In My Opinion

In my opinion, the conservative vs. liberal debate is identical to a sports rivalry.  Two groups of fans that love their team, hate the other, can’t see why anyone could possibly root for the other team, and fall so in love with their team that they seem to forget that both sides get paid by the same people, take their marching orders from people who have been on both sides at one point or another, and are more interested in keeping the rivalry going than anything.  And if that means purposefully sowing division between each sides fans, then so be it.       

It does take some of the spirit of camaraderie out of the game of politics when people get out of control rooting too hard for one side.  And control is the key issue.  When someone has it, be it control of the message, or the medium that puts out that message, or control of the money that pays for all of it, it makes of everyone else in the system pawns of those people.  It cheapens and weakens everyone else but the people who are in control.       

The coffee party thing? It’s nice, and it gets people actually talking, which is good.  It makes it possible for us to see beyond the false divisions in our society, and separates them out from the real divisions in it.       

The coffee party is, in this, better than the tea party and their angry invective, and their yelling.  Yelling achieves nothing.  Yes it shows your heart, but it also shows it to be weak, lacking in control.       


Most people feel this way about your opinion


In my opinion, part of the issue that makes it easier to make the liberal vs. conservative debate more vicious is the fact that most people are of the opinion that there opinion is right and everyone else’s is wrong.   To begin honest political debate, one needs to be able to hold one thought in mind “I could be wrong”  The problem there is that people see and experience the world in greatly different ways, and what one person views as  stupid, unnecessary, or evil another will view as necessary.  War, torture, financial regulation, all of these and most every other issue has people on both sides. (DUH)      

What is necessary to debate is an open mind, at least as far as letting in the idea that we, as individuals are not omnipotent, and are capable of being wrong on subjects we think we know about.       

Defend your ideas and ideals, and what you think is right? Absolutely.  But not so vigorously that you lose sight of facts and reality, and make the facts that you want to sell block out the truth of other facts and truths that don’t jibe with what you want in the world.  Your world isn’t the only one, nor is it the greatest, or wisest.  Neither is mine. Neither is any one’s.       

With that said, I will now put out a few of my opinions. I’d like some feedback on this, if at all possible.  I know almost no one reads this crap, but still I feel the need to try to start a conversation.      


In my opinion, the Iraq war was unnecessary and fraudulent and the Afghanistan war is becoming so.      

In my opinion, taxation is necessary for the maintenance of the republic, and the states, and municipalities.  The amount taken in taxes is not the overt insane burden that some seem to think it is, but it is large because of two main issues, Military and health spending.  Taxes can be lowered when, and only when military and health care costs go down. Minimizing the drain on American society by minimizing the effect of one only is not enough. Get rid of the financial drain that is the military industrial complex and the health insurance behemoth and we will then be well on our way to lowering our taxes in an affordable and intelligent manner.      

In my opinion, the greed of big business is a greater drain on our society than government spending, but the two are so intrinsically intertwined as to make undoing the damage of one damaging to the other in such a way as to incapacitate both.       

In my opinion, a great deal of oppression in this nation comes from the populace itself than the government.  But the capacity for government oppression that exists, legally, on the books as it were, is daunting.  The Patriot act, Fisa, the upcoming ACTA treaty, The NSA spying on Americans, all do great damage to our freedoms and liberties, and without those freedoms, our constitution is a joke.      

In my opinion, fixing the jobless situation in this nation is the most pressing immediate need we face, Then increasing education spending, then reigning in military spending, then business, health care, and insurance regulation.         

In my opinion the main stream media has two wings, and both are abusive of our freedoms, and the only reason we watch them is that it is entertaining.  They pander, we eat it up.  Some of it IS good, but there is enough ugly invective in it to undo what good it does.       

Rachel Maddow is great, not perfect, but great.  The rest…not so much, though each one of the others, on all networks, do good in their own way, I guess. Matthews is in drunken love with his own voice, Beck is a back lot car salesman with delusions of gender, Ed Schultz is a sober version of Matthews, O’Reilly and Olbermann are entertainers.  I like Olbermann’s message, but he still hits me as an Entertainer first.         

In my opinion, Gore Vidal is the most important American political thinker ever, bar none.         

In my opinion, terrorism is, at this point, a main issue in politics only because Osama Bin Laden is still alive and free, and that fact drive the justification of the destruction of the fourth, ninth and due process clause of the 14th amendments by the NSA and other government agencies.   Bin Laden’s freedom and very existence serves a political purpose here.   

In my opinion, Abortion is NOT a political issue.  It is a legal and personal one.  To make it political is as disingenuous as flag burning as a political issue.      

In my opinion, the founding fathers made some fairly hefty mistakes in drawing up the constitution, and while most of the founding fathers were good people, they were not all great men, and the flaws they show are both the flaws of their time(slavery for one example) and flaws of basic thought(the necessary and proper clause comes to mind).      

In my opinion, the arguments stating that there is socialism in American government is a weak lie.      

In my opinion, I should finish this article, get the hell up, and decide what to do about dinner.      

More later, perhaps.


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