February’s Rhino Nuggets

     Once a month or so, I clear out some of the pages and place them here on the blog to make room for fresh content on those pages.  These are the entries from the page “Rhino Nuggets” from February.


February 1st: In around 12 hours the mayor of New York City will be about 3/4 of a mile from my house, trying to cajole an overlarge, fat, slow rat (YOU can call him a Groundhog, groundhogs ARE rats, so I call him a rat)  out of a pen in order to decree that Spring will arrive early.    Last year the Chuck the fat rat became Chuck the fat angry rat and bit the mayor.  Will someone who goes to this thing please try to start a ” BITE HIS ASS CHUCKIE, BITE HIS ASS”  chant?

Thank You.


February 2nd: Today is Groundhog day, and Staten Island Chuck didn’t bite the mayor.  I’m disappointed.  The rat says early spring, but I ain’t buying it.  The mayor did this stupid crap last year where he pulled him out of his Lil home, and simply declared that spring will come early.  Chuck wanted nothing to do with coming out.  Meaning at the very least 6 weeks of winter,which is what we got, and more accurately he didn’t wanna deal with the mayor and any other humans that might come along with him.  I’m presuming the same thing happened this morning.

6 more weeks of winter, because spring starts on March 20th.  If you believe what rodents tell you about the vernal equinox, you are an idiot.

On an unrelated note, I’ve sent out 4 resumes this week.  11 months out of work and STILL no one is biting.  I’ve changed up the resume,  my presentation, and my look, started looking for work in other fields, I’m gonna go get training on excel and word, and anything else I can learn that might help me get a job soon, that being about the only thing I haven’t done.  At a loss as to what else to do, to be honest.


February 4th: Gotta respond to this, really quick.  Read some thing on craigslist which had the following line in it : Can you please show me where in the Constitution it provides for government run health-care and protection of the environment?

OK, I will. ”  promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,  ”

If that little declaration in the Preamble of the Constitution isn’t enough for you, you are an idiot.  If you cannot call health care for the people promotion of the general welfare, you need to tell me what  Constitution you’re reading (I’ll beat the hell out of the concept of that “Government run” horsecrap later) And protection of the environment is the embodiment of securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

Come.  Prove me wrong.  I challenge you.


February 5th: Nice!  Unemployment dropped to 9.7%!  Down 3/10ths of a percent!  That underemployment number is still a mess, but any bright spot is a happy thing.  Things are looking up in the good ole U.S. of A!    The stock market is tanking anyway.  Go fig.  There’s always something wrong, ya know? Can’t EVER be a good all around day.

Millionaires are stupid, eat them!  🙂

I’m going to try my hand at blogging for money again.  It won’t be like a full time job.  Won’t pay nearly as much as an actual job, but it should help things along until I get one.


February 7th: My computer screen is…dead.  Well not dead, but apparently on it’s last legs. Didn’t realize until earlier today, when suddenly the damn thing lost contrast, or hue, or saturation. What once was white is now light blue.  What was green is now yellowish.  Red is almost black.  Blue is purplish.  Dammit, I don’t have the money to buy a new screen.  I hope this thing doesn’t completely crap out until I get that kind of money.

It’s 1:38 pm, and I am sticking with my Super Bowl prediction: Colts 42, Saints 31. I am going to root for the Saints, I just think the Colts are a better team.


February 8th: The stock market is in a swoon again.  Dammit.  It’s lost over 400 points in the last week and over 850 points since it’s high in December.  And just when the job market has been looking like it’s finally picking up steam too.  Dammit.

I put in for two jobs today, both stabs in the dark. Neither one is a job I have previous experience with before, so it’s just a potshot, but there’s really nothing out there for me anywhere else.  I can’t seem to hit a single shot from where I am, so it’s time to alter my shot.

John Murtha is dead.


February 10th: Pay attention climate change deniers.  It was 93 in Caracas, Venezuela on Wednesday.  It  It was 94 degrees in Asuncion, Paraguay on Wednesday and it was 105 degrees in Halls Creek, Australia on Wednesday.  So much for killing off climate change because there was SNOW IN WINTER UP NORTH.  Just because it’s cold where you are right now, doesn’t shoot holes in the science of climate change.

