My Day

Woke up late, after getting to sleep late. Look over to see one of my cat’s, Roddy, sleeping next to me.  Hello cat.  Wait…  

No wife.  She must have stayed up all night to work.  Again.   

Make coffee, smooched the wife, who is working, typing like mad at her laptop, feed the cats.  

Had ½ a pot of coffee and a Swiss roll for breakfast (Health food.  yum.)  

Turned on the computer, checked e-mail. Looked for work for a bit.  Nothing. Dammit.<—first curse of the day.  

Nothing important in the e-mail.  Do farmville crap.  Yes I do farmville.  Dammit <—second of many curses  

Workout plan for the day: Food shopping for cats and people, Run, workout, clean the house a bit.  Whatever else I have to do.  

Check phone and MP3 player.  Both charged.  Good.  

Need the phone, just in case wife needs to contact me.  MP3 player for music and/or audiobook.  Metallica today.   

Get the cart. Kiss the wife, leave.  Walk the 1½ miles to petsmart.  Buy Cat food.  $22  

Big spend on cat food happens every 3 weeks.  This is that week.  

Walk to pathmark. Hang the cart on the shopping cart, walk in.  

Not a big crowd.  One reason I like shopping early and during the week.  

Start out grabbing bare essentials.  That takes 20 minutes.  Get a few extra things. 2 boxes of cereal instead of 1.  One quart of ½ and ½.  

Place noms here


A few cans of soup.  Pay for everything.  Notice something doesn’t look right, but not until I leave the store.  

The fish wasn’t on sale.  They had old signs up.  What read as $4.99 was actually $9.99.  

What, did the catholics stop shopping at pathmark? Fish NOT on sale during lent? What the fcuk is that about?  

I’ve been going to that supermarket since I was a child.  First time i’ve ever seen that.  

Gonna kick the store manager in the balls for this when I see him.  Hard.  Gonna make him cry.  


No I won’t.  But it feels nice to let the thought roll around my head for a minute.  

Unpack the shopping cart, pack my cart.   Everything just barely fits.   

Headphones on. Begin the walk home.   

At about a mile or so into the almost 2 mile journey, a bag falls out.  It hits my foot.  

Nothing damaged, its just swiss rolls anyway.  Place it back in the cart.  

A block later they fall out again.  This time the bag rips. Dammit.   

Can’t get it to fit right. Have to alter the way i use the cart.  Normally drag it behind me one handed.  Easier that way.  

For the next mile I have to use two hands and have the cart in front of me.  

Uphill, on crappy cracked sidewaks.  Every time the cart hits a crack the cart lurches forward and stops.  

And there are a ton of them.  

Snarling and cursing the whole way.  People passing me must thing I am a lunatic.  

And at this point I am.  🙂   

This is a workout, busting my ass the whole way.  

Got home.  Unpacked after a few minutes of resting.  Wife is still awake, but ready for sleep.  

Took a while too.  There was a problem fitting everything in the freezer.  A good problem to have.  

Still pissed about the fish though.  Put the cart away, get ready to run.  

It’s kinda warm out, around 47 degrees.  Dress light.  Sweats, t-shirt and sweat shirt. Old running shoes.  

Won’t use the new ones today. Snow is melting like crazy, making everything a mess.  Know the park is gonna be a crap sammich.  

Giggle.  Kiss the wife, who is getting ready to finally go to sleep.  Walk to the park.  

Warm up jog in a few places.  Feeling good. Warm weather feels good. everything feels good.  

Start the run.  From step one, passing a bunch of yapping 14 year olds, I am loping.  

Long steps.  Longer than normal.  Feeling fast. Feeling good.  Hit the first major mud pit/puddle in the road.  

Has to be 40 feet of mud.  Giggle at it and run around it’s edge.  Kicking up mud behind me.  

Get through it.  Don’t look at the watch.  Normally I do, but I’m just not even thinking about it at this point.  

Time doesn’t matter.  This is a feel run.  Just go.  Push hard. Give it everything. Then after I’ve done that, push more.  

Then do two more laps like that.   

There are puddles that resemble lakes.  There are almost no dry spots. Sploosh, leap, sploosh, leap, sploosh.   Trying to keep the feet dry.  

Futile effort, but one I want to make.  

On the third lap I notice something.   

The big 40 foot mud pit is rimmed with asphalt 18 inches wide.  Never even saw it.  LOL.  I can run around the mud, but I run through the mud anyway.  

I’m covered in it, and I am zooming.  Faster than I have been in a while.  Warmer weather brings it out.  

Best weather to run in: upper 40’s to upper 50’s. It’s 47 out.  Nice.  

Finish up 20 seconds a mile faster than anytime this week.  Nice.  

I see a guy I see every day in the park.  Usually pass and say hello.  This is the first time we have time to talk.  

Don’t say much.  Never get his name.  Never ask.  He never gets mine.  It’s cool.  Me speaking in italics  

“Bad winter”  “Wet winter, not the coldest” ” “yep” “Park is 1 and 7/8 miles right?” “I measured out 1.9, close enough”  

“Ever run a marathon?” “Nope, I’ve run pepper martin, longest I’ve run is ten laps here, 19 miles” “Wow, I can’t walk that far”  

I didn’t go far after that one. slowed me down a bit”  

“Life long Islander?” “Yep” “Brooklyn people all over” “all of the south shore”  “Yep” “Have a good one.”  “Later.”  

It’s all good.  

Walk home.  Covered in mud, smiling from ear to ear.  Guy sees me in the park covered in mud walking, says “muddy out there, huh?  

“I’m bringing the park home with me today.”  We both laugh, go our separate ways.   

Get home, get the mud off of me.  Check on the wife, sleeping soundly.  Nice.  

Turn on pandora, workout a bit.  Not a real workout, don’t have weights to speak of.   

Lots of shadow boxing, swinging hard and fast, and front kicks, has to be 1,000 of them. A few pushups, a few crunches. Done.  

Do that to the sounds of J.S. Bach.    33 minutes or so.  

Get the mail.  Nothing major. No collection notices for once.  I smile at that.  

Screw’em.  I tried. I have no job and no money, can’t pay them if I have no money.   

Clean up. First self, then kitchen.  Takes longer to clean the kitchen.  Trying to do it while being whisper quiet is difficult.  

But I do it.  Turn on computer. Put in my run time here.  Quick look for employment.  Nada. Dammit.  

Half assed effort today, but I allow myself a day off once in a while, and this is it.  Can’t do it everyday.  

Play a bit on pogo. Feed cats again, clean litter boxes. Wash hands make dinner.  

Have a cup of coffee before I make dinner.   

Sausage and French fries.  Health food. 🙂  

Grab the guitar and play for a few minutes.  Turn on the TV, watch some Rachel Maddow. Watch some hockey.  Rangers lost.  Dammit.  

Wife wakes up.  Seems like shes only slept for a few minutes, but it’s been 5 hours.  

I’ll look for work more tomorrow.   

Work it hard on Friday and Sunday evening, so the people who do the hiring have my resume on their desk first thing Monday.  

Saturday is mine.  


That’s it from here.  Later!  

Today’s Nuggets, via wikiquote:  Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.  Philip k. Dick.  

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.  John Lennon  

I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.  Groucho Marx


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