Medal Worthy?

Starting at 3 pm here in New York, there is going to be some MONSTER hockey to watch. 

USA vs. Finland.   Miller vs. Kiprusoff.  It’s gonna be tight out there with these two in net.  Teemu wants some Olympic gold before he retires. He knows this is his last Olympics.  So does Brian Rafalski, at 36 he isn’t likely to have another shot at Olympic gold, regardless of what happens with NHL players next Olympics.  Strong defense and bang-bang offense from both teams should make for some hellaciously entertaining hockey.  A short viddy with some entertaining hockey from 1980.

Brian Rafalski has already stuck a fork in One goaltender this Olympics, dooming former teammate Martin Brodeur to bench duty for the remainder of the Olympics.  I don’t see him doing the same thing to Kipper.  Kipper has been of late a better goalie than Marty, who was on something of a bad streak before the Olympics started. It’ll be tough as hell to get too much past Kipper here.  But we have yet to hear from the kids here.  I don’t remember Patrick Kane’s name too much, and David Backes has more than he has shown out there, thought he is the  #2 scorer on this team.  Dustin Brown, when he is on, can be a dominating player. He hasn’t been on of late.  If America wants to win, they need him to produce. 

But those Fins, they are TOUGH.  With Kimmo Timonen running the power play, and anchoring a strong, spirited defense, and with the play of Niklas Hagman, Teemu and Mikko Koivu, they’ll be able to get a bunch of chances on Offense, more than enough to keep them in this game.

I think this game is gonna be tight.  Real tight.  Finland 3, USA 2 OT.

That prediction notwithstanding, I’m rooting for Team USA here.  U S A   U S A   U S A   U S A  U S A…


Canada vs. Slovakia. Crosby vs. Demitra.  Canada is possibly the best #6 seed in the history of sports.  Ever.  Slovakia is strong on offense, Jaroslav Halak is on FIRE in net with a 1.97 gaa average in the Olympics, and there is strong defense wherever Zdeno Chara plays.  Roberto Luongo is a great goaltender who should have been number one from moment 1.

Hockey at it’s finest.  Think all star game + actual hitting and defense.  Both teams are filled from one end to the other with NHL professional players, and these guys play against each other enough to know each others tendencies.  The only thing this game will be missing is goons beating each others faces bloody on the ice.  A short viddy with some entertaining hockey from 1972.

Sid the Kid is no kid.  He is a leader, and a scoring machine. From this day, you can call him Sid the Man. He has 6 points so far in this Olympics, one behind team leaders Dany Heatley and Jonathan Toews. I am expecting Sid to light Halak up like a Christmas tree.  I love this Canadian team, they aren’t good, they are great, if there was a giant killer in this Olympics, it would be the Slovaks. But this giant is too big to kill this day.  Canada smells gold, and Crosby will solve Halak.  Bring on the Gold.

Canada 5, Slovakia 4


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One thought on “Medal Worthy?

  1. Finland gives up 6 goals in half of one period. On wonders if the Fins are throwing the game. I am rooting for Team USA, so I don’t mind kicking ass, but I tell you have never seen such crap defense from professionals, or such shoddy play from the goaltender position. This weak play would not do from an ECHL team, and team Finland is supposed to be far and above better than that.

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