The World Is Wonderful

You see some stupid things sometimes.  I’m searching a few sites, just looking at the news, and I came across this story about a fight on a bus in Oakland.  It is kinda funny, but it’s also sad and just a hair stupid.  I didn’t initially read the story, because there was a video attached to it, shot on the bus during the incident.  The viddy showed an old man telling some kid to shine his shoes, and the kid gets pissed off.  There is some jawing back and forth, and the old man gets up and walks away, yelling as he goes.  The kid yells back and it starts back and forth that way, old man in the front of the bus, kid in back.  Kid gets up and runs to the front of the bus after one exchange, and smacks the old man. This is where things got hairy.

The old man got up and whooped his ass.  Pounded him but good.  Broke his nose, left him a bloody mess on the floor of the bus. There was at least a racial tinge to this story, though.  The old man, who told the kid to shine his shoes, was white and the kid was black.  Blatantly racist.  There were no good guys here.  A belligerent kid tried to get tough and pushed a cantankerous racist old man and the cantankerous old man pushed back, hard.  The old man got off the bus, and eventually the police came and both men were brought to the hospital. The CBS report said nothing of arrests.  

There’s enough bullshit in the world.  Even if the kid was justified in his anger towards the the old man and his racist statement, and to be honest I think he was justified in that way, It was a war of words, and there the kid won.  The old man walked away, and he should have left it at that.  But he wanted to make an example of the old man by smacking him, and there he lost, and badly at that.


Ah, the joy of 21st century living.  Surf the web.  Watch 1,000 networks with content that truly spans the globe.  Get instant updates about the the world in all its splendor and glory.  Enjoy a myriad of technological wonders.  And watch crazy people.

I can go through the stories with you.  14 dead in Mexican drug violence.  Threats against IRS employees on the rise and the attack on the IRS building in Austin a few days ago.  Some guy wants to avoid a DUI  in a small town in Georgia, and opens up on a beloved local cop with an assault rifle.  A two year old child dies from blunt trauma, the mother has no history of violence, the mother’s boyfriend however does.  

What’s wrong with people?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with people.  They are human.  They are weak. They are frail.  They have wants and needs that can’t be fulfilled and they get angry and disillusioned about how the world works and decide that rather than be responsible and change themselves they lash out.  And we get to watch it all unfold in front of our eyes. 

They are flawed, damaged people in a flawed damaged world, wondering why the world is flawed and damaged.  Rather than try to fix problems, they fall back on their more animalistic tendencies and hit when things don’t work. But that is a human reaction. 

We are getting better as a species, so Mr. Pinker in the following viddy says, but there is still room for improvement.


That’s it from me.  Later!

Today’s nuggets, Via wikiquote:  The American elite does not have any real image of peace — other than as an uneasy interlude existing precariously by virtue of the balance of mutual fright. The only seriously accepted plan for peace is the full loaded pistol. In short, war or a high state of war-preparedness is felt to be the normal and seemingly permanent condition of the United States.  C. Wright Mills

The doctrine that the cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy is like saying that the cure of crime is more crime.  H.L. Mencken

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