Did ya notice the only people who call climate change “global warming” are people who try to prove it wrong…and they only do it when it’s cooler than normal where they happen to be?  Cooler than normal temperatures can exist in a world that is dealing with the effects of climate change.  Tell the people in Halls creek about global warming.  Talk about it in Paraguay or Venezuela today, see how far your argument goes.  Tell the people in Vancouver who don’t have enough snow for their Winter Olympics.

Fact:  The world, on the whole, is getting warmer.


February 11thPatience.


February 13th: Quoting our President “It’s easy to get up in front of the cameras and rant against exploding deficits. What’s hard is actually getting deficits under control. But that’s what we must do”  Paygo, the pay as you go rule that ruled the roost in the 1990’s, when there was a budget surplus, is back.

Thank the flying spaghetti monsters noodly appendage for that.  Maybe America will be able to get government spending under control now.


February 14th: Happy Valentines day to my wife.  I love that woman, she treats me right, so I treat her right. Quotes about love and such in todays post.

Just ran across this unhappy quote in a news story from Cnet, written on Thursday.  “A customer’s Fourth Amendment rights are not violated when the phone company reveals to the government its own records” that show where a mobile device placed and received calls” and that no reasonable expectation of privacy as to YOUR whereabouts exists.  These are claims made by justice department lawyers.

The ACLU and the EFF, are  fighting this.  Good.  These people are stretching the HELL out of the concept of reasonable search are they not? Don’t they remember there is a bit in the 4th Amendment that reads “the Right of the People to be secure…Shall NOT be violated.”?


February 15th: DAMMIT.  Unbeknownst to me, I went to a hacked website early this morning.  It took my wife and I HOURS to get the issues on my main computer fixed.  And where did I access this site from?  Here.  It was a  “referrer” site, meaning someone who was at that site found a link to Das Rhino there, and then came here.  BASTARDS!  My wife and I didn’t get tot sleep till almost ¼ to 9 this morning because of all the crap it dropped on my system.  And if I make it sound like I did a lot, I didn’t.  I downloaded Hijack this and ran it, downloaded a fresh copy of malwarebytes, ran fixexe, she did the hard work.

I love my wife. Enjoy Presidents day!


February 16th: I put in for 4 jobs today. Hopefully one of them will give me a second look.  T’would be nice.

I’m giggling watching C-Span.  Listening to callers calling about the recovery act.  There was a concerted effort by a number of people to claim that a lot of stimulus jobs are going to illegal aliens.  The problem these people had was that they didn’t speak english, they claimed, and that as soon as they got paid, they went straight to western union to send money to mexico.  I find it amazing that either a) these people had that much free time to spend watching people who were actually working and b) that they KNEW that the money was going out of the country. Sounds like  racist propaganda to me.  Can any of these stalkers prove anything they say? Un-fucking likely.

Racism & propaganda is easy to spot, isn’t it?


February 18th: It’s going to be a long day.  After putting in 5 resumes a day for the last week plus, I am not seeing as many jobs out there today, at least not ones that I haven’t already put in for, or that I am even close to being capable of doing.  Dammit.  There are other places to look though, they are just much more difficult to search.  No one said this was going to be easy.  No worries, just bitchin to hear myself bitch.  🙂

Working on less than 5 hours sleep, and I haven’t run in over a week.  FUCK!!! is a good way to put that.


February 19th:  So many things to talk about.  No planes have crashed into any IRS offices so far today, meaning no ultra depressed Tea party terrorists have lost their minds today, always a good thing.  Ben Bernanke said he wont raise the benchmark interest rate, a good thing, because the futures market took a monster shit yesterday when he raised the cost of direct loans to banks yesterday. Luckily the market rallied and actually finished up.  That’s nice.  I finally got a call back from the Legal services NYC people today!  I can finally begin to think about getting these bastards from the credit card companies off of my back! YAY!  

And my first fantasy baseball team (autodraft) drafted today.  The good:  I got Teixiera, Ichiro, Matt Kemp, Dustin Pedroia, Mariano Rivera, Johnathon Papelbon and Heath Bell.  The Bad: I got Adrian Beltre, Clint Barmes, and Nick Swisher.  The UGLY:  I only got 3 starting pitchers, and they are Johnny Cueto, Joe Blanton and Scott Kazmir. Oof.  Gotta rank those starting pitchers a hair higher, ya know?!


