A Tangle Of Truth

 O, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott,  Marmion

But when we’ve practised quite a while
How vastly we improve our style!

J.R. Pope, A Word of Encouragement


The kid who destroyed Acorn faked the whole pimp thing. The whole thing.  Acorn called the cops on them.  The kid was wearing a suit and tie, and was only dressed like a pimp for the edited video that he sent to fox and the other right wing main stream media.

The Climate gate debacle wasn’t a debacle after all.  No facts were thrown out by any of the e-mails, none. 

Both facts come out after all the damage of the lies that were spread are already done.  All for the name of political expediency, for fighting the bad fight.  To hurt those who were and are trying to do good for America and the world.  Damage that will take years to undo.   There are people who are saying that Acorn, which has been dismantled and destroyed by the damage done by these young fascists, the only word that accurately describes them, is trying to make a comeback in some form or other.  Read that somewhere.  I have one word to say about that comeback.


That is exactly what is needed.  This organization was damaged and killed in the court of public opinion with lies and bullshit.  They hurt America and Americans, and for what? To damage the left.  Why? Because they hate the left.  Why? Because they fundamentally disagree with us on several fronts.  They believe in putting business interests and financial freedom ahead of personal interests and individual freedom.

They claim to have both at heart, but look at the actions here and tell me what you think of their view of freedom.  They would destroy it simply to destroy it, because it doesn’t jibe with their world view. 

Just like the fascists they are.  And they use the subtle subterfuge of calling their opponents exactly what they are, to deflect attention from their own belligerent anti-American attitudes.  They like to use the Obama as Hitler imagery to put that image in Americans heads, and tell tales extraordinary and insane, to a public that only knows how to follow, knows only one side of the news, knows only the truth they are fed.

Knowing only what they want to know, and seeing only what they want to see.  That is the heart of American conservatism, more than small government, more than their economic policies.  Lies. Distortions.

Those scientists deserve better.  Acorn and the people served by that organization deserve better.  There are plenty of Americans who have been hurt by the lies of the right here.  And there is no redress possible.  None. 

Mean and rueful of the western dream, these people are.


Fortunately science, like that nature to which it belongs, is neither limited by time nor by space. It belongs to the world, and is of no country and of no age. The more we know, the more we feel our ignorance; the more we feel how much remains unknown; and in philosophy, the sentiment of the Macedonian hero can never apply, — there are always new worlds to conquer.

Sir Humphrey Davy, 1825

The one good thing about the above mentioned scientists involved in climate gate is that time will tell the final tale.  Eventually you will simply see the truth, in one way or another, and you will know.  Those on the right cannot monopolize the truth when it is the world being spoken about.


A viddy from April, 2008, talking of Liberals and Patriotism.

Nationalism is our form of incest, is our idolatry, is our insanity. “Patriotism” is its cult. It should hardly be necessary to say, that by “patriotism” I mean that attitude which puts the own nation above humanity, above the principles of truth and justice; not the loving interest in one’s own nation, which is the concern with the nation’s spiritual as much as with its material welfare — never with its power over other nations. Just as love for one individual which excludes the love for others is not love, love for one’s country which is not part of one’s love for humanity is not love, but idolatrous worship.

Erich Fromm, The Sane Society

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