Eight Hundred And Seventeen

Eight hundred and seventeen.  That is the amount of different articles, including this one, that I’ve written since November of 2007, when I started writing at wordpress.  Seems like a lot, but it really isn’t, there have been days, even weeks when I didn’t write, and there were days where I posted four or five different articles.  I’ve had days where I wrote four and five thousand words and could have written more.  I’ve had days where I’ve written two hundred words and could barely knock that out.  I’ve had days where I wrote things that I thought were groundbreaking and beautiful, and days where the writing was horrible and the things written about were weak, stupid, and ugly.

But eight hundred and seventeen posts later, I still get the itch to yell about the world, the people in it, and what is wrong, and right, with the world, though the world doesn’t listen.  It’s not the world’s fault mind you, this is wordpress, not a major news network or something like that.  If I get a lot of people looking at my articles, it’s usually for one reason.  I put in a picture that people look at and like.  Not a lot of people actually come here to read my stuff.  To this day my most looked at posts are ones where people come in to look at one of a small number of pictures. 

Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel, I get hits from all over the planet on that one. 

The Matador picture, I put it in to illustrate how the congress was deftly maneuvering to pass some bill or something, but Matador is still the second biggest search term used to find me. 

The Hockey monkey/ the hockey fight, I’ve gotten tens of thousands of hits on those posts.  There are other popular pics

It is for that reason that I go out of my way to find unique pictures for this site every day, almost always from wikimedia commons.  I know the pics bring in viewers, and sometimes they really catch on and bring in viewers, and readers.  Every day I put in at least one new picture.  I also try to link to as many articles as possible, when I write about a certain subject, be it politics, music, whatever, and toss in a few videos as well.  Something for everyone.

Even if people come in for the pics and don’t read a word of what I write, I’ll still write.  But i get comments on my writing every once in a while, and people do rate my posts on occasion.  I would ask that if you read this, or any of my stuff, click on the links, watch the viddys, and rate the posts.  It lets me know you’ve been around. 


Can you tell I’m concerned about the lack of readership here?  😛

I’ll write an actual post, about actual events in the world, with the usual lefty slant I toss out there later on today.  It’s 1:15 pm , and I think it’s about time for me to go run a few miles.   Watch a viddy, with Gore Vidal:


That’s it from here.  Later.

Today’s nuggets, by Gore Vidal, via wikiquote:   I am at heart a propagandist, a tremendous hater, a tiresome nag, complacently positive that there is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise.

Big oil, big steel, big agriculture avoid the open marketplace. Big corporations fix prices among themselves and thus drive out of business the small entrepreneur. Also, in their conglomerate form, the huge corporations have begun to challenge the very legitimacy of the state.


2 thoughts on “Eight Hundred And Seventeen

  1. LOL! You sucked me right in with that one, Mike! Came here from FB, because the teaser printed there looked interesting, but when I saw the pic I was convinced that the entry was eventually going to segue into a discussion of the Kurasawa film you mentioned! Alas, not! But interesting nonetheless.

  2. Sorry Ed! I didn’t mean to suck you into anything! I just love Hokusai’s artwork. It’s brilliant stuff. I should do a post on Kurasawa, shouldn’t I?

    Thanks for dropping by, ed!

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