February 21st:  Just as I am watching the end of a raucous 5-3 victory by the United States over Canada in Hockey, I decide, what the hell, why not check my g-mail.  I go in, and what do I see there?  A temp agency I haven’t heard from in a few months saying things are picking up, they have openings, and asking if I am still available.  HELL YA, I’M AVAILABLE!   Crossing my fingers that I get a phone call tomorrow.  Dammit I need a Job, and I am READY.


February 23rd:  Nothing yet from the people mentioned above.  I’ve put in eight more resumes, with any luck, I strike gold soon.  I really could use the job.  Money makes the world go around, and I don’t want mine to come to a screeching fucking halt. 

Been listening, while applying for jobs, to the toyota recall hearings on the hill.  Toyota is sticking to their supposition that It was simply a sticky pedal and floor-mats.  Neither was pointed at as being the issue by expert testimony.  And thankfully there is only one voice in the house that is a representative of toyota.  The guys name is buyer.  No lie.  Steve Buyer from Indiana.  He was angry, ANGRY that people who worked on testing were PAID for it.  How dare you make money when you WORK, you evil people who question our friends at toyota!


February 24th:  Watching Hockey.  Olympic Hockey.  The Canada – Russia game.  Russia looks to be beaten, but the game is far from over.   Canada is winning 6-2.  The problem for the Russians is simple.  Goaltending.  Nabakov played overagressive on at least one of the goals, Corey Perry just blew past the Russian defense in front of him and Nabakov was WAY out of the crease and there was just no way for him to get back in time.  Bryzgalov has been a good goalie here when I’ve seen him.  The Russian coach Bykov has made his second mistake in this Olympics, the first being his choice of shooters for the shootout Vs. the Czechs. But this mistake knocks Team Russia out of the playoffs.  Make that 7-2. Bryzgalov just gave up his first.  Stick a fork in Russia, they’re done.


February 25th:  Getting ready to watch the “health care summit”  This should be fun.  I’m guessing there is either going to be almost nothing done but each side saying they aren’t being listened to (with both side being right), or someones gonna get all whiny and walk out.  This should be a real dog and pony show.  Civil but silly will rule the day is a guess here.


February 26th:  Civil? Yes.  Silly? Not so much.  The health care summit yesterday was terse in places, tense in others but very, very good.  Both sides got their points out there for the world to hear.  The Republicans don’t care about people and only want to cover about 3 million more people, according to the Democrats.  The Democrats want to spend too much money, so we should start over was the main point of the Republicans.  I used the term “Republifail” to talk of how I felt the Republicans did yesterday, but I am sure they think otherwise. 

15 inches of snow on the ground, approximately 6 inches of additional snow coming.  Not even close to being the coldest winter ever in my life, far from it, but it may well be the wettest and snowiest. 


February 27th:  Got food from angel food ministries today.  The food is great and the people were nice.  The amount of time it took though, was a WAY too much of a hassle.  I appreciate the food, but I don’t really enjoy the lack of forward thinking or planning on these peoples part. When I called them at 11:30, they said all was well and everything was on time.  Meaning a 1:00pm pickup.  Nope.  Not even close.  The food didn’t get to the place until 3:30.  I had to cool my heels and wait with my mom, an aunt and a cousin for 2 ½ hours twiddling my thumbs because these people could not get their shit together. 

Happily a new place is taking over next month, and maybe they will have their shit together. T’would be nice.


February 28th:  Happy things: I’ve been playing a lot more guitar lately.  Might start doing some recording as well.  I have said that before and had nothing come of it.  The same may well happen here as well.  I hope not though, If I do it, I’ll place the viddys on Youtube and then put’em on the main page. 

I have a Job interview tomorrow afternoon.  Fingers crossed.  New job for a new month would help me start a new chapter in my life.  Looking forward to it.



One thought on “February’s Rhino Nuggets

  1. Dear Mike,

    I apologize that you had to wait for your food delivery. The truck was late due to hazardous weather conditions. We do apologize for this, in the future feel free to contact our corporate office (888.918.3745) for updates on weather conditions that may cause deliveries to be late. We also try our best to contact customers prior to pick up if we know the truck will be late, I am sorry we didn’t reach you.

    Thank you,
    Katrina Weber
    Angel Food Ministries

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