice.  Getting used to running in the dark.  Double Nice. 

Sat., Mar 27th:  Ran 9 miles in 1:11:41, a 7:57:88 m/m pace.  29 degrees, sunny, breezy.  The speed here surprises me, I did not think I was moving sub 8 at all.  It really didn’t feel like it.  I stopped twice at the 46th and 58th minute, once because I had an issue with my watch.  The wristband let loose on it.  I also had a stitch that stopped me in my tracks.  I think it was cold related, but I may be wrong.  No worries otherwise.  I was going to only go 7.1 miles, but decided to go an extra lap after the second.  I dislike stops and tagged the extra mileage on.

Sun., Mar 28th:  No run… yet. I went out at around 8:25 am, and got about 4 blocks out when my left knee started to hurt enough where I had to stop.  Same thing that happened March 12th. I may try again after I get back from doing laundry.  If I do, it won’t be a fast run, or a long one.  I don’t want to damage the knee, I just want to run.

March totals:  109.17 miles  Longest this month:  11.4  miles (8th)  Shortest 2.6 miles (12th)  19 runs in 31 days this month, average length of run:  5.74 miles.

Year to date:  307.44 miles  Longest so far 11.4 miles (March 8th), Shortest 2.6 miles (March 12th). 57 runs in 90 days so far this year.  Average run distance:  5.393 miles


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