It’s Been One Year

It’s been one year since I lost my job working as a copy center supervisor.  On March 9th 2009,  I was called into my bosses office (i don’t even remember his name now, I remember he played hockey, that’s about it) and told that my services were no longer required.  It’s been a bumpy year, filled with unmet expectations, and hopes that have ebbed and waned at a ridiculous pace.  I have been to a ton of  interviews, a dozen agencies, sent hundreds of resumes, made I could not tell you how many phone calls, received half again as many in return. I had a temp job for a little while, but that crapped out.  Had job interviews that I thought I absolutely nailed, where I never even got the courtesy of a return phone call to let me know I was not hired, where I had to call them to get the news. 

I have little money left, but what I have is just enough to survive, but I can’t pay a number of nonessential bills, so I get phone calls, sometimes 50 a day from people who want my money.  If I had it I would give it to them. I do not like the fact that I cannot pay them, even if what I would be paying them seems like usury to me, because of the exorbitant interest rates they have charged for years on end.  I have long since paid the original debt in a number of these cases, and was only paying off debt on interest when the roof caved in on me, financially.

But I keep heart.  There is a job out there somewhere with my name on it, and I will find it, if I have to send a million resumes, make a million phone calls, and do a million interviews.  They can’t keep me down, I won’t let them.

I am still waiting for the people I interviewed with last week to call me back.  I called them today, because they asked me to, but after getting no response beyond talking to an answering machine, I told them to call me, which they did.  They said I am still a candidate, things are just slow on the HR end, it’ll be another day or two.

Another day or two won’t kill me.  I’ve survived this long, two extra days won’t hurt.  In the meanwhile I’ve sent a few extra resumes in these last 2 days, 3 or 4 as I recall.  The amount of them eventually starts to blend together, and sometimes I lose count. 

No worries, not ever.  Nose to the wind, ear to the ground, searching, ever searching, never resting.  That’s the way it must be.


I’ve been watching a series of Harvard lectures by professor Michael Sandal on Justice.  Really interesting stuff.  Some people watch baseball.  Some people watch romantic movies, or dramas.  Some people just seem to watch the world as it turns. I watch this kind of stuff.  I’ve watched three of these so far today, and thought I’d share two with you.  Deconstruction of Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarianism and cost benefit analysis up first.

This next one gives a good and proper construction and deconstruction of Libertarianism, and shows the flaws of the “taxation as coercion” argument and the self-possession arguments that are the central tenets of Libertarian thinking. It is a somewhat incomplete deconstruction as far as I see it, but then again the series isn’t finished, so maybe the questions I have will be resolved in one of the next 8 lectures. 

I, once upon a time, was a libertarian, but I grew up. 


This is the first I caught of it, But apparently the angriest ex-congressman on earth, Eric Massa, was on Glenn Beck today.  Seems the two didn’t get along, and things went  nowhere fast, and stayed there for an entire hour.  Poor Glenn, poor Eric.  Poor America for even having to hear that the two were on TV talking to each other.  I didn’t watch, I just read about it.  Hoping you didn’t watch.  Get a life, LIKE ME!  Watch college courses on justice and philosophy! Much better than that weak crap Becky puts out.


That’s it for me.  Later!

Today’s nugget’s,  by Jeremy Bentham, Via wikiquote:  Judges of elegance and taste consider themselves as benefactors to the human race, whilst they are really only the interrupters of their pleasure […] There is no taste which deserves the epithet good, unless it be the taste for such employments which, to the pleasure actually produced by them, conjoin some contingent or future utility: there is no taste which deserves to be characterized as bad, unless it be a taste for some occupation which has mischievous tendency.

Prose is when all the lines except the last go on to the end. Poetry is when some of them fall short of it.

Submit not to any decree or other act of power, of the justice of which you are not yourself perfectly convinced.