Toyota + Steve King = LOVE

I have been busy all day.  Busy enough to have missed both The USA – Switzerland hockey game AND Toyota chief Toyoda’s questioning in front of the house oversight committee.   SUCK is a good way to put that.  I’ll be able to catch both on-line, but it’s not like I don’t know how things ended, so there’s not any suspense about how things turned out.   The Americans beat the Swiss 2-0, and Toyoda walked away without a scratch on him.  Actually I don’t know that for certain about Toyoda, but one can speculate.  There is no way in hell Toyoda would say there was anything wrong with the circuitry in his cars, seeing how they have claimed from the get go that it was anything but their electronics.      

Forget where I saw it, but I read a story yesterday written by a man who was an auto mechanic for 30 years about the real problem in these cars, and not just Toyotas. It is the drive by wire system.  The basic concept he threw out was that having a computer in control of when brakes are applied on a car or when to slow down or speed up is an inherently bad one.  A computer glitch is always a hairy mess, and we who own the damn things know how hairy a mess they are.  A computer glitch, an even minor malfunction ANYWHERE in the system while you are driving sounds especially dangerous.      

Now I won’t say it was or wasn’t an electronic malfunction that killed and/or hurt, and/or scared the crap out of all the Toyota drivers and all the others who were killed or injured from whatever malfunctioned in those cars.  But rather than just say “it was just a carpet” or ” it was a weak pedal” or whatever, it seems easier to me to just fix the entire issue.  If Toyoda DOESN’T address the problem electronics/computer properly, which they clearly aren’t, you can be certain that it will cut market share.  THAT is the one good thing that can come of it.  If you fail to fix things to OUR standards, regardless of what you think the problem is, people will simply buy something else they think is safe.  Toyota is, through simply not addressing this issue, getting a reputation for not fixing the issues in their vehicles, and as a result, for being unsafe.      

I say buy American, but that’s just me.  Toyota is by and large non-union in this nation, and as a consequence doesn’t pay its people as much as their American counterparts get paid to build cars.  THIS is why those who make cars should get more money.  You get paid more, you do a better job.  Toyota is cheap with its employees and this is what happens.  Sad but true. Incomplete argument? Sure it is, this argument doesn’t take into account issues that Toyotas have had in other nations, including Japan.  I, though am confining my argument to American built toys.       

There have been issues with these cars for years, all over the planet.  Time has caught up with them, that’s all.      




This is an election year in America, every seat in the House of Representatives is up, as are 34 seats in the Senate.  A  large number of these seats are fairly well guaranteed to stay with the current seat-holder despite the air of unhappiness in this nation over its elected officials.  There are seats though, that despite being more or less locked up, that one can hope will change in November.  I want to see Steve King from Iowa lose.  He has annoyed me for years.  I remember him being the first guy to play the race card against then Senator Barack Obama, the first to imply he was a Muslim in public. That is only one instance though.   He has come across my radar a few times.      

In this latest incident he has actually expressed empathy with the terrorist who crashed his plane into the IRS headquarters in Austin, Texas. It is amazing to me that someone can feel empathy for a terrorist.  I hate paying taxes, I don’t know anyone who likes paying them, but to take the extra steps it takes to go from hating taxes to hating fellow countrymen enough to kill them over taxes is ridiculous. To empathize with someone who would do what this joker did is at least equally ridiculous.  I have watched the video in question.  Here’s your chance to:      

He completely glosses over the fact that this guy attacked Americans on American soil.  Completely.  Rather than, I dunno, say something about how fcuked up it is to want to crash a plane into anything, or maybe about how violence against Americans is never right, he says:

“I think if we had abolished the IRS back when I first advocated it he wouldn’t have had a target for his airplane”      

Is this putz serious?  That is some insanely twisted logic.  Abolish the IRS and idiots with grudges won’t have anyone to aim at?  So we are blaming the TARGET of terrorism for being attacked?  The IRS is to blame for making itself a target? By simply existing???  Does he feel the same way about the Pentagon?  The World Trade Center?  The U.S.S.Cole?  The Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam?  All of these were targets of terrorist attacks.  Does he think we had it coming, or is he simply justifying attacks that jibe with his political biases?  Is he only against terrorists when they attack people he dislikes?      

Vote this man out of office, Iowa.  You can do better than this.  Show that you love America, DON’T VOTE FOR STEVE KING.      


That’s it for me, except for the nuggets. Thanks for reading!      

Today’s nuggets, via wikiquote:  “I Define a “terrorist” as a non-state actor who attacks civilian targets in order to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy community.. A “state terrorist” is a state doing the same thing.  Michael Mann      

The object of government is the welfare of the people. The material progress and prosperity of a nation are desirable chiefly so far as they lead to the moral and material welfare of all good citizens.   Theodore Roosevelt  

Mistake fixed at 1:08am 2/25/10.  Last word of 4th paragraph in Steve King piece changed from “likes” to “dislikes”  My apologies for the obvious stupid mistake.

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