Stupid People Doing Stupid Things

AKA the history of humanity.  Well, OK, I’m not going to tackle THAT monster here, I just like the title, really.

Well, there IS some substance on the subject of stupid today.  There was actually a whole lot of idiot on the streets of Washington today.  Protesters who were protesting  the health care bill, the tea party patriots, apparently think it is patriotic not only to back the health care conglomerate billionaires and protect their ability to drop anyone they please when they please, the ACTUAL death panels which are run by corporate America’s health insurance companies, but it is according, to these tea party zipper heads, patriotic to hurl angry racist and homophobic invective at members of congress.

James Clyburn of South Carolina, John Lewis of Georgia, and 2 other congressmen were apparently called “N*gg*r” and a few other things on their way to congress today, Emanuel Cleaver was spit upon as well, and apparently they called Barney Frank a fag or some such bullshit.

Listen, America.  I love you. You are a great nation, but this kinda crap is unnecessary and stupid and immoral.  You gay bashing, African American hating ass hats are the last vestiges of a happily dead past that no one wants back.  Keep your hate, your fascism, and your inability to understand that all this is being caused by the wool being pulled over your eyes by those on the right who want to protect their business interests at the expense of the health of the citizenry to yourselves.  You members of the tea party who were in Washington for the Code Red protest who later did this need to get a grip.

Your opinion of James Clyburn’s or anyone else’s skin color and Barney Franks sexual preferences have no bearing at all on the health care debate.  In the end Health care will pass, and James Clyburn will still be black, and still be better than you, and Barney Frank will still be gay, and he will still be better than you.  Better how? They will vote FOR helping Americans that need help, and want the better future that this fiscally and ethically responsible bill will provide for ALL Americans.  And you will still be a stupid ugly little hate machine, doing the bidding of those who care nothing for you or the nation in which you live, and getting nothing in return for it, but a moment that you can look back on for the rest of your life…and lie to yourself and say you did something good.

When you didn’t.


The people chanting “Homo” and yelling “n*gg*” are the face of the new Conservative party, AKA the Tea Party Patriots.  These people think that they are helping America. They think America’s health care is being taken over by government when it isn’t.  They think this is going to somehow affect the number of nurses and doctors negatively, when it won’t.  They think it’ll meanLynching_of_Laura_Nelson,_May_1911 everyone will be forced to pay for Abortions whether they want to or not, when they won’t.

And yes, they do think.  But those thoughts are guided by wants and needs of their own, perhaps as much as by those who manipulate them, rather than the needs of the nation.  And what are those needs?  They hate that democrats won in 2006 and 2008, and may keep that control in 2010, and it frightens them.  They hate that people who don’t think like they do run things. They hate that people who don’t agree with what they think are in control. Normally there isn’t anything wrong with that, but when they let it become this, like these tea party bigots did today, health care becomes a side issue and it shows the real reason you are out there, to vent your spleen.  It stops being about politics and becomes more about the demons in their own souls.

But that is in their soul, their hearts and the evil had to show itself at some point.  It sucks that it has to be there at all, but racist stupidity like this can’t be helped in American society, I guess.

It exposes to the whole world the real dark heart of the Tea Party and the conservative movement, Hate.  Capital H Hate.


That’s it from here.  Later!

Today’s Nuggets, via wikiquote:  If you know the history of the whole concept of whiteness—if you know the history of the whole concept of the white race, where it came from and for what reason—you know that it was a trick, and it’s worked brilliantly. You see, prior to the mid to late 1600s, in the colonies of what would become the United States, there was no such thing as the white race. Those of us of European descent did not refer to ourselves by that term really ever before then.  Tim Wise

The emotions between the races could never be pure; even love was tarnished by the desire to find in the other some element that was missing in ourselves. Whether we sought out our demons or salvation, the other race would always remain just that: menacing, alien, and apart.  Barack Obama

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